Old is gold, and we’re not disputing that fact. However, it reaches a point where you can’t possibly retain something any longer. And when it gets to this point, you’ll have to dispose of it completely. A carpet is no exception to this rule. And when it’s too old to retain, you’ll have to use the right carpet removal technique to get rid of it.

Some people don’t see the need to have a carpet removal project. But this not only distorts the appearance of their home, but it can also expose you to some serious health conditions. So, here are some of the reasons we compiled on why you should have that carpet removal project ASAP:

An Old Carpet is Worn Out


Not to say that you can’t have an old carpet that isn’t worn out, but most of them are anyway. And imagine the kind of image it creates for your home when visitors come in. People love to see the good stuff, and we hope that you do too. So, don’t hold back on that carpet removal project you want to undertake. It’s probably the thing that’ll give your home a complete makeover.

Again, if you’re renovating your home, what’s the point of doing half the job? Why not complete it altogether by replacing the carpet as well? Besides, when you change the seats and forget the carpet, how will they go along harmoniously?

Are you putting rugs all over your carpet to hide the rips and tears? Or are you dragging pieces of furniture on top of the defects in a bid to conceal them? Well, you can only do this for so long. It will get to a point where you’ll have no other option than to dispose of it. This is because you can’t hide it from those snoopy visitors who’re used to checking everything. If your carpet has too many such defects, then it simply implies that it’s on its deathbed, and you need to organize carpet removal, according to JiffyJunk.

Polyester carpet fibers tend to lose their form quite fast, and once it loses its tuft, that’s it. You can’t get it back to normal even with the most vigorous cleaning technique. However, nylon carpeting is more resilient than polyester. It even responds better to cleaning.

Due to the Stink


Most of the old carpets we’ve seen have some annoying smell that puts off anyone in the room. And if you don’t get rid of this smell, your guests will always be uncomfortable. Even you and your family will fail to stand it at some point.

Pet parents have an even harder time, as the mess created by their cute little ones worsens the situation. You’ll start to notice a lingering odor that doesn’t diminish even with cleaning. That’s when you know it’s time to call the carpet removal team. An odor that doesn’t go away easily means that it has gotten dip into the carpet fibers. And this type isn’t going away fast. It may even indicate that there’s already some mold and mildew growth into the carpet fibers. In such cases, it’s more cost-effective to replace the carpet than to try and clean it.

Allergic Reactions and Other Infections


When you begin to notice any allergic reactions from the carpet, it’s time to call in the carpet removal company already. You don’t need to wait till everyone in your home has a respiratory infection to know it’s time to get rid of that old rug.

The mold and mildew that sticks to the carpet fabric may lead to allergens accumulating inside your house. And when they do, it’s not just the peeps with allergies that will suffer; even healthy individuals in the house might have some trouble.

Sometimes there may not be a single person in the house having allergic reactions. But when you notice that all of a sudden, there are numerous signs, then it might be a sign to call in the carpet removal experts.

Carpet Padding Condition Worsening Implies the Need for Carpet Removal


The padding is like a pillow under a case. The carpet is basically just a piece of fabric without this padding. That goes to show you how important it is to have enough padding. The padding makes your carpet comfortable to walk on and even sleep on if you want. It also improves insulation and keeps a room quieter than it usually is (acting like a soundproof).

In addition, carpet padding helps to absorb spills and other drops from time to time. But here’s the catch – cleaning the carpet may not help you clean the padding. And when the padding becomes old, it starts to wrinkle, become uneven, and produces a crinkling sound whenever a person walks over it. This is a clear indication that it’s time to call the carpet removal experts.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up, those are some of the reasons why you should remove that old carpet from your house. If you’ve made up your mind already, then don’t hesitate to call the carpet removal experts.