If you’re a surfer who spends his or her time on the coast, you may have seen jet boarders whizzing past. But if you’ve never tried it, or even heard of it before, you might be wondering what exactly a jet board is and how it differs from surfing. You can easily rent a jet board for an affordable cost!

With jet boards now available to rent from M Jetboard, you have no excuse to not try out this fun and exciting water sport.

What Is An Electric Jet Board?

Jet boards are a relatively new addition to the water sports market. They use an electric engine to propel you across the water at decent speeds. Electric jet boards are an exciting way to get moving on the water.

They can be used in any body of water, from lakes to rivers and oceans, so long as there is enough space for the board to float on top of the water. These boards are powered by batteries, which means there is no gas or oil needed to get them up and running.

Jet boards are a great alternative to surfing because they are so versatile. You don’t have to constantly rely on the waves crashing in to get a thrill of a lifetime. They can be used by anyone who wants to go out on the water without having to worry about gas fumes or noise pollution!

In order to understand how these electric jet boards work, it’s important to know how they differ from other types of jet skis and personal watercraft (PWCs). PWCs use engines that run on petroleum products like gasoline or diesel fuel while jet skis use electric motors that run on electricity instead.

How Does It Work?

The jet board has been gaining in popularity for the past decade.

The following are some benefits of using an electric jet board:

  • It’s environmentally-friendly
  • You can use it in different types of water
  • Depending on where you live, you may be able to use one year-round
  • An electric jet board will give you a whole new perspective of the ocean by allowing you to surf above it
  • While jet surfing, your body will be parallel with the surface of the water so all you’ll see is the sky and white caps
  • Jet surfers enjoy being propelled through waves at high speeds without having to worry about getting knocked off their boards by unexpected waves or currents.
  • A jetski can propel an average person up to and over 20mph depending on the type of board you’re using

Once you’ve mastered the art of controlling your own power and speed as a jet surfer, try catching a wave for yourself!

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Electric Jet Board?

Jet boarding is an enjoyable activity that has grown drastically in popularity. It’s a great sport for all ages of people.

They have many benefits over traditional surfboards:

  • There’s no need to wait for perfect conditions or a huge wave. You can just hop on and ride the current wherever you want it to go, no matter what the weather is like.
  • Electric jet boards are much safer than traditional surfboards because they don’t have sharp edges or fins. They’re also much easier to control, which makes them ideal for beginners who haven’t yet mastered their balance on watercrafts such as paddle boards or kayaks.
  • If you’re looking to rent a jet board, you should know they’re also quite safe to use because of the greater degree of control you have.
  • Jet boarding is great exercise and it requires a bit of a workout to initially get yourself upright. Once you’re done with a session of jet boarding, your body will feel similar to how it feels after finishing a good workout.

As with any water sport, safety precautions should always be taken when riding an electric jet board in open waters.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent An Electric Jet Board?

The cost to rent the Carver X electric jet board is $200 per session. The cost to rent the Carver Twin is $160 per session.

Are Electric Jet Boards More Fun Than Surfing?

Jet boards are a bit smaller than traditional surfboards. The boards are made from sturdy materials, like fiberglass or carbon fiber. The boards have been around for about 10 years now but they’re getting more attention these days as people start to see them as an exciting way to surf again without having to rely on the waves.

There’s also some speculation that they might be even more fun than regular surfing because it’s easier to maneuver.

How Expensive Are Jet Boards?

The cost of a jet board can range between $4,000 and $15,000, depending on the model you’re looking at. The more advanced models have more features and come with additional accessories.

Renting a jet board is far less costly than purchasing one for your own use. The only cost incurred is for the time it is used. By renting a jet board, you also don’t have to worry about maintenance.

In addition to the previously-mentioned benefits, renting jet boards is also cheaper than other water sports equipment like paddleboards, which can cost anywhere from $500-$1000 just to purchase one on its own!

Is Jet Boarding Safe?

Jet boards are very easy to operate, making them ideal for beginners who want to try out this sport. Unlike surfboards, which require a longboard or shortboard design, jet boards use the same principle as hydrofoil boats.

In addition to being easier for beginner riders, jet boards have been built with safety features that include an enclosed aluminum frame (which protects against any possible collision) with an extra thick PVC coating that guards against puncture from stones or reef rocks.

Many also include a safety leash system that keeps riders connected in case they fall off the board. All in all, these added safety features make jet boarding an excellent choice for the novice surfer who is looking for something more exciting than traditional surfing.

Final Thoughts

Renting a jet board is the best way to give you a better idea if you’ll enjoy the sport. It’s far cheaper than purchasing one brand-new, and you’ll feel like you’re flying on the water in no time.