An NDIS plan manager is crucial for the participant because they help them avail the full benefits of their NDIS plan. So, the role of a plan manager is crucial in the participant’s NDIS journey.

If you also want to be a plan manager and assist the participants with attaining the best benefits of their plan, this article is for you. Here we compile all the necessary steps to become a plan manager and earn a living while helping others.With a competent NDIS plan management provider, the participants can focus on attaining their goals rather than worrying about the best use of their plan.

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What Are the Options for Plan Management at NDIS?

The core value of the NDIS is to assist its participants in exercising choice and control. Therefore, they have ample options in determining how to manage their plan.

Managed by the participants: The participant can choose to manage their plan. They take up the resposniibility of selecting providers, raising invoices, paying for services etc.

Managed by the NDIS: Also known as agency-managed, takes control of the funding and pays the providers directly.

Managed by the plan manager: The plan manager takes over the responsibility of managing the fund by providing the best value for services, paying invoices and helping the participants understand the best use of their plan.

What Are the Duties of an NDIS Plan Manager?


NDIS plan management is a service that helps people with disability access and use their funding. Plan managers are responsible for administering the NDIS funding and ensuring that the participants use their plan best. They also provide support and advice to help people make the most of their NDIS funding.

Plan managers can help with a range of tasks, including:

  • Organising and coordinating services
  • Managing service provider invoices
  • Negotiating service agreements
  • Providing financial reports
  • Assist with budgeting
  • Claiming reimbursement from the NDIA
  • Accessing additional supports and services.

How to Be a Registered NDIS Plan Management Provider?

NDIS is highly cautious about choosing its providers. Therefore whether you wish to be a plan manager or a registered provider, you must undergo a strenuous process to prove that your best interest lies in the well-being of the participant rather than monetary benefits. Below are the steps to follow if you wish to be an plan manager-

Attain Eligibility


The prime duty of plan management is effective funding management, i.e., to secure the best services for participants at reasonable rates. Therefore, the plan manager must be well-versed in financial dealings. For the same reason, they need to have at least one of the following qualifications-

  • ATMA- Membership with the Association of Taxation and Management Accountants
  • AAT- Association of Accounting Technicians
  • CBK- Association of Certified Bookkeepers
  • ACCA- Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
  • ABAL- Australia Bookkeepers Association Limited
  • CPA- Certified Practising Accountant Australia
  • ICB- Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
  • IPA- Institute of Public Accountants
  • CAANZ- Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand

Undergo Training

There needs to be more than the above qualification to become an plan manager. You will also require training to broaden your knowledge and sharpen the skills to provide the best service to the NDIS participants.

  • NDIS Planning
  • NDIS System Navigation
  • NDIS Plan Management
  • Certificate in Disability Support

Understand the NDIS Code of Conduct

You must adhere to strict industry requirements as an NDIS plan manager. Therefore it’s vital to understand the NDIS Code of Conduct. You can read through the same from the NDIS Quality and Safeguard commission’s website.

Initiate the Application


You can visit the NDIS Commission portal and fill out the application form to apply as an plan manager. The portal will require you to fill in the following information-

  • Organisation’s name
  • Corporate structure
  • Details about your personnel, if applicable
  • Self-assessment against the Practice Standards.

Choose the Auditor

Once you apply, NDIS will ask you to proceed with the audit. Here the responsibility of finding a competent auditor lies on the applicant. You will need to hire an approved quality auditor and get the verifications to ensure that the audit happens within NDIS best practices.

Undertake the Audit

All the providers must undergo an audit to affirm that they follow the NDIS best practices. There are two types of audits-

Verification Audit: A Verification is for providers who deliver lower-risk or less complex services.

Certification Audit: A Certification Audit is for a higher risk, more complex service and supports.

Wait for the Outcome


After the audit, the NDIS will assess your application based on the audit outcomes and later conduct a suitability assessment of the organisation and key position holders. After the evaluation, NDIS shall consider the application and notify you if successful and the reasons if not.

Receive the Notification

The successful applicants will receive a certificate of registration with the services or support they will provide, their period of registration, and other conditions they must follow to keep their registration.

However, the unsuccessful applicants can contact the Commission to request a review within three months of the decision.

Sign up for a PRODA Account

Once you have become a registered plan manager, it’s time to create a Provider Digital Access account (PRODA) for your business and link it to your Myplace provider portal. The provider portal shall help you in the following ways-

  • Make payment requests for services.
  • Manage and review service agreement details with participants.
  • Access registration details.
  • Access instant messaging with participants.
  • Browse the application pack for more guidance.

Create a Service Agreement

The NDIA recommends that plan managers must have a service agreement to determine the responsibilities and roles of each party through the duration of the Plan. The key elements of a service agreement are-

  • How participants must submit invoices
  • How will the plan managers deliver their services
  • How will both parties resolve a problem
  • How long will payments take
  • How to cancel the agreement

Summing Up

Now you are ready to provide the best plan management services to the participants and assist them in making the most out of their funds. If there are still doubts, you can contact Sky plan management, a person-centric plan management service that helps the participants use their plan efficiently without compromising on their choices.