Denver DUI lawyers, such as Gerash Steiner Blanton, P.C., had a lot of work to do in 2019. In that year, Colorado had a total of 19,658 arrests for people driving under the influence, with 163 fatalities occurring due to alcohol-impaired drivers. The conviction rate for DUI charges in Colorado was 88% in 2019, which is very high.

Many people drink and drive today, despite knowing that it is not only illegal but also dangerous. It is a very common phenomenon that leads to many arrests, but also injuries and deaths depending on the case.

Why do people drink and drive even when they are aware of the potential consequences? Let’s take a look at some reasons why drunk driving is so common.

The Thrill of Taking Risks


Some people just love to put themselves in risky situations – mainly because they enjoy that excitement that they feel while doing it.

In some cases, many drunk drivers are repeat offenders, and they do it because they love that feeling they experience when they can get away with it. The bad thing in all of this is that this love for risks can turn deadly not only for the driver but also for potential passengers in the car, people in other vehicles, and even pedestrians.

On top of that, people who drive even though they’re drunk will end up being caught at some point, after which they will be sanctioned.

Feeling Embarrassed

Did you know that some people feel embarrassed when they are under the influence of alcohol, and are out of control? This embarrassment can be enough to lead to a tragedy, as many people get behind the wheel simply to prove that they are still in control and that they can drive with no problems.

They don’t want to bother people by asking for a ride home, and they may not want to call any ride service, friend, or family member to pick them up because they are embarrassed to be drunk and out of control.

But experiencing a bit of embarrassment is better than putting yourself and others at risk. It will all last a few moments, and you will be able to move on and continue your life like it didn’t happen. On the other hand, if you drunk drive, it may result in your death or someone else’s death, which is permanent and will change things forever.

Furthermore, it is better to have someone else take you home if you don’t want to go to court and spend money on a DUI lawyer following a car accident.

Impaired Judgment


Numerous individuals who drive after drinking alcohol do it because their judgment is impaired. The pre-frontal cortex’s functioning is reduced when we drink alcohol. This part of the brain is the one responsible for our high-order cognitive processing, like judgment and reasoning. So, after drinking, someone will not only be more impulsive but also have fewer inhibitions.

After a few drinks, you will not be able to judge the true impact that alcohol has had on your thought process and your body. However, your reaction time will be slower, and you will be unable to make proper decisions.

Whereas it is more common for newer drivers to drink and drive, more experienced drivers may be still experiencing it. Without being able to see the actual impact of the drinks on your body and brain, you are very likely to get into your car and drive. It is always best to drink at home or only consume alcohol with people you can trust with your safety.

False Security Sense

Having alcohol is what gives many people the impression that nothing bad can happen to them. They feel brave and like they can conquer the world. So, they are more likely to drive drunk, thinking that nothing bad can happen to them – particularly if they have done this before and they made it home safely without being caught by the police. Obviously, this is all just in their mind, because drunk driving can still lead to a tragedy.

Just because you feel convinced that you are safe and nothing could happen to you, it does not mean you should drive when drunk. The confidence you feel is what might bring you a felony, a serious injury, and even your death.

Financial Reasons


Some individuals get behind the wheel for financial reasons. Not everyone may have money to get back home – especially if they’ve used everything they had to buy drinks. So, they may be unable to pay for a taxi or an Uber ride.

This is why before you go out, you should start planning your transportation. Put some money aside for your ride back home if you know you will be drinking alcohol. If you know someone who can drive you home or pick you up from the place, this also works, at least as long as the other person is sober.

And if you didn’t plan ahead, you should be careful with how much you spend on drinks and other things while you’re out. Don’t spend more than you should. Make sure to have some money left for a ride home too.

Also, transfer money into your bank account, and ensure you can take out some money from an ATM if you don’t have any cash on you. It is safer to pay for a ride than drive under the influence.

The Bottom Line

Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous, and it is also illegal. Despite these things, many individuals still drive after having alcohol. It is either due to a false sense of security, embarrassment, impaired judgment, and even a love for taking risks.

No matter what, drunk driving should be avoided. It can result in a fine and even a car crash, which can be fatal in some cases, either for the drunk driver or for other people in the car or the surrounding area. Always be prepared and have someone else drive you home if you’ve had alcohol.