Crypto had a fantastic graph in 2024. However, as the assets were driven into an euphoric zone by era-defining incidents, the start of 2024 was anything but joyous. The market remained sluggish, and even the most optimistic crypto players began to lose ground.

The range-bound industry, on the other hand, had little effect on investor sentiment. In the last week or so, popular platforms have seen a lot of change. And, with new deals at the front, 2024 is shaping up to be a milestone year for much-anticipated cryptocurrency adoption.

There is, however, a price to all of this! Each year in the cryptocurrency timeline needs a unique strategic plan. Hence, investors who are hoping to make it big in the crypto market in 2024 must follow these 6 rules to be secure and profitable. While investing in secure markets and expanding one’s portfolio are still good rules to follow, we’ll focus on the 2024 exclusives for the time being.  This year, you can try your hands at crude oil trading. For more information, check out

DYOR religiously

Cryptocurrency tools, bars, graphs, indices, whitepapers, and teaching aids are always reliable. However, for these to operate in 2024, you should ‘Do-Your-Own-Research.’ Crypto is a diverse place with a wide range of possibilities based on our chaotic nature as humans.

As a result, every technical nugget, basic insight, and other nugget won’t provide a complete solution to your investing issues, but rather a minor benefit. DYOR gets you that edge if you devote yourself to learning the following:

1. Analyze the basics


In 2024, getting a better grasp of the coin or tokens will be the focus. Learning the tokenomics, strategy, market value, and utilities will severely impact picks since new players arise every day. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of value investing, reputable exchanges ensure that you can only have access to validated, safe, and reliable tokens.

2. Technical analysis

In 2024, you should expect wild market moves. That isn’t a forecast, but rather common sense. When it comes to technical analysis, conducting your research might help you estimate huge market swings better than the others. Technical agility, which is undervalued as a tool, might be a game-changer for the trader in you.

3. Case Studies


The currency or token is far more than its basics and technicalities. In 2024, you should DYOR about the real-world benefits while investing or perhaps even HODLing a specific item.

The current crypto market, as per Nils Gregersen, Paycer’s CTO, is seeing a big surge. And when people begin taking out their shares, this tendency might result in a lot of turmoil in the months ahead.

And, given the popularity of ‘Pump-and-Dump’ schemes in the crypto field, there may be a period of slowdown or lengthy stability. That, however, is not a cause for worry. If you’re a cryptocurrency investor, that is not the case.

4. Don’t fall for the hype!!!


Don’t follow Elon Musk just for his mysterious crypto tweets this year. That’s something that you ‘shouldn’t’ do if you want to become rich in 2024 as a trader.

When the entire globe is focused on utilities in 2024, crypto mania or even shilling won’t get you very far.

5. Return to your roots

Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), and a variety of other Altcoins such as Polkadot(DOT), Polygon(MATIC), as well as Solana(SOL) are more traditional crypto kingpins. These holdings are focused on mining capacity, transaction speed, blockchain compatibility, and other factors that make them reliable financial products.

If you’re unsure about new cryptocurrencies and their stated use cases as a trader, sticking to the script and examining these tried-and-true crypto players looks like a better option. And CoinSwitch Kuber gets you covered if you would like to learn more about all of these assets in depth.

6. Keep track of the major events


In 2024, being aware will be a major trend in crypto trading. Actual world events, technical advancements, and regulatory situations will all play a key role in the months ahead, rather than just the hype.

While other key market players are likely to arise, the following are the most sought-after:

  • New crypto laws with a focus on peace and Blockchain domination are on the way.
  • The much-anticipated CBDCs are being launched all around the world.
  • NFTs are growing at an extraordinary pace.
  • Companies from throughout the world are going into the Metaverse.
  • Bitcoin is looking for a new home.
  • Working DeFi goods with a revenue generation plan that works

And believe us when we say that these events are just the beginning; by 2024, we’ll be seeing a slew of similar events.

7. Do not take the dip ‘always.’

You must be getting dips as a trader for quite some while now. With the market filled with talks of cooling and contraction, every drop in 2024 will be unprofitable to buy. To be in the safe place, focus on value-buying unless the market or the related crypto-asset launches a new rally.

In 2024, what can we expect?


A lot will be decided by public policies. In September, China, the world’s biggest crypto market, stopped all trades. According to experts, as blockchain technology becomes more widely used, China’s position will only serve to isolate it from the rest of the planet.

Those who are already involved with cryptocurrency have a lot of enthusiasm. However, concerns arising from a lack of laws, excessive volatility, as well as the fact that the hoopla around cryptocurrency is still pretty recent have created a range of concerns among investors, particularly those who cannot afford to lose money.

The Bottom Line

While 2024 was the year of crypto dominance, 2024 will be the year when ‘Crypto Resilience’ is redefined. And, as an investor, you must devote the majority of your time to gaining knowledge over the year. There will also be platforms on hand, such as CoinSwitch Kuber, to assist with in-depth listings, trading systems, risk analyzers, and much more.

Digital tokens will be popular in 2024, despite theoretical ups and downs. The age-old saying, ‘The Trend is Your Ally,’ will still hold true for investors.