Sports betting is the only gambling field in which a player can completely control his odds of winning! Sports betting is different from casino and lottery games, as in these games the casino has a built-in advantage that it can’t be budged, while sportsbooks earn their money from bettors who sacrifice their bets because they are not applying the proper strategy!

Sports betting sites show you all the odds and betting options available and you can choose the bet that you think will come true. Of course, there is no way to always win unless you have the wizard’s crystal ball, however, if you apply the following tips and strategies you will be able to maximize your chances of winning and minimize your losses in the long run.

Register with sports betting sites

Even before you even start betting online on sports, you will have to choose which of the many sports betting non GamStop sites to work with. For more info click over here. At first glance, the various online betting sites may look a lot alike, but you will soon notice that this is certainly not always the case.

Ultimately, as a sports bettor, you have to rely on your own preferences, but the gambling site you choose must match your personal wishes as best as possible. It is useful to register with one of the sports betting sites only after you know what the offer is.

Therefore, take a look around in our overview, and first visit a few websites without obligation, to look at the user-friendliness and the various sports betting that are offered. In addition, it is wise to take a look at the mobile site or the app. Check whether the bookmaker comes across as safe and reliable to you. By taking the time for this, know that your final choice is well-considered and the right one.

Sports Betting Sites With the Best Odds


High odds make your bet better, but not every sportsbook provides the same odds. Often it is only a difference of a few percent, but after tens or hundreds of sports betting, the absolute difference can add up considerably and turn out to be disadvantageous for you if you have not wagered on the highest odds.

Open Multiple Accounts

If you want to use the best possible strategy, it can therefore be worthwhile to open an account at several online betting sites. With multiple accounts you can compare different bonuses well and you always close your sports bets in the strongest possible way.

With multiple accounts, you can also take full advantage on two different levels. First, you can always compare the odds on a particular bet, and of course, choose the highest available. In addition, you can take advantage of welcome bonuses and promotions at various bookmakers. Both benefits will help you gain more profit in the long run, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

Furthermore, when you create several accounts on sportsbooks not on GamStop you can apply the matched betting strategy when getting free bets. With this strategy, you can cover all the possible outcomes of a game, so you can make a profit regardless of the winning option because all of them are already covered.

Look for Odds Boosts


The difference can also be much greater than a few per cent. Sportsbooks sometimes offer temporary Odds Boosts, a kind of stunt odds. You then have a limited time to conclude a certain bet, where you are sometimes offered a 20% or 30% higher odds than normal. Online betting sites do not always offer odds boosts for the same matches, so with multiple accounts, there is a lot to be gained here.

Shop for the Best Odds

Odds are perhaps the most important term in online sports betting. It ultimately determines the amount you can win betting on that outcome. Sports betting sites offer different odds, as mentioned, where good comparisons can yield considerably better results.

This tip will certainly come in handy for smaller competitions. You may well imagine that online betting sites collect a lot of information in advance. At major tournaments or competitions, that information is easily accessible to everyone, including betting sites. That is why it is more difficult to make a lot of profit here.

However, with smaller matches, bookmakers have access to far less information. It therefore also takes longer to collect this information. As a gambler, you can take advantage of this by doing your own research into the match and both teams or players. Maybe your knowledge will help you beat the bookmaker!

Try Live Betting!


Live betting can work out in your favour as a sports bettor. With live betting, you can respond to the current developments in a match at sports betting sites, so that you increase your chance of winning.

Some online bookmakers also keep live statistics of a match. This can help you determine your live bet. In a football match, for example, is it still 0-0 after 70 minutes, while both teams have already scored 8 times? There is a good chance that a goal will be scored in the last minutes of the match. As a match progresses, the odds for it also increase.

The Range of the Available Sports

As a sports bettor, you may need a wide range of different sports. Fortunately, many sports betting sites meet this demand. You can bet on popular sports such as football, tennis and Formula 1, but also on sports that are generally less popular in the UK.

Many sports betting sites also allow you to combine different sports in your bets. So you don’t have to choose just one sport within a combination bet. If you know multiple sports or have already had success in multiple sports, this may be a smart strategy for you.

The Football Betting Markets


With football matches from the major leagues, most sports betting sites allow you to place dozens or types of bets. Think of common bets such as the 1X2 bet and Handicap bets, but also goal scorers and number of cards. The more choice, the more this gives you chances to bet.

We already mentioned the possibility to combine different sports in your bet. This is better known as a Combination bet, which you can also use within a certain sport. By combining multiple matches, the odds multiply with each other. The more matches you combine at an online betting site, the higher your possible winnings.

It automatically becomes more difficult to correctly predict all matches in your Combination Bet. That is why you can also opt for a System bet, where you do not have to get all the matches right to earn back part of your bet.