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Homeschooling is a more viable option for education than ever before. Parents have more tools to work with homeschooled students thanks to the internet. PDF files are one such tool. Homeschoolers should be taking advantage of this file format to more easily manage worksheets, books and more.

The Portable Document Format is a file type designed to help with sharing documents more easily. Unlike editable file formats such as Word, PDF self-contains most of its formatting information. This means that you can open it on any device and with any reader and the result will be the same. In an educational setting, this can be very helpful.

With the right tools, you can use PDF to share, complete and edit educational material. Since many pre-made homeschooling resources are already in PDF format, having a good editing tool is a must-have. For a free, online and easy-to-use option, consider PDFSimpli.

Reasons To Use PDF

If you are homeschooling your family, PDF files are both a good idea and a necessity. These are some of the ways you may use the format in your home classroom:

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  • Worksheets: Many of the resources for homeschooling are already in PDF format. For example, you may want to use a worksheet for your children. If this is a PDF (which is common), you may want a PDF editor to help you mark it up before printing. You can edit sections, remove parts, add your own content and more.
  • Textbooks: Similarly, textbooks are often available as PDF files. This makes them very easy to share online and with your pupils. Additionally, you can create your own textbook by writing it in Word or a similar program then converting it to a PDF. Using this format means that it will be easier to share with the right formatting and there will be no risk of accidental editing.
  • Scanned Pages: Many scanners create PDFs. If you want to scan a page from a book or another resource you have found, having a PDF editor will help you to make any changes you like. Again, you could mark it up, edit it or split several pages to be used individually.
  • Digital Assignments: PDF is the perfect file type for creating digital assignments. If you want to give your kids assignments that they can complete on their computers, a PDF lets you have sections that can’t be edited and others that can. That is perfect for a more eco- friendly homeschooling environment.
  • Watermarked Content: Sharing ideas and resources with other homeschoolers is common. However, some people have concerns about their ideas and work being taken without credit. Watermarking a PDF is a simple way to share something openly while preventing anyone from claiming it as their own.

PDF files are extremely common and will likely be something you have to use as a homeschooler whether you want to or not. Why not embrace the power of PDFs? Get a good tool to help you create, edit and share your documents. That way you can get even more use out of this valuable and convenient file format.

PDF Features You Need To Use

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If you want to get the most from PDFs for homeschooling, you will need the right tool. These are some features you should look for:

  • Conversion: Being able to convert to and from the PDF format is always helpful. This is especially useful if you can work with Microsoft Office formats.
  • Merging and Splitting: Sometimes you have a long PDF with multiple pages. Other times, you have several pages you want to combine together. Find a tool that will let you merge and split documents.
  • Compress: Sharing PDFs over the internet can sometimes be hampered by their size. PDF compressors help you make them smaller for easier sharing.
  • Editing: Being able to add your own content to a PDF file or remove what you don’t like is very valuable when homeschooling. The right PDF tool should have editing features.

Other Essential Tools for Homeschooling

PDF files are just one of the tools that should be included in your homeschooling arsenal. Check out a range of further ideas and suggestions below.

1. Online Learning Platforms

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A wide range of reputable online educational platforms is available for homeschooling. Udemy has the largest selection of video courses in the world. So, you can find a course on almost any topic, with some that are ready-made for children; for example these coding for kids courses. Other excellent online learning platforms include Codakid, which provides a wide range of lessons designed for kids to learn how to code, Khan Academy, which offers short and specific lessons for a broad range of subjects, and Coursera, which provides courses from real professors.

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2. ABC Mouse

This early learning academy for children between the ages of two and eight provides a full online curriculum. With 9,000 individual learning activities and 850 lessons across ten levels, ABC Mouse’s step-by-step learning program is as fun and exciting as it is educational. A rewards system helps to ensure kids remain motivated as they complete each level and move on to the next.

3. YouTube Educational Playlists

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YouTube is introducing new Learning Playlists. The educational service will provide dedicated pages for videos on a variety of subjects, such as science, math, languages, and music. The lists will be from beginner to advance, making them ideal for learners of all ages and abilities. Furthermore, the playlists will not include algorithmic recommendations, so users will not become distracted during their lessons.

4. Google Drive

Keeping on top of different subjects and lessons can be challenging. So, you must be highly-organized throughout the homeschooling process. The file storage and synchronization service Google Drive enables you to store, synchronize, and share your PDF documents easily.

5. Other Tools That May Be Useful

If you want children to unlearn bad reading habits and retrain to read quickly and efficiently, use the fantastic program Spreeder. Children not only learn how to read faster. They also have fun while completing the challenges. Another tool that could be useful is a real-food e-course. After studying hard on subjects like math, learning how to prepare a healthy meal can be an excellent way to unwind the daily homeschooling process.