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Schools have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing temporary educational buildings to meet their needs. Apart from choosing the type of material for the modular and portable structures, schools can choose what they will be used for.

Many schools in the UK have bought or hired temporary structures to meet requirements by the government to curb the spread of COVID-19. Perhaps, you know as an investor in the education sector that you can build temporary classrooms. But the good news is that there are even more options to suit your school. That said, here are the different types of temporary educational buildings.

Temporary Educational Buildings – Classrooms

When temporary educational buildings are mentioned, people think about temporary classrooms. Yes, they are the majority of structures in any school because this is where the students receive their lessons.

The use of temporary classrooms in schools has drastically increased because they are affordable, portable, and now satisfy the requirement to create social distance during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Modular classrooms – These are predesigned classrooms made of materials such as steel and fabric. Any school can utilize these structures and implement modern technology to make sure that kids learn in the most comfortable environment. The good thing is that they are relocatable, but this process requires the input of experts. Most modular classrooms are hired especially if they are needed for a short time.
  • Customized classrooms – A school can customize its temporary educational buildings to fit the existing design and meet its demand for space. It is good to go for this option when expanding a school with no intentions to go back. Fabric materials are popular with customized classrooms because this type of building can fit even in small areas.

Examination Halls and Other Needs

Undoubtedly, schools require different halls for various tasks. Examination and sports halls are just a few examples. When there is a need for one, going for temporary structures is a good option that is affordable and easy to set up. The good thing is that a school can hire these structures from a reliable supplier to meet short-term demands.

But if they are going to be used for a long time, it is better to build one with the help of a skilled expert as it will save time and money in the long run. Temporary school halls vary in size, design, color, and material. Typical ones are made of metal panels or a combination of steel frames and fabric walls. Both options are relocatable and can be expanded or minimized and partitioned to allow for many uses.

All temporary educational buildings from Smart-Space are affordable and easy to set up just like those from other reliable service providers in the UK. Once you order your rented modular or customized temporary school halls, it will only take a few days or weeks to have them operational.

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Temporary Educational Buildings – Practical Workshops

Workshops are just like halls that we have discussed in the sense that they are big, but they are designed for practical purposes. These temporary educational buildings are made of materials with special qualities such as fireproof materials for culinary classes, soundproof materials for musical performances, and the like. If you want a noise control solution for your business, you can click here to visit Australia’s number one industrial noise control specialists.

Practical workshops also come with provisions for amenities, technological infrastructure, and ventilation to make them more useful. Nonetheless, schools still enjoy all the benefits of temporary structures such as affordability, quick setup, ease of relocating the structures, and a lot more.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that temporary practical halls can be used for other purposes such as group discussions, examinations, and even as classrooms. Hence, they are very versatile.

Swimming Pool Shades

Most schools in the UK and Europe have swimming pools for recreational purposes. When designing other temporary educational buildings, the school can include the swimming pool area. The structures allow students to have a shade when cheering on their swimming classmates, enjoy modern temporary changing rooms, and protect the swimming pool with temporary covers in the winter.

As such, these structures are made of different materials, and this depends on where they are used in the swimming pool area. Shades are often made of metal panels and sheets or steel frames and fabric, while swimming pool covers are made of PVC panels.

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School Storage

Schools might need storage for different departments such as maintenance, office supplies, and many others. When there is a pressing need for extra storage, the school might consider going for temporary storage buildings that are either hired or bought.

The providers of temporary educational buildings can customize the storage for the school by adding shelves, ventilation, and other amenities. Whether they will be set up outdoors or inside other structures, you can rest assured that they will blend in well and, most importantly, perform their intended function well.

Portable Exhibition Tents

Schools that have regular exhibitions and displays should have temporary tents that can be moved from one place to another with ease. These are provided by temporary educational buildings providers, and the fabric can even be branded with the name of the school. The size and design depend on the preference of the school.

For schools that do not want to buy temporary tents for exhibitions, there is the option of renting on an as-needed basis. For this, be sure to have a reliable company on standby. Fortunately, the UK has many reliable temporary solution providers who will drop and set it up and pick the tent up after the function. Conveniently, they do not ask for upfront charges in such a case; you can pay after the function.

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Temporary Carports and Garages

If there is an increase in the number of vehicles like school buses and staff vehicles, the school might decide to expand the carports or put a shade in the parking lots. There is nowhere else to get the best deals for these carports than from temporary educational buildings providers. They customize the carports to suit the color of the other structures in the school and install them professionally.


Schools in the UK and all over the world can take advantage of temporary educational buildings because they are affordable, fast to install, and perfectly meet the needs of the school well. The above insights shed light on different types of structures the schools should consider.