For special people and special occasions, personalised watches can be a memorable present to yourself or a loved one and it’s not that difficult to make either.

There is no shortage of special occasions in a person’s life. It can be a national or universal celebration, a religious or social occasion, or just a personal event with some special memory. On each of such occasions, social norms dictate to buy some presents for the loved ones. Giving gifts to oneself in celebration of a personal milestone is pretty common too, enhancing the demand for gift items even more.

With such demands, it’s no surprise that the market is filled with numerous gifts items. It can be jewellery, watches, clothes, bags, accessories, books, and whatnot! Despite such varieties, it’s often quite difficult to find the right gift for the right person. If you need something special and unique for a special occasion, the list of options you can choose from becomes even more limited for various reasons.

So, how to find a special gift perfect for someone special to you? What about when it comes to buying something for yourself to mark a unique achievement? The answer may lie in something like personalised watches, where two same things aren’t quite the same. To help you in your efforts to find the perfect customized watch, we discuss all the details about it below.

What are Personalised Watches?

Of course, you have heard about wristwatches – the timepieces that can be worn on a wrist for timekeeping. While the idea of wristwatches first emerged to keep track of time, it’s not its primary functions anymore. I mean, who checks their watches for the time when they have so many gadgets displaying it all the time in their eyesight!

Despite losing the value of its functions in timekeeping, watches remain an integral staple to anyone’s wardrobe – irrespective of whether they are men or women, young and adults. It’s now an integral piece of personal styles, a testament to personal taste and personalities. Inevitably, watchmakers have also evolved over the years to meet the changing demands of watches, and are now offering different ways to suit the customer’s specific needs.

A part of those relatively new arrangements, watch manufacturers now offer incredible personalisations options for watches. Termed simply as personalised or custom watches, these ones can be made truly your own with intricate engraving right on the watch face or the bracelets. Some of them can also be made from scratch or adorned with stones and charms to make them even more special.

Why Should You Customise a Watch?

In general, they are considered a novelty accessory. If you opt for something like a luxury Swiss watch, the chances are it’s already a unique and limited piece. Why, then, should you put some extra effort into customizing a watch and make it personalised? The answer is much simpler than you can imagine.

You see, pretty much any gift bought from a store is impersonal. Somebody else designed and manufactured it for you to purchase, and you just did that. Such little to no efforts in finding a gift is okay for many occasions, but they tend to feel short when it comes to something or someone really special.

In such special cases, you must go the extra mile to stand in good stead with your choice of gifts. Hence, you would have to consider the personality of your gift receiver, the kind of jewellery and accessory he or she already owns, as well as the gravity and the memorable nature of a given occasion. On such occasions, personalised watches can steal the show. As watches are often left to future generations as a symbol of the lineage, the chances are that a highly customised gift would keep you remembered for ages and centuries to come – breaking the barriers of material possessions to the matters of the immaterial.

Offering plenty of metallic spaces on the watch face or the bracelet, it is also a pretty effortless item to personalise. Many manufacturers offer numerous options too, making it unique every time you want to give a watch to someone.

How to Personalise Watches?

There are quite a few ways to personalise an impersonal timepiece. Among these, the classiest way is engraving. It is pretty simple to do and has the most profound effect. For example, when Marilyn Monroe wanted to send President John F. Kennedy a message, she did so by engraving a high-end watch that said: “Jack, with love as always from Marilyn. May 29th, 1962” It was the president’s birthday, which is now memorable for the controversies this very special gift caused at the time.

For yourself, you can choose a luxury watch or just a simpleton to engrave your message. You can also engrave names, dates, and messages just like Marilyn did. You can also engrave initials or just about anything else that you want to remember and wear forever.

Otherwise, you can personalise your watch by adding precious gems and stones to your watch face. Many watchmakers do it in-house, while others may need to contact someone like an independent jeweller. An addition of a blue diamond on a sapphire watch face sounds great, doesn’t it?

Another great way to personalize it is by taking photos and mementos and print them onto the watch. You just have to choose your photo and order it to be printed on it.

Choosing Watches for Personalisation

If you consider the most common ways to personalize watches, you know that each type of personalization depends on the type of watch you choose. For example, the personalisation options offered for metal bracelets may not be applicable for a leather belt. So, consider what you want to achieve before getting down to shopping. You should also consider which manufacturers offer in-house personalisation for watches to simplify your process. After that, if you want to buy one, check website.