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Modern technology has a great impact on all spheres of life. Today, without the use of advanced technology, life is almost impossible to imagine. Of course, this applies to practically all spheres of business as well. Companies that don’t develop according to these rules will simply disappear over time.

If your company doesn’t keep up with technology, you’ll never achieve significant success. The impact of technology is even greater when it comes to healthcare. In addition to the latest diagnostic and treatment devices, other advanced features can be used. This facilitates the work of healthcare professionals. And the most important – it benefits the patients.

Compliant Texting

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If you’ve wondered could texting be more useful than it is – here is the answer… This simple, but yet genius service helps patients correspond with their healthcare providers. The healthcare provider can send text messages to patients who had confirmed their phone numbers and their consent to these services.

This does not mean that you can send messages of any kind. On the contrary, these services come with a precise set of restrictions. Some of the more important information you can write are things like confirming appointments, reminders, lab test results, preoperative instructions, prescription announcements, etc. Health care providers must adhere to these guidelines or else they may be penalized.

The Best Texting Apps

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So, how do we sort out so many options within HIPPA messaging?

First, we need to choose the type of messages we want to send. Do you want to deliver your messages to patients, or exchange them internally with healthcare staff?

Or maybe you want both options combined? Some of the HIPPA applications are made just for sending reminders or scheduling appointments for patients. Some of these features are not aligned with the internal messaging of staff. On the other hand, some applications are used primarily for staff communication. Such apps do not include functions like office-to-patient communication.

According to, there are applications designed to be an “all-in-one” communicating tool. These applications provide secure text messages with patients in real-time. That way, patients can secure scheduling coordination, reminders, etc. Some apps even secure encrypted messages and provide internal and inter-office messages as well.

Why Is This Considered Important?

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Numerous studies have shown the importance of such applications. In fact, patients’ feedback also has a large impact on using such apps. According to some research, it was concluded that 3 out of 4 patients want to receive text notifications instead of any other form of communication. Statistics say that 60% of emails, patients read within 24 hours. Unlike e-mails, 90% of text messages patients read within just 3 minutes. Can you see the difference?

Considering the fact that technology has changed things a lot, it is quite obvious why you should invest in such and similar applications. The best thing is that you can find the appropriate service provider quite easily. That way, you can allow your healthcare business to grow and become respectful within the industry.