Fashion and confidence go hand in hand, so if you are well dressed, it reflects deeply on your personality and way of expression. For both males and females, getting dressed involves various accessories that make them look more appealing and enhance their physical appearance.

So in this article, we will discuss an accessory known as elevator shoes, which helps males increase their visible height by a few inches.We will further discuss if these shoes are noticeable to other people and how you can make the most out of these shoes , you can find stylish elevator shoes at

What Are Elevator Shoes?

The regular shoes have a simple design with a bottom sole and a cover, whereas the elevator shoes are built differently. In elevator shoes, The sole contains a small heeled surface at the foot, and then there is an elevated layer in the shoe that makes the person wearing them look taller. These shoes are beneficial as they provide a tremendous boost to dressing and confidence to the one wearing them.

Factors To Choosing Elevator Shoes

Various factors have to be kept in mind when you plan on buying elevator shoes for yourself, and some of those factors are listed below.

High-Quality Leather


The quality of leather used in the shoes plays a significant role in establishing the product life, so when you plan to buy the shoes, you must check the quality of leather. There are various types of leather, and some of them develop cracks from continuous use, so you must choose the shoe carefully or consult a person with proper knowledge of types of leather.

Shoe Design

Elevator shoes come in a wide range of designs, but these are widely used in the traditional and authentic designs which use leather as their core product. So it’s most suitable that you go for tapered shoes as they work perfectly fine with any dressing making it a general and great pick.


Some people complain of continuous foot pain while wearing these elevator shoes, and it is reasonable too because these are heeled shoes. So you need to consider your comfort as the priority while choosing shoes and try to wear them and have a walk in them. When you are sure that these shoes are comfortable for you, you must purchase them.

Avoid Square Toe

The central section of elevator shoes contains a square toe which makes it easier for a person to recognize them, so if you want people don’t notice your shoes, then avoid square toe shoes. Some elevator shoes have a conical toe that follows the classic and traditional design of the shoes and goes unnoticed even when someone tries to figure out if they are elevator shoes.



Earlier, these elevator shoes were available in limited designs, including traditional leather shoes, but now they are available in sneakers and loafers. So it would be best if you decided on the style that would most suit your entire dress up along with various colours of the product.

Tips For Elevator Shoes

The elevator shoes are available in a wide range, and choosing them is a tough choice, so when you have made the purchase, you must keep a few things in mind that will extend the product life of these shoes.


The product life of shoes depends on their usage, so you must decide the purpose of buying shoes. The traditional shoes have the least walkability as they are made of leather and are expected to be used for occasional purposes. In contrast, loafers and sneakers are shoes that come highly in daily use and have high walkability.

It would be best if you chose loafers for athletic purposes and daily wear as they are both comfortable and durable for such use.

Padded Insoles

Some shoes come in with temporary insoles that can be removed when not needed, but when they are put inside the shoe, they result in a certain amount of foot pain. So it’s most suitable that you must go for padded insoles as they are embedded inside the shoe’s body and make elevation unnoticed.

Work On Your Posture


When you shift from regular shoes to elevator shoes, there is a visible difference in your posture as now you look taller and must walk and move accordingly. So it’s advisable that you first try to walk wearing those elevator shoes at your home, work on your posture, and then go out wearing them.

Thicker Heel

Using a thicker and broader heel would make it easier to maintain your balance while standing, but the elevator shoes increase your inclination forward. When the inclination increases, users can lose their balance in instances such as running, resulting in a fall. With a thicker heel, the moment of inertia of the overall shoe is neutralised, and a balance point is obtained.


Shoe maintenance is the best way to increase your product life, which can be done by regular cleaning and polishing the shoes. These shoes would be new if you use a good quality polish and you can either use a damp cloth for cleaning or buy a cleaner which will allow you to complete the task efficiently.

Maintain Shoe Shape

When the shoe loses its shape, it starts developing cracks in the leather, so it’s suitable. Then, it would be best if you filled in a newspaper in these shoes. This will keep the shoes inflated. You can also buy shoe shape retainers which can be placed inside shoes when not used, and they will maintain the exact shape of the shoe.



Your dressing sense is the perfect way of describing your personality, and this is the primary reason people can tell a lot by seeing the person’s shoes. If someone carries a lousy attire, it displays his disinterest, whereas if someone is dressed in his tuxedo with well-maintained shoes, then the person takes in the importance of how people see him.