Hangzhou is famous for its gardens and architecture. It contains beautiful landscapes that are home to some of the most famous monasteries in China. Because of the fantastic scenery and opportunities, this is one of the favorite tourist destinations. This city is only an hour’s drive from Shanghai. If you want to visit it, we recommend that you do it in spring or autumn. Those are the best times of the year to explore Hangzhou.

He becomes much more beautiful during that period. And the climatic conditions will allow you to visit everything you planned. The temperatures are too high in the summer and too cold in the winter. Another problematic period of the year is the time of national holidays. The city is very busy then. Keep reading if you want to know a lot more about Hangzhou. Below you will find information about hidden gems and other unusual things that you can see in this lively city.

1. Explore Xihu Lake


Xihu Lake contains stunning mountain scenery, dams that you will never forget. The layout of the islands will leave you breathless. Because of such beauty, the lake has definitely earned its place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. So, tourists became enchanted with Xihu Lake and it is one of the main attractions of the city today. There is no chance to go to this city and miss this attraction. This long lake also contains a wide variety of attractions in the area. For example, there are companies whose offers include excursions on the lake. You can also enjoy cafes in perfect locations. While sipping your drink, you will calmly look at the heather and soak up the magical atmosphere. Don’t be put off by the weather because it can’t spoil your experience. The lake is equally beautiful when it is cloudy, windy and sunny. Regardless of the time of day and year, you can ride a bike by it or get a close-up view of it by boat. Observing this landscape will not cost you anything, because walking by the lake is free.

Other attractions, such as the Zhejiang Museum, are not free, but are worth every penny. It is located on Gushan Island and contains a large number of valuable exhibits. If you are fascinated by ancient jewelry, calligraphy, ceramics and silk, you must visit this place. For curious tourists, we recommend renting a boat or buying a ticket for a ride. That way, you will be able to go around the entire lake and have great experiences. Couples will especially like this ride. Arched bridges, lotuses and orchids blooming along the coast seem like a very romantic place for lovers.

2. Learn to make traditional Chinese tea


The tea ceremony is a very important part of Chinese culture, and the city of Hangzhou is the tea capital of China. There is a national tea museum that you should visit. You can see plantations, training centers, libraries and all other places that represent different aspects of Chinese tea culture. The museum is surrounded by a plantation on all sides. The museum setting is interactive. You will get all the answers to the questions on the screens installed in the exhibition hall. A fantastic experience awaits you. You will see a lot. It will be enough just to pass through the plantation. When you enter the greenery of the tea bushes, you will be mesmerized by the sight.

The contents of the museum are varied, and one of the most interesting things is that you can participate in the tea ceremonies yourself. During these ceremonies, tourists learn how to properly brew traditional Chinese tea. The city is famous for the most beautiful varieties of tea that you can taste. We recommend that you also try Longjing tea. This variety is special in that it is grown only in Hangzhou. Meijiawu Tea Village is another tea production base to visit if you want to get away from the crowded city and enjoy a cup of your new favorite tea.

3. Touch the seated Buddha statue


Linqyin Xi is the oldest and most influential Buddhist monastery in China, known as a haven for souls. Try to experience this corner as a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself, because that is the purpose of your visit here. The temple is a place where you will truly relax. There you are safe from everyday worries and problems, at least that’s what the locals say. Don’t dismiss the idea too soon, because you never know what you might experience.

Whether you enjoy Buddhism, step into Lingyin Temple. There you will see a beautiful valley, green hills, forests and stone statues. This sight alone creates an irresistible peace in the viewer. What is special about this place is that the animals also have spirituality. Note the fish swimming slowly in a row in the stream. Other animals and plants will also appear very peaceful to you. Such a quiet atmosphere will purify everyone’s mind. Do not forget to touch the statue of the seated Buddha, which is placed near the temple. There is a belief that it will bring you great luck.

4. Silk embroidery class


Hangzhou continued to grow and prosper from its local industry, especially silk weaving, and became the center of silk production in all of China. If this information has interested you, we are sure that you will like the silk museum. It is also the largest silk museum in the world. There are several thematic areas that represent the contents of the museum. For example, it is the Hall of History which contains rare photographs, objects and materials.

You can also enter a section called the Hall of Weaving and Dyeing, the Hall of Mulberry and the Hall of Contemporary Achievements. We must not forget about another great room. It is a hall where you will watch the masters while they explain the process of embroidery on silk. Exhibitions and sales are part of the museum’s program, which means you can buy unique products.


Hangzhou is one of the most beautiful cities. Tourists and residents have an equally good opinion of the city. You will find a large number of reviews of poets, artists and great travelers online. They have nothing but praise for this historic city.

The history of Hangzhou is several millennia old. That is why we are sure that you will not only be delighted by the enticing landscape. There is much more to offer, and we have tried to show you as many attractions as possible in this ancient Chinese capital.