Since it exists, people are taking Twitter pretty seriously, knowing that they are limited with the number of characters in one tweet and that the community is smaller compared to other networks that are popular right now. But, everyone who starts using Twitter for the first time knows the struggle to get the people to follow them, especially when running a corporate or official profile. Most of the users are using this social network to blog their opinions, jokes, or even to date someone with similar opinions.

But, an official account is about to share links and relevant content to their job, and get real followers. That’s why the fake accounts and bots won’t solve the problem. The reach, as a metric data, depends on the interactions and real accounts that follow the particular profile. The bigger the reach is, the more people will be able to see the relevant tweets, and the chances they will follow the account are real. Services like are letting the people who run the profile gain real followers for some money, so they can have a relevant profile with a small investment.

For example, a university’s profile is relevant only for those who study there, or the people who are interested to go there. But, with a proper strategy, every university can present the programs and courses on Twitter, and attract the people who are willing to follow them. The US universities are a relevant example of how it can work out nicely, and here is a list of those who are very active on this social platform and knowing how to benefit from it:

1. Harvard


As of January 2024, they have 1.1 million followers, and their profile is active since May 2009. They always share what’s new with their campus, and now they are really dedicated to COVID-19 prevention.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

They also have around 1.1 million followers, and when we combine that with their spin-off profiles related to the topic, it’s a lot more than that. MIT shares announcements for the students and other relevant information for their work.

3. Stanford


This profile has more than 814K followers, and just like every other account listed here, they are sharing interesting content related to their work and mission.

4. Princeton

Their official account has around 423K followers, and they recommend using the hashtag #PrincetonU if you want your tweet to be seen by them. Princeton joined Twitter in May 2007, and it seems like they really know how to run a successful account.

5. Columbia, New York


Columbia joined this network in 2011, and right now, they share a lot of content related to the current pandemic with their 393K followers. They also include links for their resources, and everyone can access some of the researches through those links.

6. The Ohio State University

This is the highest-ranked public school in this state. In their bio description, they say they are ready to accept the passionate and innovative people who want to study there. Their account has more than 347K followers.

7. Louisiana State University


This university is present on so many social media platforms, including Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, but that’s not a reason not to be active on Twitter too. Their profile has around 329K followers.

8. Cornell

This school is based in New York, and they joined Twitter in 2008 when it was a pretty new social platform. Today, Cornell has more than 318K followers, and they are active with new tweets almost every day.

9. Arizona State University


Even though they have a little less than 300K followers, their profile exists since 2009, and they are always there to support the students, to be active on some particular topic, and to promote their programs, attracting new people to join them.

10. Texas A&M

This profile has around 277K followers, and they are now very active, giving support to those who follow their classes online. TAMU is active by sharing photos, links, and relevant content related to what they do, and what they offer to the new students.

11. Michigan State University


They have less than 250K followers, and they call themselves #SpartansWill. They have an official account, and a few more related to their activities, like sports teams, and facilities. It seems like they really take care to inform their followers about what’s new in their job, and how they support the students to be the best in their class.

12. University of Michigan

They have around 240K followers, and UMich joined Twitter in 2009. They are active every day, sharing the most important information for the students, and those who are interested to be part of them.

13. The University of Texas, Austin


UT Austin has a great inspirational motto for the new students: What Starts Here Changes the World. They have around 228K followers, and they are very active, especially on the current “hot topics” that are relevant to their work.

14. Bloomington, Indiana

This page always knows how to promote its programs and attract more students. They now have around 216K followers, and of course, they are sharing really relevant information about the current pandemic and the way they run the classes nowadays.

15. Yale


This popular school is using the account to share important updates, news, and other events with their 552K followers. Those who follow it can find every relevant information about the university and dig deeper into their study programs.

A lot of institutions, educational centers, schools, and of course, universities, are finally realizing how important is to be present on Twitter. In general, the active part of this network consists of intellectuals, and most of them are taking tweeting very seriously.

Building up a successful profile there is a matter of strategy, knowledge, interesting content, and of course, a little luck to be seen by those who are really interested in what you offer. At last, don’t go for the free follow-2-follow services, because those ghost accounts won’t bring you any benefit.