If you’ve generally always relied on pre-made CBD products like gummies and tinctures, you may not be aware that another product offers excellent versatility. CBD hemp flower may not look like a convenient, practical product, but you simply need to know how to use it. Take a moment to choose a CBD hemp flower variety that stands out to you, and then you can do some of the following things with it:

Eat It


You wouldn’t eat hemp flowers raw, but you can cook and blend them into a wide range of dishes that taste great and barely seem like they contain CBD flower at all.

One of the most popular ways to use CBD flower from leading stockists like is in cannabutter. Grind up your preferred buds, mix them with heated butter, and use it as a spread or for cooking.

The heat from the butter allows for easy extraction of the terpenes and CBD, which may make you feel relaxed when you consume them.

You might also like to cook buds into everyday recipes like slow-cooked stews and soups. Grinding up hemp flower buds and adding them to dishes is an easy way to incorporate CBD into your diet. If you’re not a confident cook, there are plenty of recipes to try online with easy-to-follow instructions.

Surprisingly, CBD flower can even be ground up and added to beverages, and you can generally find them for sale in a range of establishments. However, you can make them yourself by crushing hemp flower in a mortar and pestle until smooth before adding it to your beverage of choice.

If you consider yourself a talented baker, adding them to cookies or even pastries is a delicious and convenient way to consume manageable amounts of CBD.

Even using CBD as a seasoning on food is something you may consider trying. You can simply grind up CBD flower, mix it with other herbs and spices, and add it to your food. However, it’s essential to keep your CBD seasoning away from others in your home in a child-safe bottle so that it’s something special just for you.

Drink It


Drinking CBD flower is a fast and easy way for many people to feel its effects. Many people also consume it for nausea, upset stomachs, and for feelings of relaxation. You might like to blend CBD flower with black or green tea leaves before steeping it in hot water or even merge your flower of choice with peppermint or chamomile CBD for sleep or stomach relief.

As kombucha is growing in popularity for its potential health benefits, some people may see the value in combining CBD flower with kombucha. There are many potentially helpful recipes online that are easy to follow and quick to make.

Vape It


While not all hemp flower is ideal for vaping, some varieties are. Ask your preferred CBD product stockist if they have strains suitable for a dry vape pen. These pens use high-resistance coils and powerful batteries to heat dry herbs, and this heating process turns the terpenes into gas. When you inhale it, it’s a similar experience to standard e-liquids.

Many people find that vaping is one of the fastest ways to absorb the CBD into their bloodstream, alongside being one of the most convenient on-the-go options.

Bathe in It

Bathing in CBD flower is a lot easier than you might think, and it requires minimal effort. You can simply throw the CBD flower you have directly into your tub while it’s filling up.

However, you can also put in a little extra effort by creating CBD flower bath bombs. There are many different easy-to-follow recipes online that help you make CBD oil from hemp flower that you can add to other ingredients like citric acid, Epsom salt, essential oil, and corn starch to create an easy bath bomb.

Smoke It


Out of convenience, you may decide that smoking your CBD buds is one of the best and easiest ways to get what you need from the experience. While smoking tobacco is harmful to your health, CBD buds don’t contain the same nasty chemicals typically loaded into cigarettes.

There are many different ways to smoke CBD flower, depending on your preferences. Some people like the convenience of pipes which allow you to ignite hemp buds in a small part of the pipe and inhale them through the mouthpiece. You can also purchase pipes with water chambers to filter the smoke.

Cigar papers are another popular option, with many people choosing to simply roll their hemp flower up like a cigar. Alternatively, you can use an electronic or traditional hookah designed for shisha, but that can often work for hemp flower.

Use It As a Lotion


While you can purchase – CBD lotion with CBD flower or CBD oil to rub onto your aches and pains for potential relief, you may also like to use your own body lotion and add CBD flower to it.

Take your favorite lotion or cream, sprinkle in the CBD flower of your choice, mix it together, and repackage it. You can then use it as regular lotion whenever you like. Just make sure to store it in child-safe packaging, out of reach of people who shouldn’t use it.

How to Decide Which CBD Flower Is Right for You


It’s never easy knowing which will be the right way to consume CBD flower for your unique needs. While you may like to try different options like baking, smoking, vaping, and even tea, you can also consult your nearest CBD flower stockist for more information.

They can listen to the problems you’ve been having and your requirements, and help you decide which type of CBD flower product may suit your needs the best. You may also like to try several different products to see if one stands out more than the rest.

Even though CBD buds may not be as familiar to you as other pre-made CBD products, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a memorable experience with them. You might be surprised at how many methods there are for their consumption, such as cooking, vaping, and smoking.