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A backyard pool is a dream of many people. Thus, if you have one, you can consider yourself lucky. Moreover, you can arrange it in many possible ways, including some automation options.

With some interesting ideas, actuators and actuator systems websites, some skills, and imagination, you can turn your backyard with a pool into a real relaxation hub for your friends and family members.

Consider though that for automation purposes, you need to choose systems and actuators that strictly comply with several requirements:

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  • They shall be waterproof. Usual weatherproof items aren’t suitable for the purpose because of the water proximity. And some elements will be submerged or even used continuously underwater.
  • The lifting power shall be appropriate. For underwater use, items will be constantly under the pressure that water exercises on them. And for lifts, for example, a proper lifting power is a matter of safety.
  • The items shall be manufactured by reliable companies and comply with all the standards. Yeah, you know that a short-circuit in water doesn`t have good consequences.

Further, it all depends on you. The colour, models, etc. of your devices, as well as their prices, shall be chosen by you.

How Does It Work and Why You Might Need It?

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However, do you really need pool automation systems? Well, it all depends. You have a choice whether to clean your pool manually or use a pump system to recirculate water and refresh it. You might want to run every time to a switch to turn on lights or you can do it with a remote. You can enjoy just one mode or you might want to switch from a pool mode to a spa mode effortlessly. What about pool heating? Do you want to handle it manually or a smart thermostat will do it for you?

Finally, if you have friends or family members who have temporary or permanent issues with mobility, and you don’t want to deprive them for an opportunity to spend some time in chilling water, you might want to install an automated lift.

Is Automation Worth the Effort?

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Well, that all depends. You might still want to save on automation costs (they might be significant) and do everything manually. However, there are several benefits that cannot be denied.

  • An automated swimming pool simplifies significantly everything connected with the swimming pool ownership. For example, your swimming pool can be cleaned automatically with a system of pumps. Thus, you don’t need to hire somebody to do this procedure.
  • An automated swimming pool can be set up to be maximally efficient. Program the filters run at specific times. Setup the heating schedule. It will save a lot of energy and thus money in the long term.
  • All automation systems are absolutely flexible. You can remove and add whatever you want.
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Now when pool automation looks like something perfect and must-to-have, let us have a look at drawbacks, if any.

To use automated systems properly, you need to be aware of the technology. For example, if you aren’t sure about how to use a smartphone or a tablet, you will not be able to use the automated items to the full extent.

Installation and setup of the automated items will, most likely, require professional installation. First of all, the installation of all the items requires the services of a professional electrician. If you aren’t one, you better entrust these tasks to a specialist to avoid issues in the future. It is connected with additional costs.

The initial investment is high. Just the basics can easily run up to several thousands of dollars. Add the costs for installation and setup, and this might become the main obstacle. However, in the long run, you can count that all those items are going to pay off.

What to Consider before Deciding for Automated Solutions?

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Now, when you know more or less what you expect and what you get, you can start planning the automation of your swimming pool. To do it properly, consider the following:

  • The main factor that influences any implementation of new items is your budget. How much can you afford to spend on automation? Based on this, the solutions will depend.
  • The costs of installation: it is high anyway but you better check with the providers available in your location. Also make sure they provide a guarantee on the installation works, just to make sure you aren`t going to stay with an item failed due to the poor installation.
  • The basics: it is clear that you might not afford to install everything that you would like to. It is normal, just consider the basics without which you would not even consider the automation option. For some people, these basics include an opportunity to arrange majestic light shows from a smartphone. For others, it is just about controlling heating and filtering. Once installed, these basics can be expanded little by little to turn into a system that will comply with your most daring expectations.
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Now, when you know more or less what to expect and what to count on, you can move on with the automation of your backyard pool. Consider everything in advance to be able to install and set up at least the basic equipment.

Having just a nice pool isn’t sufficient though if you want to have a nice place to spend the best moments with your friends and family. Consider arranging some facilities for those who prefer to abandon swimming and do something else.

For example, a nice BBQ corner and an automated TV-set in the yard will help to relax and have fun. They will allow your close people to make some tasty things and to enjoy their favourite movie or TV-show. Arrange nice garden furniture for them. If you like, you can make it automated. It is especially convenient if your yard isn’t so big but you still want to arrange there as many things as you can.

Now, you know how to make your backyard perfect. It is time to save some money and improve your life level!