The National Collegiate Athletic Association Basketball (NCAAB), with its Division 1 Men’s Tournament, also known as the March Madness, involves the participation of 68 strong teams. These teams match up for the national championship that comes in with seven rounds.

With March Madness taking off for the tournament starting March 12 for the Selection Sunday to the championship game on April 3, the teams and fans are gearing up for an incredible play action on the court.

The potential of each team has shown great assurance that throughout the tournament, the top teams will further foster to show excellent skills and performance, among others.

Ready to get in the madness? Here’s how these five men’s college basketball teams entered the early top ranking this year.

1. Purdue Boilermakers


The Purdue Boilermakers, also part of the Big 10 Conference alongside other strong teams in NCAAF, has ranked number one on the top ranking. The Boilermakers have reflected their strength on the court with their unmatchable 24 Big 10 Championship records, the highest record among the Big 10 teams.

When talking about how they were able to put their name on the top, the Boilermakers show great strength in front-court depth and point shooting.

It is no secret that the Boilermakers have the best athletes showing off great skills in centers and power-forward positions. Not to mention how their space-eating big players in the front court are well-known for their sharp shooting skills and eye for the ball.

Of course, the build and height is not the only key for this team to snatch the top spot, as the squad’s skills for ball pass and low post forces enable them to achieve greater strength in defense and hit incredible score shots. The team’s main goal is to continuously bring in the best shooters capable enough, even for behind-the-arc shots.

These skills will help the Purdue Boilermakers achieve a consistent top spot on this year’s March Madness rankings. To see if the Boilermakers can keep up until the championship, you can check online bookies or visit for more about the best teams in the 2024 March Madness.

2. Houston Cougars


Despite the injury surge over the last and current season, the Houston Cougars are still up for the game as they rank second on the latest NCAAB ranking. Overcoming the challenge comes with great skills on the court, as the Cougars are well-known for their elite defense. That said, it will be harder for other teams to run an offense against Houston’s college basketball representative.

What’s more amusing about the Cougars is their honesty that the team still has more to improve on the court. But their willingness to enhance with their game preps and smart coaches, aiming for different power play training and varying speeds, makes the team even more eager and prepared to hit the top spot in March Madness.

Besides, the Cougar’s lineup roster shows great experience, whether homegrown athletes or imported ones. The team is a great combination of lead scorers, sharpshooters, and excellent defenders, making up an outstanding team with great chemistry and teamwork.

There’s still more to discuss their skills and ability, but this sums up how the Houston Cougars can enter the top rankings and are expected to continue to do so until the championship.

3. Alabama Crimson Tide


For the Alabama Crimson Tide, optimal physical health can equate to full strength. Like any other team, the injury toll is also a challenge for the Crimson Tide, but their team players continued to show great skills to lead the squad and consistently claim a spot on the top. Third, on the ranking, the Alabamas are known for their outstanding blocked shots, rebounds, and steals.

Looking closely at the team’s biggest strength, it is undoubtedly true that the defense surely put on a great advantage for the team. Thus, making it more challenging for the opposition to go against the Crimson Tide.

Stats sure can’t lie, as the team’s defensive efficiency rate ranked seventh among the teams in the NCAA this season. Their strength in defense is reflected in their players’ size, length, and flexibility, effectively holding up opposing teams to further achieve points.

While there is no denying for the team that their offense skills still have a lot to work on, their desire and effort to maintain the top spot will lead them to produce good game performance and unmatchable records on the court consistently.

4. Arizona Wildcats


The fourth on the rank list is the Arizona Wildcats. The Wildcats are recognized as one of the top teams with the biggest margin of error, leading them to adjust easily and overcome challenging setbacks. This spot, and still aiming to climb up more until the championship game, is highly achievable with their exceptional skills in offense and defense.

Besides, the team is also known for its speed and efficient scoring ability. Reflected on their good stats in assists, three-point percentage, and scoring offense, Wildcats became a team to fear in the coming tournaments as they can be unpredictable yet still show great in-game skills. Thus, allowing them the confidence to achieve additional winning counts under their name.

While some are still in doubt and may think that the team’s inconsistency brings more lows than wins, the Wildcat players have it their way and remain victorious as they continue to show great dominance on the court, potentially beating the best teams this season.

5. Texas Longhorns


The Texas Longhorns claimed the fifth spot in the recent top NCAAB ranking. The team made it to the top with their improved offense, providing them with higher-scoring chances and attempts. Moreover, the Longhorns are also known for utilizing most of their opponents’ turnovers to their scoring advantage.

When it comes to style and assistance, the team shows dominant teamwork with outstanding shooting guards that produce intense plays for the team. Other than that, the Longhorns are still expected to move up the ladder heading to the championship tournament with impressive season wins.


Out of the NCAA college basketball teams, these top ranks have shown dominance and unmatched in-game skills. With March Madness coming, the participating teams are eager to show their best on the court, bring their name to the seed list, and qualify for the championship game.

As there is still much time left, projected seeds and rankings can still change. Either way, fans can still expect an exciting and one-of-a-kind tournament this spring.