Metrics, analytics, and statistics influence the development of business strategies and correlate with market trends. Correctly presented information is an effective tool for attracting your target audience and interacting with your potential customers. In this regard, infographics come to the rescue being a visual presentation of complex data in a very simple and attractive form with the help of creative and visually appealing images.

The ability to create and implement icons and symbols so simple and clear is a considerable skill. So, you’ll probably find it interesting to visit this site to learn how to make your animated infographics exciting as most consumers want to see more video content from brands.

Learn in this article what infographics are and how you can use them.

The Advantage of Infographics


The difficulty lies in the fact that numbers, percentages, indices, various indicators and just a huge amount of text is the material not particularly easy to understand, confusing and simply boring.

Surely each of you has heard of such a concept as infographics. Infographics include a set of visual elements designed to convey data, ranging from tables, images, icons, text, to statistics and charts. The visualized data is perceived by people better than in the text form, so the presentation of information using graphics becomes a priority and helps to attract the audience.

With the help of video infographics, you can give free rein to creativity and combine complex information (the so-called information chaos) into a structured video with transparent statistics for each viewer. So, it is a way of transmitting data using graphics, animation, voice acting and text.

Audience Growth


Infographics are all about getting the most out of your audience. Using all the data and tables, you need to convey the message to the consumer, making it as clear and concise as possible, without overloading it. According to statistics, people like to watch animated infographics rather than static ones.

A great way to grow your audience is to share your infographic on social media. If many people like your infographic, then the social activity around it can significantly expand your group. The fact is that a huge number of people love to share infographics on the web every day. As more people learn about your business, you expand your subscriber and follower pool.

Promotion Tool


Infographics tend to generate action from your readers. If you’ve prepared some really interesting material and posted it on your website or social media profile, it will almost certainly resonate with those who view it. Comments, discussions of the data presented in the infographics, likes – all this you can get if your product is made at the proper level of quality.

Transfer of Important Information


90% of the information entering the human brain is visual, which is why it is much easier to perceive and assimilate, and since most of the total number of all human sensory receptors are located in the visual endings, images are processed faster than text. The conclusion that can be made is quite simple – any data is much more effective and will be better perceived by the target group if it is expressed in a visual format.

One of the main characteristics of trust marketing is that it educates the audience by providing only useful and important information about what a person is looking for on the web. From this point of view, infographics have tremendous potential. Visual images are embedded in memory, and this gives you the opportunity to share with the audience concisely, but with a huge positive effect.

Increased Loyalty and Trust


By creating a visual, you can achieve audience loyalty. This is due to the fact that information conveyed through animated infographics is absorbed much better than just text, which means that your product will become clearer for the customer.

Publishing information that is relevant and useful, and even visually attractive, gives you a huge advantage: you not only talk about your brand and offer, but also educate the audience about something new (for example, by sharing facts that people did not know about before). So, you position yourself as an expert in your topic and give birth to an image of yourself in the minds of your audience as a niche leader.

A truly interesting video with infographics will be able to show a potential client that you are truly a professional and an expert in your niche, which means that the audience will appreciate your efforts and will trust your company more.

Traffic Growth


Due to natural inbound links to the infographics you have created, due to an increase in the audience’s interest in you, the army of your supporters also grows, which, of course, is reflected in the growth of targeted traffic. Create good content all the time and you will see this effect.

information presented in a visually attractive form spreads much faster and more widely on social networks, thereby positively affecting the popularity of its source – the reliability of this statement is evidenced by an increase in brand awareness using infographics in advertising.

Possible Uses of Infographics


There are different types of infographics, and the main difference between them is the purpose of use.

Educational infographics in an engaging manner explain to the user how to complete a specific task or deal with a problem step by step. The topic of such visual material can vary from “how to stay energetic during the working day” to “how to find a good web designer.”

By strategically placing graphic material in the center of attention of the target audience, for example, on a landing page, you can quickly convey the most important information to its attention as the sooner users are familiar with the most useful properties and benefits of the product, the more likely the conversion is. By identifying the topics that matter most, you can create engaging visual content that answers the “how” and “why” questions.

So, in the past few years, infographics have evolved from static images to rich interactive experiences with animation and video elements adapted to unique content. It is no longer limited to pre-built and generic templates. One of the fastest growing trends in recent years is animated infographics. Presenting information visually in an effective and informative style helps you organize your content in a concise and structured way and boost your business’s effectiveness.