Android apps are becoming popular in the last decades due to bundles of benefits for individual and professional people. You can create your business android app to develop your business to facilitate your clients and much more.

There is no doubt it was a costly task to develop an android app for your business, and many of the new growing businesses cannot afford such heavy expenses, and they missed a big opportunity for their business growth.

Developers charge high costs because for developing android apps, they use complex codes. But things have changed now; there is plenty of best app maker for android platforms that provide you with excellent services to create apps without coding. It makes it possible to develop your website for free with customized features.

How to develop an Android Application without coding?


If you are looking for simple ways, such as to create an android app without coding, then there are many tools available that can help you to develop your app without coding. We will also share the list of some free tools with you below content.

Steps to create Android App without coding


It is quite simple to create a customized android app for your business without coding. Follow below simple steps and make your android app in a couple of minutes.

  • First of all, visit any of the free best mobile app builder platforms which you can find on
  • After that, click on “Create android app.”
  • It will take you to the next page, where you will ask to provide some information, such as you will ask to enter a business name.
  • After entering your business name, you will ask to choose the category of your business from the available drop-down list.
  • Then you will ask to choose the color scheme; you can choose any of the color schemes according to your requirement or any color that better represents your business.
  • Now you will ask to add the features that you want in your android app; you can select the features according to the nature of your business. You can choose fewer or more features according to your business requirements.
  • After that, you will ask to click on the build your app for free without any coding.
  • It will create your android app, and then you will ask to publish the android app on the Google Play Store to make it accessible for others.
  • After publishing, your app will go live on the Google Play store; you can also check it and make it confirm by searching your app on Google Play Store.

What are some free best mobile app builders?


If you want to create a mobile appwith customized and user-friendlyfeatures, then the following platforms are best for you to create a mobile app for free and without coding.


When you want a customized android app with interactive designing features, then Buzztouch is the best platform for you. You can create a mobile app for Android and iOS with comprehensive features. It is one of the reliable sources that provide you comfort and a wider variety to make your app more beneficial and attractive for your business.

You can also find a complete guide on their platform to develop an android app for your business. You can learn and create a wonderful app without any coding for free and can live your business android app on Google Play Store in a couple of minutes.


Here is another best app maker for android that provides you with features to create an android application without coding. You can create free android and ios apps with a simple method. Just visit their website and follow the simple method that we have provided you in the above content and create an app for your business.

It is one of the most popularplatforms for creating a mobile application without coding and enjoying a good market reputation. You can create customized, user-friendly and even complex features offering apps for big businesses from that platform.


GoodBarber is an exceptional app that offers its users excellent services to create mobile applications with guided steps. You can get an application with different designs and several ergonomics. You have the choice to modulate, configure, push and track features for visitors, widgets, and statistics for your app.

It makes you able to create an in three simple steps. First, develop the environment of your app, then add necessary content in the app and the end tests. When you go to its designing parts, then you get a variety of features such as adding themes, colors, menus, sections, toolbars, and much more.


MakeMeDroid is one of the simplest platforms that come with a user-friendly and intuitive platform. It is the best platform that also works on mobiles; you can create a mobile app with simple steps on your android phone.

You get plenty of features to make your android more guided, fluent, and user-friendly. Add themes and colors to make your android application more attractive and charming.There is no need to play with complex coding any time with a simple procedure to make your app without coding.


It is one of the best free app creator platforms that are suitable for creating business apps. No matter if you are the owner of small, medium, or larger businesses, it will help you get the best app to meet all of your business’s desires.

You will find pre-existing content; you can add and remove content with simple cut copy paste. There is no need for any pre-existing skills when you are creating an app from that platform. Login to BiznessApps and create an app for you.


Here is another robust free android creator application platform that makes it pretty easy to get exceptional mobile Apps for your business. You can pick templates, can add brands for your app, can edit the content, and can customize your app according to the requirement of your business.

Final Thoughts


You have gone through our article; android apps have become essential for every business. Building apps for business was a costly task, but now many best mobile app builder platforms allow you to create free mobile apps without coding. You do not need any of the expertise to create a mobile app for your business through these platforms.