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The modern solution for quitting smoking in the form of e-cigarettes is gaining more and more popularity around the world. But is vaping the right way to get rid of smoking habits? Trying to give up that vice is the greatest decision you can make for the good condition of your health and the health of the people around you. This bad habit is the cause of many diseases and attacks all the organs in your body. You may want to turn to e-cigarettes to make the quitting process easier. But is vaping really the right solution for you? Will it help you to give up this vice once and for all, or will you actually give it another chance? There are many confusing questions and the biggest one is whether vaping is really safer than smoking cigarettes.

There are various forms of e-cigarettes on the market. Also, there are branded models on the market, but also home-made ones. The content varies, depending on the manufacturer and some e-cigarettes contain marijuana, some nicotine, and some flavor. The latest trends are e-juices that you can learn more about if you click here.

But let’s get back to the point. If you are interested in learning more about which option is safer, keep reading.

Less harmful, but not safe

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First of all, the main difference between e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes is that electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco. But tobacco is just one of many harmful ingredients. Besides, a large number of harmful chemicals are present in the composition, which isn’t approved by medicine and science due to their carcinogenic and other bad effects on the human body. The electronic form is considered to contain only some of them.

During vaping, nicotine, chemicals, and aromas are heated to produce an inhalable aerosol. The tobacco version is considered to contain thousands of chemicals whose toxicity has been scientifically proven. On the other hand, the electronic version will require more scientific tests, but based on the previous ones, it is considered that they contain much less toxic substances.

On the other hand, many deaths have been confirmed until the beginning of 2024, which indicates vaping as the main culprit. By using the vaping method, some users have suffered more serious lung injuries, which speaks volumes about the fact that safety cannot be guaranteed.

Some manufacturers point out that the real cause is the modification of the vaping device by the users, as well as the use of refillable liquids from the black market. Expert advice is to avoid using those devices that contain THC, as well as modifying and purchasing products from unverified sources.

Negative sides

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Can e-cigarettes really help people quit traditional smoking? We think that a lot of medical and laboratory research will be needed to prove it. The research that has been conducted so far still cannot provide detailed information to users, but what they are sure of is the possibility that there will be a lot of cases of double use. This means that smokers, in an attempt to stop being addicted, will start using the electronic version along with the tobacco version. The practice has shown that they were right.

This is not the only downside. There are several reasons why an aerosol is no better than tobacco smoke.

Nicotine is also an integral part of vaping devices and it is well known that it causes high addiction. Some brands expose users to an even higher dose of nicotine than is thought to exist in the composition. Given that an increasing number of teenagers start using vaping early on, it is important to note the harmful effect on their brains. The same goes for the baby’s brain in the stomach of a person who is a smoker.

The vapors emitted during consumption contain harmful chemical substances that are extremely carcinogenic, as well as heavy metals such as lead and tin and volatile organic compounds. By doing so, smokers put not only their organism at risk but also the organism of all persons in their environment.

The heart and lungs are compromised

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When you consume cigarettes in the long run, you cannot expect to avoid the health consequences that are guaranteed in a large percentage of cases. In addition to being addictive, as mentioned earlier, it is also characterized by a very high degree of toxicity. This substance further affects the increase of blood pressure and the rise of adrenaline, which implies a higher heart rate. This process increases the risk of a heart attack.

Not to mention the negative effects on the lungs that are obvious. In the mildest case, it will cause a minor injury, and in the worst case, death due to cancer. The latest research data clearly indicate the connection between nicotine and asthma and other lung diseases, as well as cardiovascular diseases.

Vaping is as addictive as smoking

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Let’s take another look at nicotine as the main culprit. As the primary substance in both types of cigarettes, it has a role to cause addiction in users. Addiction is later manifested through a craving for smoke and strong nervousness when trying to quit. The same reactions have been observed in those who are supporters of electronic devices and traditional smoking.

Addiction is often compared to that observed in long-term users of heroin and cocaine. The biggest danger on the market in this regard is extra strong cartridges, which are advertised as the perfect means to improve the experience. In fact, the concentration of this most harmful ingredient in them is much higher than you can imagine.

The story of the more environmentally friendly option isn’t entirely true

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The fact that e-cigarettes don’t emit smoke like tobacco served as a good campaign for promoters to present the project as eco-friendly. However, as much as it is true that you bother the people around you less, it doesn’t mean that the environment isn’t endangered.

Remember the toxic substances we mentioned, which fade when blown out. It is they who cause the greatest damage to the environment. The concentration of organic compounds in the air increases and overtime negatively affects its quality.

In the end, it is up to you to decide for yourself which option is safer after taking all the factors into account.