There is no better way to spruce up our homes and change the overall feel of our environments than to upgrade our flooring. There are many different benefits to upgrading your flooring but most importantly, it can add value to your home! This coupled with the new home feel of new flooring, what more could you want? There are many different types of flooring and each of them have their own specifications and cleaning directions, so it’s important to keep this in mind.

If you are new to flooring, it might be a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing the perfect option. Don’t worry though because we have you covered! Keep reading for an all-encompassing beginner’s guide to the different types of flooring available to you.

Traditional Hardwood


The first type of flooring in this guide is traditional hardwood, this is one of the types of flooring that will definitely add value to your home. This is because it is very sturdy and durable meaning it lasts a long time. Lucky for those who have hardwood flooring, the fact it lasts a long time is also great for those who don’t like continuously revamping their homes. It comes in different colors and designs too, which is bound to match any way you design your house. When a potential buyer visits home and notices a solid wood floor, they will be sure to note just how valuable this is.

We love hardwood flooring and we’re sure you will too. If you are looking for a wood flooring shop in the UK, check out They have a range of options that can be tailored to suit the overall theme of your home.

When it comes to cleaning solid hardwood, you need to take extra care and give it more attention than you would any other type of flooring. This is because it cannot withstand high moisture levels. Therefore, as soon as something spills, it is best to mop it up immediately so it doesn’t sink into the grooves of the wood; this can cause it to split and warp. So, be careful!

Engineered Wood


Engineered wood flooring is very similar to hardwood but generally differs in its composition. Engineered wood is constructed of different layers of both plywood and hardwood compared to solid hardwood with one thick layer. With this being said, both floorings give off the same shine and texture, but engineered wood is a fraction of the price of solid hardwood. This is one of the main reasons why homeowners are deciding to choose engineered wood flooring for their modern home designs.

Additionally, engineered wood is easier to maintain. You can easily keep it clean and not have to worry about your young children or pets destroying it. Therefore, as it is cheaper, easier to maintain, and just as timeless, more and more homeowners tend to invest in engineered wood. There are tons of styles that have been designed to look like other flooring options and they can easily fit in with your current décor. Have a look online at some of the options that are available – you’ll be sure to find something that suits the style you are going for.



Just like wooden floors, carpets are a very luxurious investment to make in your home. It’s softer and safer for those families who have younger children and babies, and it is great at absorbing sound. This is an even better advantage if you’ve drawn the short straw and have your children’s bedrooms above you! When you have carpets, you can reduce the risk of your young children getting injured by banging their heads on a solid wood floor.

Moreover, carpets are great as they keep the heat in the home for longer which makes them a great option for those who stay in colder climates. Barrie carpet and hardwood stores offer them in loads of different designs and colors, so you can suit it to your taste and home décor. Carpets have been a popular option for homeowners for years but there are also some risks that come along with installing them. If a stain appears on a carpet, you might not be able to get rid of it without the correct cleaning materials. While it can be useful to invest in the carpet when you have young children, it can also be risky as spillages can happen.

How Do You Choose The Right One?


As a beginner to flooring, you might be overwhelmed by the options that you are presented with. We have only scratched the surface on some of the other options and there are so many things that must be considered in order to make the right decision for you.

When looking at flooring options, you must consider the room that it will be placed in, your budget, and the maintenance that it will require to keep it clean. You might also find that some flooring styles fit in nicely with your current décor, meaning that you won’t need to completely redecorate.

When shopping for a new floor, we recommend that you look at some reputable flooring suppliers. Some will offer better customer service and high-quality products than others and this is important to consider. The last thing you want is to purchase a floor that needs to be replaced in under a year – this will only end up costing you more. Read reviews and check out companies in detail before committing to a purchase or installation.

Get Shopping


Now that you know a bit more about the different styles of flooring, you can make sure that you find the right type for your home. Think about everything from your budget to where the floor will be placed, and this will help you to come to the right conclusion.

Solid wood floors are arguably the most durable and traditional kind but if you are on a tight budget, you might need to settle for engineered wood flooring that has a traditional style. We also recommend looking into click vinyl flooring and laminate flooring which are both very popular options in the UK.