Although it’s widely known that air compressors are being used in numerous industries from construction to scuba diving, the interesting thing about them is the fact that people either don’t know what they are, or they say they can’t live without them, since the usage of an air compressor in everyday life, goes beyond expectations!

That being said, industrial air compressors have been used for decades and have played the main role in many industrial processes such as the manufacturing process, where almost every step of the way (and every part of the sector) has a certain application of these machines. The main purpose of an industrial air compressor that is being used in manufacturing is to hold certain product parts in place by clamping them until they are ready to be released, give power to other tools, help clean large spaces, stamp logos with ease (saving both time and money instead of manual stamping), and drive the movement of certain tools or machines simultaneously, such as conveyor belts. But that’s not all.

It’s interesting to mention that air compressors have a significant role when it comes to manufacturing of furniture where they help to assemble certain pieces of furniture and other household elements, at the same time being able to do it so precisely that it’s possible to have hundreds or thousands completely similar furniture pieces, with no need for human trial and error; not to mention the fact that their power moves furniture pieces along the numerous production lines, which tremendously fastened the manufacturing process.


Different synthetic materials production such as plastics or rubber, as well as glass or stone production, metal fabrication or packaging of food and water – are only some of their other usages. By now, you’ve probably understood that air compressors are one of the biggest inventions in recent history, that significantly improved and made our lives a lot easier, cut the costs, and helped grow efficiency in industries such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture, or the use of engines. But what about regular people? Is there a reason for them to even care or think about air compressors? Unexpectedly, the answer is yes.

But before we dive into the reasons why every household, workshop, small business or factory needs to have at least one air compressor, it’s important for you to first understand what they are and how they work. These are devices or machines which have pressurized air that is being forced into the container they have (and its size can vary, depending on the type and their purpose), from where it is further being used for innumerable applications both in-home and industrial environment. This kind of pressure powers a huge variety of tools, with positive or dynamic displacement which are the ways how these devices can actually achieve the needed air compression – transforming one form of energy into another. When it comes to business use, powering pneumatic tools and devices is the number one place where compressors are dominant, while there is a plethora of benefits for home shops or households – from blowing up balloons with ease, to doing a huge variety of DIY home projects such as painting.


Not only will these small devices save your time but they will also help you finish your tasks faster, increase your productivity and finally, save your money! This is a fantastic help for homeowners and contractors. But not only them – everyone who owns a car (or a bike as well), or anyone who has a hobby or a business, can take advantage of air compressors. It’s been proven that air compressors are cheaper than other tools that take their power from other sources (electric power), which is why they are the best option for you to choose, for various reasons.

But just like any other device or machine, air compressors also need good maintenance in order to last. What is their lifespan? According to certain surveys, the lifespan of an air compressor is something around 10 years; although this varies according to the type of air compressor you have – whether it’s industrial or DIY, its size, the levels of usage and their total work time, and finally – the brand or the manufacturer.

When it comes to smaller air compressors that can be used for many DIY projects, it seems like Bostitch is the leader brand on the market, and it’s people’s favorite tool for their everyday tasks. Behind its popularity is a great price and quality ratio, and these compressors are also easy to carry and move, are highly functional, and cover a wide range of uses, which is maybe the most important factor for getting the work done. Bostitch is a well-known company that is famous for its power tools that are reliable and durable. They also offer a huge variety of options to choose from, so you can find the right fit for you whether you need a small and handy tool or an industrial one for your business.


However, one thing should be mentioned – air compressors do have issues, just like any other tools or machines. One of the most common issues are problems such as being unable to maintain the pressure that is needed, some electrical problems, and accumulating moisture in certain parts of the compressor. But if you are a complete beginner and you just bought your compressor, how can you be sure if your tool is working properly or not? Luckily, if there is an issue, chances are that you will easily notice it, and be able to act accordingly and fix it. On websites such as you can find vital information about your air compressor.

If there is a problem with switching on your compressor or any other electrical problems, don’t worry – chances are that it can easily be fixed. However, if your machine can’t get to the right pressure levels, you might need to readjust the pressure regulator, but if nothing happens, it could be a sign of a weak, old, or malfunctioned motor, which could require a more serious restoration.

Generally speaking, by listening to the sound of your compressor, you can come to a conclusion if something is wrong or not. If it’s too loud, then the chances are it probably is.