Nice weather will start soon. We need to wait for another month or so, and then spring will start, followed by summer. And that means it’s the right time to start thinking about your backyard again. While it is covered in snow during the winter, you have virtually no obligations around it and do not spend time there. But as the warm days are right around the corner, you certainly have various ideas of what you could do to improve your yard and how to spend a wonderful time in your yard during the upcoming summer.

The deck is definitely the first thing that comes to mind if you don’t already have one. Or maybe you just bought a house that doesn’t have a deck and you want to build it right away. Because why would anyone live in a house at all if not for all the benefits the yard brings with it? If you have definitely decided that you want a deck, now you are starting to think about the price of that project, the materials you will choose, and the like. And one more thing you are thinking about whether to make it a DIY project or entrust it to professionals. We definitely vote for the second option, and why it is so, we will explain in this article where we will give you reasons to hire a professional deck builder.

1. You will get precisely what you want


You have exactly the idea of ​​how you want your deck to look. But we can tell you right away that you may not get such a final product if you try to install it yourself. While this may seem simple, it is not at all. Depending on the material, in some cases, it is possible to do it yourself, while in other situations without knowledge and tools you cannot do a good job. Here we primarily mean composite decking, which is the most common and best choice. At you can read reasons why composite decks are the best choice. Wood is easier to install yourself, but it’s a material you can damage so in any case, it is not the ideal job for a layman. While the professionals have all the necessary tools and knowledge that in the end, you get an identical deck like the one in the photo you chose.

2. Security


You probably think that we are exaggerating and that this is a simple project where you don’t have to think much about security. This may be the case if we are talking just about installing the deck, although of course you can get hurt during that process also if you do not know how to use the tool in the right way. But imagine the danger you can put people in if you do something wrong. The deck will be exposed to tons of load once you put furniture, a barbecue on it, and when you invite a lot of people to dinner. If everything is not done the right way, it can happen to collapse. Or that someone falls through if, for example, you didn’t properly protect the wood from rot. Remember that this is something that will be constantly exposed to the weather so it will rot more than something from inside of your home.

3. Time-saving


Let’s say that theoretically you know how to do everything yourself and have the right tools. But imagine how much time you will spend on that project. You will probably need a month if you work after work and on weekends. Or you will spend your entire vacation on it. And if you hire professionals, they will do it in just a few days. In any case, you will immediately know how long the installation will take because it will be written in the contract. This will save you time and have your deck in just a few days.

4. Cheap material


Professional deck builders have access to cheaper material than you because they buy in bulk. If you don’t believe us, research the market and write down the prices of materials in several different stores. And then call the professionals and ask them how much the material costs if you hire them to install the deck. You will see that the difference is very big. The reason behind that is very simple. Manufacturers and stores give them a discount because they are constantly buying and also they are buying large quantities. This way you will save significant money or you will get material of higher quality within your budget.

5. Liability


When you install the deck yourself, any injury that occurs or property damage is your responsibility. Not only will you have to compensate for the damage and pay for repairs, but also you must pay the fines. Professionals have insurance and in case they are liable, you don’t have to worry about anything. Their insurance will cover all costs of damage.

6. Design

Villa swimming pool

You may want a deck, but you have no exact idea what you want it to look like. Then you search the Internet, but you don’t like any of the options. Professionals will not only provide you with building services but can also help you with design. You will tell them what you want, and let them create your dream deck.

7. Zoning


Zoning is all those laws that determine what can be built, where and in what way. You live in the city and you can’t build a deck the way you want, but according to zoning laws. If there was no zoning, the master plan would not make sense. Some of the most common problems you may encounter are living in a no-construction area, then there are certain local laws that may limit you or for example, there is not enough space for the deck you want. You will spend a lot of time until you learn all the zoning laws and this will require many trips to the city hall. Professionals from your area already know everything about zoning, because they build every day so that all laws are obeyed. By hiring them you will know that everything is done in accordance with the law and you will not have to worry about whether you will have to pay a fine or even be ordered to take down the deck.


If you are not very experienced and do not have all the tools, our friendly advice is to give up the idea to make this a DIY project. Although you think that this will save you money, the savings will be negligible compared to all the difficulties you will face. And in the end, you may be forced to call professionals again to correct your mistakes.