Are you looking for the best 4k addons for Kodi in 2024? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll be diving into the top 4K addons that are sure to take your streaming experience to the next level. We’ll be covering Shadow, Asgard, Odin, and Black Lightning for the ultimate Kodi viewing experience – all working in 2024! So let’s power up your streaming library and get ready for a visual feast!



Shadow is an official Kodi add-on developed by Kodi-team and available on the official Kodi Add-on Repository. It serves as an all-in-one source for access to videos, music, files, TV shows, and movies. The interface of this final media player is user friendly and easy to navigate. It provides a wide range of content in various categories like TV series, movies, Anime/Cartoons, Music Videos, and Music.

With the Shadow addon for Kodi you can browse through a list of popular TV shows or movies before making your selection. Once you have selected something to watch it will open up the stream or download where you can decide if you want to watch it online or download it and keep it forever. The process is simple but efficient; all that’s needed is to enter a URL pointing towards media content located online (ie YouTube). This allows users to enjoy an endless amount of video content right from their living room couch; with convenient search functions including categories such as ‘Trending’ that allow for quick browsing through new releases! Additionally many other settings are available within Shadow that let users customize the experience further.



Asgard is a Kodi addon that works on most streaming devices, including Android TV boxes, PCs, and phones. This addon provides users with great quality 4K streams and offers access to a wide selection of content in categories such as movies, TV shows, live TV. Kids Hub, sports shows, documentary movies and more. This makes it one of the best addons for Kodi users who are looking for high-resolution 4K streams.

The Asgard is easy to install and use even if you’re a beginner. It also has an intuitive user interface which means that navigating around the addon’s menus will be familiar to anyone who has used Kodi before. The Addon also provides access to plenty of HD and SD streams which makes it perfect for those who don’t have access to a good internet connection or 4K TVs yet. Additionally, there are plenty of reliable links inside Asgard making it perfect for streaming or downloading content from Kodi in good quality without buffering issues.



The Odin addon is a Kodi multi-scraper developed by Stream Dad, one of the most popular developers in the Kodi community. With this addon, you can access both movies and TV shows in full 4K UHD quality. As it is a multi-scraper, it can extract data from various sources like Trakt, IMDb, and The TVDB.

This addon offers both filters and sorting options to refine your playback experience. This includes sorting by genres, years, ratings, resolutions and more. It also provides features like auto playlists and smart playlists for a more personalized streaming experience.

The Odin addon supports all major platforms including Firestick TV, Android TV Boxes, Windows & Mac computers as well as Chromebooks. This makes it very versatile and appealing to users seeking a 4K streaming experience within the Kodi ecosystem. With support for major file formats such as MP4s and MKVs up to 4K UHD quality resolution at 60fps – this addon stands out amongst its competitors for supporting the latest technologies in entertainment streaming.

Black Lightning


Black Lightning is a Kodi addon that delivers an extensive range of content, making it one of the best 4k addons for Kodi. This addon works very well in 2024 and it is regularly updated with new content. The Black Lightning offers an array of categories, including movies and TV shows in 32 languages; music, sports, live TV and much more. This gives users access to great quality streaming options and various genres across categories. Also, the addon has a dedicated section for Real Debrid which can aid with faster buffering. Not to mention the integration of a Trakt account that enhances user experience too. Black Lightning supports the latest version of Kodi Leia (18) as well as Krypton (17) versions, giving you access to acestreams, torrents and direct links from many top sources. Plus its easy installation process ensures quick activation through ZIP file download using repositories such as Supreme-Builds Repository or Androidaba Repository for Bandicoot Media Servers for less buffering time and high-quality streaming experience on your device.

Benefits of Using 4K Addons


Kodi, an open source media player, is one of the most popular platforms for watching movies and TV shows. Kodi addons are what make it stand out as a streaming platform, allowing users to customize their experience with a wide range of features such as skins and even advanced functions like audio and subtitle sync. The latest ones offer 4K content which can be used to explore the world of ultra high definition (UHD) entertainment.

4K adds-on for Kodi consist of Shadow, Asgard, Odin and Black Lightning. With these four add-ons, users gain access to countless hours of 4K streaming content from around the world; from movies to TV shows to documentaries and more. Not only are the visuals of 4K content sharper than ever before but they also support higher frame rates making them ideal for playing games or accessing virtual reality experiences.

In addition to better visuals, 4K add-ons also offer improved sound quality adding depth and clarity when enjoyed with compatible equipment. Furthermore, it helps reduce buffering issues on devices that aren’t capable of streaming higher resolution video streams over a long period of time by ensuring only the necessary amount of data is sent so that you have uninterrupted viewing pleasure.

Lastly, 4K add-ons provide users with access to a wide range of streaming services that can be accessed both through the mobile app or on supported smart TVs; allowing you to take your favorite movies and TV series anywhere! So if you’re looking for a great way to enhance your media consumption in 2024 then these four Kodi add-ons are definitely worth checking out!


In conclusion, all of the addons discussed above offer great 4K streaming capabilities and are some of the best available on Kodi in 2024. Shadow, Asgard, Odin and Black lightning each have their own unique features that make them appealing and allow for an enjoyable streaming experience. Each one also has a large variety of content for viewers to explore, along with access to various live TV channels. Ultimately, it is up to the user to decide which one is best suited for them depending on their personal preferences and needs.