At some point, every successful business wants to scale and grow. In this case, it should launch new products or cover new markets. IPTV/OTT video streaming services are no exception. They also should always think about user experience and how to boost it.

However, streaming services depend on development companies from whom they obtain a solution. They should either optimize their OTT strategy or use new features that developers implement in the solution.

The features on the platform depend on the solution you are going to use. Professional video streaming platform providers implement different functionality for their clients. That’s why you will likely need to do thorough research to find the right solution that can help you launch or scale.

What are the features or elements that can help businesses upgrade their streaming platforms? Let’s delve into the details.

How can you upgrade your IPTV/OTT streaming platform?


Here are a bunch of things you can use:

Expand your business to new territories

It is a good idea to expand your video streaming business to new territories and cover new markets. You can increase your revenue by that. How can you expand your business? You can use CDN software to achieve that goal.

CDN refers to a content delivery network. It is a network of servers distributed across the world that can simplify your life and business management. Using CDN, you can ensure that people from other locations, countries, or continents can access your streaming service without any trouble.

When a user requests a video to play, the video can be delivered from the origin server. If the viewer is too far away from it, the delivery will be slow. However, CDN makes it possible to transfer videos from a server that is located closer to the viewer.

You can implement that functionality. Then everything you will need to do is attract viewers from new territories to your platform with the help of marketing campaigns.

Cover more devices

OTT app development can help you cover more devices. If you allow your viewers to watch videos, for example, only on Smart TVs, you can increase your user base by allowing them to watch videos on any device they want.

Some people don’t have and don’t want to buy a Smart TV. They use only smartphones in their daily lives. They watch all series, movies, and other videos on mobile devices. So, you don’t reach a lot of such people. They simply don’t know about your service.

Moreover, you can help families finish their fights over a remote control and whose turn it is to watch videos on TV. Everyone will be able to use the device they want.

By covering more devices, you can boost your revenue and improve your relationships with customers. Using any device they want can provide them with flexibility and convenience.

Check your marketing channels


It might occur that you haven’t used additional marketing channels or updated information about the target audience. More websites and apps where you can find your audience appear every day.

Create hypotheses about other marketing channels and test them. You can discover new viewers on resources where you don’t expect that. Make sure your advertisements are appealing and attraction-catching. Also, don’t forget to add links so that viewers can check your service right away.

What else can you do? You can check your social media accounts and check whether you communicate with people there. Maybe, you need to change your social media strategy and start interacting with viewers in a new way.

Improve user experience with new features

If you don’t develop a video streaming platform by yourself and obtain it from a provider, you should check if the provider updates their solution and improves user experience.

For example, some of these features are recommendation engines and personalized profiles. Recommendation engine offers people videos based on their preferences and watching experience. Personalized profiles let families purchase one package and have a profile for each family member.

Using such features, you can improve user experience and make your platform better for viewers.

Use Analytics


Analytics is a powerful tool for any business. It is what can help you boost your service and grow it step-by-step. Analytics data is the first thing you should think about when it comes to upgrading and improving a video streaming service.

There are many things you can do if tracking analytics. First, you can understand what is working on the platform and what doesn’t work. If viewers that watch videos on smartphones couldn’t access your content, analytics can show you that. You will be able to take measures to solve the problem.

Second, analytics data will help you optimize your content. It will show you what videos people like and what content they skip. You will understand what content is interesting for your viewers and be able to create videos on similar topics.

Third, with the help of analytics, you will be able to learn about your audience. Using data insights can be helpful in learning your audience and their behavior. You will be able to tell more specifically who these people are, what they like, what devices they use, when they use your service, what type of content they prefer, and where they locate.

Many businesses make the mistake of neglecting analytics. That’s why they fail to improve the service and meet customers’ needs. After some time, the business closes because it experiences customer churn and economic losses.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading your video streaming service is essential for a business if it doesn’t want to stay in the same place. If you want to grow and increase your revenue, you need to constantly improve your service, introduce new features, and optimize your content strategy.

If you want to upgrade your video streaming service, we recommend you contact Setplex. The team can offer you a solution that can help you achieve your business goals.