A compelling resume is vital for your job search. However, it will do no good unless people will see it. When you post your resume online on leading job sites like LinkedIn, it will get your resume in front of a whole professional group. How do you determine the best site for posting your resume? How do you upload your resume online ? What are the benefits? Let us help you unravel all through this post or check here.

Benefits of Posting Your Resume Online


An online resume offers a myriad of benefits over the traditional paper-based version. It makes your profile visible to the potential recruiters who are searching for candidates possessing specific skill sets. With an increasing number of hiring managers making use of the online platform for searching for qualified candidates, having a relevant online presence will open your profile to prospective job opportunities that you were unaware of. Anyone can easily create a great CV using 1resumewritingservices online.

Some additional benefits of online resume posting are:

  • Broadening the Network: As you interact with people in your field or industry of interest, it can help significantly in the job search process. Moreover, internet makes it easy to ensure connections with like-minded individuals or groups throughout the world. With active online networking, you can establish new contacts in the company in which you are interested to work. Thus, you can end up landing yourself an interview for a job opening of your dreams.
  • Quickly & Easily Notifying the Network: You can update your network effectively any time you will be updating any important information.
  • Allowing You to Stand Out: Paper-based resumes are not easy to change. On the other hand, with a unique online presentation, you can easily draw the attention of the potential employers. With an online resume, you can effectively experiment with interesting layouts. Before posting the resume online, search for a relevant format to pay along with your accomplishments.

Whether it is your impressive skills or extensive work experiences that make you the ideal candidate, you should design a resume that highlights your core strengths. Anyone can easily create a great CV using 1resumewritingservices online

Importance of Resume Phrases and Keywords


Phrases and keywords are significant because a wide number of organizations pre-scan applications with the help of ATS or Application Tracking System electronically. The ATS is responsible for screening the document for specific keywords or phrases that are related to the given job application.
ATS software turns out to be sophisticated. In most instances, it is programmed for:

  • Uncovering keyword spamming
  • Searching for relevant resumes with proper keywords specific to the given job requirements
  • Counting and ranking resumes with respect to keyword frequency
  • Ranking a resume higher as it uses a particular keyword along with related skills

As the ATS technology serves to be advanced, it is imperative to use phrases and keywords in a smart manner.

Best Sites to Post Resume Online


You might have access to a list of sites that you use for open job positions in the field. However, to know where you will be posting your resume online is equally important. Improved online exposure –right from niche databases to well-renowned and widely-utilized networking sites, will deliver access to maximum opportunities.

Some popular resume posting sites are:

  • LinkedIn: You should definitely upload your resume on LinkedIn. It is a popular networking site with millions of users. The portal is constantly visited by hiring managers and recruiters from all fields of the professional domain. You can leverage the benefits offered by this platform by creating a detailed profile and including samples of your work. Post your resume and allow recruiters to go through your accomplishments.
  • Monster: The portal has been in the industry for quite a long time. It has a proven track record of ensuring success for both the employers as well as the employees. As you register and create a dedicated profile, you can either design a new resume or post your existing one to look for relevant job opportunities.
  • Indeed: It is a leading job site featuring abundant traffic. Hiring managers keep looking for ideal candidates or profiles through the resumes posted on this portal.
  • Career Center of the Alma Mater: The career center of your college is not just for current students or recent graduates. Most alumni also make use of the given sites for listing job openings before they post the same elsewhere.

Tips While Posting Your Resume Online


Here are some tips to post your resume online on leading job portals:

  • Optimize with Keywords: An ATS or Application Tracking System is a major step towards determining whether your resume is a good fit for the given job application. Consider optimizing your document with field-specific keywords to get through ATS effectively.
  • Set a Separate Email Address for Job Communication: As you post online, it will create multiple leads. Along with leads, it will also create ample spam. Therefore, you should create an email address for specifically addressing your online resume. It allows you to keep everything at a single place. Moreover, you can also keep your personal email as clutter-free as possible.
  • The portal has been within the trade for quite a long time. It’s a tried journal of guaranteeing success for each the employers also because of the employees. As you register and make an obsessive profile, you’ll be able to either style a replacement resume or post your existing one to appear for relevant job opportunities.
  • Regular Updates: Do not simply post your resume online and allow it to sit idle. When you regularly update as well as refresh the document, it shows you are active online while being interested in the latest job opportunities.


We live in a digital era. With continuous technological advancements, it is imperative to be ahead of the competition. With your job search process, harness the immense potential of the online platform to post your resume and look for relevant job opportunities.