It’s very common amongst women to shave their private parts but for men, it is still considered a bit of a taboo to shave or trim the pubic area. Most men think that shaving the pubic area will make them look like a kid which is why they just skip the idea of shaving their armpits or pubic hair.

However, the reality is quite different, manscaping is the most hygienic way to keep your genitals and private parts safe from germs and infections. Let’s discuss the three main reasons to do it.

1. It will look bigger


Shaving off the pubic hair will make the base of your penis visible which makes it look bigger in size. When you shave the pubic hair the base of the penis is no longer covered with pubic hair and this is the main reason it makes your dong look 1 or 2 inches bigger in size and who doesn’t like it to look bigger in size.

This is why it’s the number one reason why you should trim or shave your pubic hair. You can order a good body groomer online and at you can check out the buying guide on body groomers.

2. It Feels Great


After shaving your pubes you will definitely feel a great difference during sex. The pubic hair around the penis covers some of the sensitive parts, if you shave the pubic hair around the penis area, you will experience a different sensation of touch during sex that was previously covered under pubic hair.

3. It’s Hygienic


The sweat is normally trapped under the pubic hair and it becomes a safe haven for many harmful germs that tend to cause severe skin infection. The huge forest of pubic hair easily gets sweaty which is the main reason for odor.

She will also love to touch and feel a shaved and cleaner pubic area rather than a full jungle of pubes.

4. It’s the New Trend


If we haven’t convinced you so far, then how about the fact that a lot of men choose to trim down the bush? It’s a relatively new trend to look makes men look super attractive. While it’s completely understandable why you wouldn’t want to do it, the fact that a significant number of the male population does it might be enough to change some people’s opinions.

5. Less Bacteria


Guys will know that the summer months can be hellish. But a large reason why that’s the case is all down to the extreme heat that causes bacteria spread down there. The more hair you have, the more you’ll sweat. The more you sweat, the more it gets uncomfortable and the more bacteria spreads.

While this won’t be an issue for most men that shower daily, the body still smells under extreme heat and your private area is the first thing to emit an uncomfortable smell. This is all down to a combination of sweat and bacteria, of which you’d want none of that.

If your private area is nicely trimmed, then you will experience less sweating and fewer bacteria will accumulate.

6. It Makes You More Confident


We touched on the fact that less hair makes your privates look much bigger. And that’s just the confidence booster you need to start going on dates and even getting lucky. Every woman loves a confident man. If you trim down your private area then that will make you more confident and subsequently more attractive. Self-assurance goes a long way in the dating world, and that self-assurance is just what you need to get the girl of your dreams.

When the time comes for making the first move, you will have the confidence to go completely bare.

As a bonus, when the time for doing the business comes, the girl will instantly notice where all that confidence comes from.

7. No Woman Likes Hair Down There


And finally, let’s talk about the fact that women hate hair in the private area just as much as men. While there are obvious examples where this rule doesn’t apply, it would be the right move to not risk it with a new girl.

The vast majority of women would prefer their man to shave his private area. It is estimated that only 1 in 2 million women prefer hair over shaved or trimmed bush. If you happened to be extremely “lucky” and find a girl that does prefer the other, then there is nothing to worry about. But we’d say that the chances of that happening are extremely rare since most women won’t disclose this on the first date.

If you want to impress this girl, then why not trim down the excess hair before going on a date. Who knows, you might end up in bed on the first night.

You must always be sure to use the right tools to get rid of those unwanted pubic hairs. The best tool for manscaping is a good body groomer and you must avoid using scissors and manual razors for safety purposes since the pubic area is quite sensitive and you definitely don’t want your willy to get damaged by using any sharp tools.

The best tool to get rid of those pubic hairs would be a good body groomer which is safer than the manual razor and scissors. It can be a bit difficult to select the right body groomer and you must always choose top brands of body groomers like Philips and Remington.

All the top brands of body groomers are waterproof so that you can use the body groomer in the shower. If you really want to easily shave your pubic hair, you must shave it in the shower. You may also use a shaving gel or foam that will assist in shaving your pubic hair without any irritation.

You may also check out the online reviews of top brands of body groomers and you can also compare the features and prices and select the one that is best for your needs and wants.