The global online gambling industry grows rapidly in terms of participation, and new online gamblers from all over the world are flocking to the Internet to find out what it’s all about. They find that millions of people around the world are signing up to bet on sports and gamble online for real money. They find out how much fun it is to gamble anytime from anywhere.

Generally speaking, the ability to deposit and withdraw money safely, efficiently, and quickly at an online casino is one of the main features that players consider when choosing a casino. Well, casinos offer countless payment methods. However, the options available are incredibly vast, which makes it difficult to choose the best payment method that fits your needs. For example, playing is nice to know that the best Australian online casinos offer their customer’s different ways to pay.

So, to help you choose the best way to pay at an online casino, in this article we’ve looked at the top payment methods at casinos.

Debit and Credit Cards

Transferring from a credit or debit card is by far the most popular option among online gamblers. Credit cards usually offer customers a quick and convenient way to get money from point A to point B. While these transactions tend to require higher fees, online gambling operators can easily process these transactions in and out of a player’s account very quickly and efficiently.

The good news for players is that credit cards are usually appropriate for both depositing and withdrawing funds. The bad news is that credit card transfer limits tend to be tight, and eventually, players are left with credit card debt that needs to be paid off.

This option includes VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, VISA Electron, and Maestro.

Credit or debit cards are probably the best known, most convenient, and fastest way to transfer cash online. Typically, a significant percentage of online casinos accept this common and secure money transfer option. While MasterCard and Visa are widely known and accepted cards, you will also find many online casinos that accept American Express and other cards.

Generally, there is no charge when you use a debit card. However, your credit card may be charged a minimal percentage fee. Nevertheless, a credit card has some advantages because it allows you to access credit to place bets.

Bank transfers

Some people prefer to use traditional bank transactions. Players can usually fund their gaming accounts using direct banking methods such as wire transfers and ACH transactions.

The biggest problem players have with direct banking options is that they are not always user-friendly. It takes time to contact the bank and initiate the transfer. Online gambling operators also need more time to confirm and publish said transactions. The fees for such transactions can be exorbitant.

This option is perfect for players who do not have credit cards or e-wallet accounts, or for players who want to deposit/withdraw larger amounts.

There are a few types of bank transfers available as payment methods at most major online casinos. They usually offer this payment method because of the high security that the methods provide, which reduces the risks of the parties involved. However, security is time-consuming due to the lengthy process of thorough identity verification. Given this, processing can take up to seven business days.


Here’s another type of bank transaction that is easy for online casinos to handle. E-wallet options work well for players because they require players to fund their wallets before they will be used to conduct business with the online gambling provider. There is no borrowing or approval required between the parties. It is simply a transfer of money from the e-wallet account to the gaming account. The commission for these transactions is minimal.

The biggest problem for players who prefer one of these methods is that not all e-wallets will accept withdrawal transactions from gambling sites. Especially for small regional e-wallet providers.

In terms of payment methods for gambling, it is expected that electronic wallets may soon become the most effective way to pay at online casinos. They are currently the most preferred payment method when it comes to withdrawing winnings, due to their ease of use, as well as the speed of transaction, which allows money to arrive in your account within 24 hours.

Probably the only disadvantage of e-wallets is that you have to pay a transaction fee to the provider. But the fees are usually minimal, and you can easily compensate for them with the bonuses you get. The safest and best e-wallets include PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and EcoPayz / EcoCard, Paysafecard.

Immediate bank transfers

This payment method belies the shortcomings of typical wire transfers because of the transaction involved. Trustly is currently the most common type of immediate bank transfer service at online casinos. With this type of bank transfer, you do not need to contact the bank directly. Alternatively, you will provide your bank information and credentials to Trustly and it will complete the transaction for you. However, it would be wise to keep in mind that this payment method is usually used only for deposits.


With an eye on the future, some online gambling operators will now do business with cryptocurrencies. Today, only 10 percent of all online gambling sites accept cryptocurrency transactions. However, it looks like a promising option for the future.

For players, using cryptocurrency wallets provides a high level of anonymity. Transaction costs are almost zero, and administrative problems for both player and casino are minimal. The only disadvantage of this option is that some transactions may take several hours to complete, depending on which cryptocurrency the player uses.

Today, Bitcoin is the main preferred cryptocurrency in the online gambling industry. With that being said, Litecoin and Ethereum are gaining momentum.

Getting a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is certainly not a walk in the park. Nevertheless, the invention of technology has made it inevitable for online casinos to offer cryptocurrency as a payment method on their platforms. The security offered by cryptocurrencies has allowed them to gain widespread popularity among casinos. Noteworthy, the BTC casino payouts can be instant, depending on your BTC wallet.

Taking all factors into consideration, whether you deposit or withdraw, you can use any of the methods mentioned above, depending on your preferences and requirements. Well, it would be wise to think about speed, flexibility, ease of use, security, reviews, and fees.