One of the necessary steps in business is to analyze the current state of the network. In order to keep proper records and ensure success, the most important step you must follow is to analyze the competition. You can’t do digital marketing without this for several reasons. Today, it is not enough to just know your customers, because the concept of marketing has changed. He is now at a much higher level, because a period of fierce competition has begun and you have to fight for your place.

The power of competition is the basis of marketing campaign and budget planning. Different SEO tools are used for this job. You can’t have an adequate competitive strategy if you haven’t done the analysis first, but find out more about it below.



When it comes to approaching the competition, you have to be careful. You need a powerful competitive marketing strategy to find out all about your competitors. Everyone is trying to gain customers in their own way and to penetrate the market.

You will do this if you increase sales, market share and profit, but before that you must do all the analysis. Otherwise you will have too high a cost that will not pay off. The information you should have includes identifying competitors, their goals, strategies, strengths, weaknesses, and their reactions.

How do I identify competitors?


This may seem like a simple task to you, as some examples of competitors are very obvious, but the range of competitors is wide. Therefore, brand competition, industry competition, forms and generic competition are taken into account. Brand competition means competitors who offer the same products or services to the same customers, and have similar prices as you. It is also necessary to take into account the same product or product class.

In addition, look at the competition form, those that provide the same service as you. Generic competition refers to competitors fighting for the same consumer dollar. You need to avoid competitive short-sightedness, and start from the point of view of target customers.

According to, content marketing strategy of your competitors also can show you a few things you need to know.

Why is it important to do an analysis?


This way, you will learn all about the ways in which customers meet their needs. This may lead you to some new possibilities. That way, you won’t be buried by new competitors or new technologies that are just emerging. It is also an opportunity to maintain a competitive advantage for a long time.

By using the right tools and techniques, you can better understand how the market works. After conducting the research, you will have an idea of ​​your competitors from the customer’s point of view. Once you put yourself in their shoes, it will be easier for you to make decisions related to your business. This refers to tactics, communication, etc. Another good thing about research is identifying market gaps.

Market gaps will show you what has helped your competitors and what has helped your business. This way you will avoid the mistakes they made, but also do something new to attract customers. This way you will fill in your marketing gaps. The whole process will be better, because you will have better communication with customers. They expect only the best from you, which means that poor communication rejects them.

It is important to give them quick answers to comments and questions, but also content that will meet their needs. By researching, you will be able to see how the audience reacted to certain content of your competitors. Use this and other important information to surpass them.

Types of competitors


Once you get the results of the analysis, you can classify your competitors into the following few categories. So there are casual competitors. The name alone tells you a lot.

They will not react quickly or have strong rival moves, and they have different reasons why they behave like that. For example, maybe they just want their customers to stay loyal, they want to exhaust their business financially. There are also selective competitors who will react only to certain types of attacks, and will ignore others. It can be a price reduction and the like.

You can also meet competitors who react very strongly and each attack will retaliate.

Finally, there are those who are completely unpredictable. Sometimes they will rage, sometimes not and you will not be able to conclude anything more about their nature.

How is market research done?


In order to research the sales tactics of your competitors and get their results, you need to ask the appropriate questions. Focus on their sales process, appearance, sales channels, annual revenue, sales volume and the like. Pay attention to all the promotions that lead, but also previous promotions.

Assess the reactions of customers, but also the strategy of marketing the content of competitors. Content can be in the form of videos, blogs, etc. Take some time to review these and other types of content they have created.

Record all customer reactions to see if their content works well. Another popular technique is to use SWOT analysis.

This analysis will reveal your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Explore all the details to find as many opportunities as possible and surpass them when it comes to potential threats. However, our advice is to contact experts who will do this job much better than you. They will have the necessary knowledge, but also the latest equipment.

This means that it will provide you with accurate results that will help you better conduct digital marketing. It will also help you identify flaws in your own digital strategy. Even if you consider your business successful, remember that there is always room for improvement.


Although tools and techniques for analyzing competitors are available to everyone, only professionals can use their full potential. They will approach the analysis in the right way, which will result in better conclusions. In this way, you will fulfill your ultimate goal or increase sales of your product or service. This will help improve your business.