It is that time of the year to be jolly, merry, and red with happiness and wine. Finally, December is here, and you have the time to relax, reflecting on the year that went by, within the comfort of your home by the fireplace. The thought of the whole picture brings warmth and joy!

It is also a time to spend with your family and loved ones and share the essence of smiling things. Decorating each room of your house and Christmas tree and setting up the table for your guests is a fun sport you can enjoy with your family.

This article has amazing Christmas table-setting ideas that will knock your socks off! Ready to dine on? Without any further ado, let’s hop on.

How To Set A Christmas Dinner Table?

This article has some tips that you can invest time reading which will help you to set up an awesome Christmas dinner.

1. Dinnerware

Dinnerware is the focal point of the dining table (apart from food!) that adds to the aura and zest of the celebration. To match the Christmas theme of red and green, you can order amazing dinnerware with the same color scheme.

If you are a happy parent with the happiness of many children and even more grandchildren, you can save some bucks by ordering wholesale dinner plates. Once you get your hands on the plates and you know their colors, have fun with the other ideas.

2. Add Accessories To Your Table


You can DIY your accessories or get them to form the market, and both will render a joy of themselves. You can DIY with your family and have fun making things like glass jars filled with wooden trunks, pine cones, sun dried tangerines, and apples.

Or you can head towards the market and enjoy seeing the snow, street tabloids, lighting, and people snuggling each other to escape the cold. Little figurines of the gingerbread man, Santa clause, bottle brush Christmas trees, or figurines of angles will adorn your dining table.

3. Table For Potter Heads

If you didn’t receive your Hogwarts letter yet, why not bring the zest of Hogwarts Christmas to your dining table? It is indeed the easiest of the lot. All you need to do is collect large candles and collect twigs for wands.

If you are that crazy person who goes to lengths collecting merchandise, add all the Harry Potter merch you have, and cheers, you are done! Don’t forget to add the Butterbeer!

4. From The Nature’s Basket

You can make it simple yet earth for a slow-living table setting with collectibles from nature. It works perfectly even if you have an old weary table. You can make a bird’s nest in the center of the table with pine tree leaves, pine cones collected from you backward, twigs, and fallen branches. Just add a bird figurine and your bird’s nest is ready. This is one of the most sustainable table-setting ideas.

5. Rustic Appeal


If you have a taste for rustic things, you should make it a point to reflect it on your table. A wooden table with mosses, leaves, and pine cones in the middle of the table, like a runner, will perfectly define your taste. Dim the lights and add some candles to brighten up the dining area.

6. Christmas Color Schemes

Red and green have been leading the Christmas color scheme for eternity. If you are bored of choosing the same color again and again or feeling overwhelmed by which colors to choose for your Christmas dinner parties, here are some color schemes that you never saw coming.

White And Gold

White will make anything look elegant and serene, and adding a touch of gold here and there will add an angle of royalty to your Christmas dinner table. You can choose the dinnerware like plates, bowls, side plates, soup bowls, serving bowls, etc in while. Later, add cutleries and props that are golden. Golden ladles, forks, spoons, cancel holders, flower vases, etc., will complement the white.

Silver And Gold

You can mix gold and silver to create a frosty royal-looking Christmas dining table. Mixing these two colors creates an excellent balance of cool and warm-toned colors. However, if you want to make your dining table more warm and vibrant, you can try mixing gold and copper.

Blush And Copper

If you want to create a soft feminine aura around your table, choose copper and blush pink. Blush pink complements the winter vibes and copper will add warmth to your dinner. This serene setting will enthrall your guests.

Black And Gold


Black and gold match your rich and dense soul as they will create something that is similar. You can add greens here and there to bring the Christmas spirit to the table. Serve a glass of Scotch on rocks and dine like a Viking.

Neon And Shades Of Blue

Any color can be a Christmas color if you have the spirit right. Decorate your table with blue and neon accents to do something quirky this Christmas. Use the base color blue and the accent color neon, it will soothe the eyes of your guest.

Red And Beige

If you have a rustic soul and a wooden table, add a red dining set to celebrate a framer’s vibe Christmas. To make it more appealing you can add ragged table mats and golden cutleries.

Blue Green And Copper

This color palette will fetch you a lot of compliments. Use a blue background, add a green dinner set, or vice versa and sprinkle your table with copper accessories like cutleries, vases, candle stands, etc.

Final Thoughts

These table ideas will make your table look gorgeous for the festive season, and all the ideas can be pulled off easily. You do not have to spend fortunes on dinnerware, cutleries, or accessories. All you will need is some presence of mind.

Every piece of decoration mentioned in this article is present around you. All you have to do is set your eyes on it. So all set and done, ending this article with warm wishes, Merry Christmas, and get ready for the new year, new you!