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Christmas cards are cards that are written words of your intentions for Christmas to your friends, families and loved ones.

Such intentions must be in line with the reason for the season which is the spirit of Christmas.

There are different forms of Christmas cards, each form serving a purpose and every form is personalized Christmas cards.

Finding personalized Christmas cards can be tricky but easy, you can visit Boomf and find various forms of Christmas cards.

There are greetings for family, friends, distant relatives, loved ones and even charity. The major focus here is Christmas cards for friends.

How to write Christmas cards for friends

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When writing Christmas cards for friends, there are a few tips you need to know to be able to write perfect Christmas cards. Here are a few tips on how to write these Christmas cards

Be free with what you write: This is not a Christmas card to your boss or parents but to your friend and as such should not have rigid or complex writing. Let whatever you are writing in them be free, no matter how you are writing it.

Be dynamic, and use words that are personal to you and your friend. You can even imbibe a code in the card that you know is only your friend that can decode it. Holiday greetings that are meant for friends should have a friendly vibe in them.

Let your friendship decide the tone and theme: There are various types of friends around you and each has its peculiarity. You also do not relate to them the same way.

Let the peculiarity and relationship determine the tone and theme of your writing. Some friends are gamers and all you talk about is games, let that determine the way the Christmas cards will be.

You can start by making a gaming joke that you know your friend will understand. You could also have sarcastic friends, let the Christmas cards be dripping with sarcasm. The point is, let the relationship determine the writing.

Let the writing be fun and in the Spirit of Christmas: It is a time of rest, fun, happiness and everything good. This is exactly how Christmas cards should be written. They should not be a bearer of bad news but a bringer of good tidings.

Let it be either encouraging, appreciative or even humorous. No matter the tone you decide to write, let there be a hint of happiness and bubbling spirit.

It would seem impossible but it is achievable to get a tone, and a theme and still make it look fun.

To make your writing easier, here are a few examples to help guide you and will still incorporate the tips written above.

“Remember the time we wanted to get matching tattoos and you were my rock, supporting me while I cried, this Christmas you are supported fully.

You do not need to worry, just have fun and call me when you need a way out, I’ll do the worrying for you. Have a blast this Christmas”

“This Christmas, I hope you’ll have the courage to see the bottom of that white wine that has been in your store forever. Cheers to finding nothing and everything at the bottom. Merry Christmas”

“I don’t think Santa is showing up ever again because I spoke to Santa about you a few weeks ago and how you have been good all year round. He died laughing. Let that laughter be passed unto you as you have a fun-filled holiday”

There are other examples but the essence of it all is to give out love and joy in Christmas cards.

Include a gift idea


There are so many different designs and possibilities available, and some great ideas include handwritten notes or personalized cards with funny or sentimental messages.

Whether you’re new to the holiday card scene or an experienced maker, here are three tips to help you make the perfect card:

1) Start with a photo. One of the best things about sending holiday greetings is that you can include a personal photo with your message. If you don’t have any photos handy, try using stock photos from online sources like Flickr or Google Images.

2) Add a festive touch. Use festive colors and fonts in your card design, and add a festive bow or ornament to finish it off right.

3) Add a sentimental gift. Maybe you know someone who’s always on the go, or who struggles to get organized. Include a gift suggestion in your card message that might help them out this holiday season.

Include a photo in your Christmas card for your friend

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Looking to add a personal touch to your Christmas card this year? Why not include a photo of yourself and your friend!

Whether you’re spending time together during the holidays or just enjoying some quality time together, snapping a picture is sure to bring a smile to your friend’s faces.

Try posing in front of a festive backdrop (like a tree with lights) or take advantage of holiday decorating to snap an adorable pic. Once you have your photo ready, make sure to write a heartfelt message for your friend.

Share memories from past Christmases, tell them how much you love them, or simply let them know that you’re looking forward to celebrating together next year.

No matter what you write in your card, making it special for your friend will be sure to put a smile on their face come December 25th!


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Merry Christmas, friends! As we gear up for the holiday season, it’s important to take some time to think about what to write in them.

There are a few things that always come up when thinking about them: expressing gratitude, telling stories, and letting friends know how you’re feeling.

Whether you want to go all out or keep it simple, these tips should help you write Christmastime cards that will touch someone’s heart.