Are you looking to move away from smoking a joint in the traditional way and can’t seem to choose the best method of consumption for your marijuana? Have you looked at both the dry herb vaporizer and the bong but don’t really know which is best to use?

The question of which is better, a dry herb vaporizer or a bong, has been debated by weed smokers for years now. Most people choose one over the other based on their personal preference and what they are looking to get out of the experience.

As with most things in life, there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer that applies to every single person.

Both devices have their advantages and disadvantages and they both offer different things to the users. If you are new to the world of marijuana, then you might not know which is better for you based on your preferences, or what to choose when getting into it, so here is everything you need to know about dry herb vaporizer and bongs to make a decision about which you think is best.

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How do dry herb vaporizers work?


If you are interested in a vaporizer because of its convenience and ease of use, but still want to make use of the dry herb itself, then a dry herb vaporizer might be exactly what you are looking for. A dry herb vaporizer works just like a regular vaporiser but makes use of the actual herb instead of any kind of marijuana concentrate.

This vaporizer works by heating the product in the chamber to extreme chambers which allows for the various compounds within the plant to be vaporized. The speed at which the herb is vaporized depends on the model being used, which is why you should always purchase at reputable stores, physical or online, such as MagicVaporizers. It would also depend on the heating methods used since there are two that dry herb vaporizers utilize.

One is convection, which used hot air that circulates the herb until vaporized, and the other is conduction, which heats the marijuana directly. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, such as convection taking slightly longer but vaporizing everything, and conduction running the risk of not vaporizing everything but heating the marijuana faster.

How do bongs work?


One of the more classic ways to consume marijuana is through a bong. Bongs have been around for ages now and used to be one of the other popular alternatives to smoking an actual joint. Bongs are a bit more complicated than smoking a joint but once you have a basic understanding of them and how they work, they are actually fairly simple to use and much better for those who are looking to move away from smoking and the harmful damage it can cause your lungs.

Bongs are basic. When purchasing a bond, you will get the pipe, or the glass piece which it the main part of the bong, and then the bowl which is where you will pack your ground up weed and light it. Bongs work by lighting up the herb and then diffusing it through the water to create vapor which is inhaled instead of smoke. This allows for people to inhale a lot more in one go and it is far healthier. In the main pipe there is a part called the water chamber which is filled with water. This is where the smoke will go through and dilute into vapour.

What are the advantages of dry herb vaporizers?


if you are more interested in a dry herb vaporiser, there are multitude of benefits that come along with using the. Most people make use of dry herb vapes because of just how convenient they are. They don’t require much prep like rolling a joint does and you can choose if you want to vape a full session or just vape periodically whenever you feel like it.

Dry herb vaporizers are also a much healthier method of consuming marijuana compared to smoking it using traditional methods. This is because, as mentioned, the marijuana itself is heated to the point of being able to inhale, and it’s because of this that it is healthier. When using combustion as the heating method, dangerous carcinogens are created which are then inhaled. This doesn’t happen when vaporizing marijuana since it doesn’t reach temperatures that cause the toxins and carcinogens to be created.

Another benefit of dry herb vaporisers is that they are easy to conceal and transport making them great for use when you are on the go and don’t want people to see you.

What are the advantages of bongs?


If you are looking at making use of a bong there are so many benefits that come along with it. Some of the most popular benefits of using a bong include avoiding inhaling actual smoke which reduces any risk of lung damage. This happens because the smoke produced from burning the marijuana passes through the water in the bong, which acts as filtration system. As a result, this also means that they produce much smoother hits that don’t hit the back of your throat so strongly. But best of all, they allow for you to have much bigger hits in a much shorter span of time meaning that you can get to the experiences much quicker if that is what you are wanting.

More than this, bongs are fairly simple to use compared to dry herb vaporizers, which is why many people first start using a bong as a method of consumption, and it is cheaper to get started.

Both methods of consumption offer different advantages and disadvantages, and it is down to personal preference which is better. If you are looking to consume marijuana on the go, then a dry herb vaporizer is probably better to use since it is small and can be used discreetly. If you are wanting to share with friends, then a bong might be a better choice, simply because it is easier to use and can quickly be refilled to be passed around. Whichever you choose, the result will be the same, so go for the option that suits your lifestyle.