Are you an avid smoker who wants to quit smoking completely?

Well, there are different methods that experts have recommended over the years, but one that is recent and seems to be gaining traction among smokers looking to quit is vaping. Vaping is more common than it has ever been, and many people have used vapes to drastically reduce their nicotine cravings.

Especially among the younger generations, vaping is quickly becoming the new social standard. Another device being introduced in the market is heatsticks. It is a heated Non-Tobacco Product, containing Nioo granulates, filter tips, and a food-grade silicone cooler, wrapped with food-grade paper. There are 8 flavors to choose from Nioo labs heatsticks.

For the record, relying on vaping alone may not take you off smoking, but when combined with other healthy practices, vaping can do wonders for you.

If you need the motivation to quit smoking with the use of vaporizers, here are five reasons why you should do so.

Why Choose Vaping Over Smoking

Portable And Easy To Carry

The first reason why vaping comes highly recommended is because vapes are easy to carry due to their portable size. If you tend to develop cravings at odd times, having a vape in your handbag, purse or pocket can help you. Their small size also helps you keep your habit discreet. They are lightweight and will not take up too much space in your bag.

You can even carry two dozen vapes in your bag, and you won’t feel the weight. The good news is that you don’t need twenty; you only need one. If you buy a reusable version, you can use it over and over again for a long time.

Having said that, if you plan on travelling with your vape to a foreign country, make sure to check the local laws before arriving at the airport. Some countries have strict regulations when it comes to tobacco products and the import of them. Making sure that you can legally take your vape with your is absolute key.

Easy To Maintain


Vapes are super easy to maintain. Modern vapes sold online and in stores are easy to clean as well. Unlike cigars and cigarettes, they don’t produce ash that mess up your space. After using them, you can clean them with a wet or dry cloth and store them in a ventilated place. Never would you feel anxious to bring your vape out in public due to stains all over. Some even have black colours that hide stains and markings too. Cleaning something so small should not be an issue.

You can even get so called disposable vapes, which are only good for a few hundred puffs and don’t require recharging or refilling, as they are completely disposable after you have used up all the eliquid.

These are great if you just want to try vaping instead of cigarettes without spending a fortunes. Most of these can be bought for just $5 and come in a variety of flavors.

A Healthier Option

The agelong caveat that “smokers are liable to die young” rings through, and society generally accepts smoking as an unhealthy practice even though it is prevalent. But for people who are chain smokers, quitting is easier said than done. But with vapes, they can reduce the volume of nicotine they consume.

Although they will still inhale the substance, vaping comes with fewer chemicals that cause cancers and other health issues. Vapes do not have carcinogens that are harmful to health. They don’t even burn tobacco.

Another benefit of vaping is that it reduces nicotine cravings in smokers. So rather than smoke several sticks daily, they can substitute vapes for some sticks because the vapes contain nicotine but at minimal doses. The eliquid used in the vapes can be bought with varying nicotine levels ranging from 3 to 18mg per ml.

This way even the heaviest smoker can slowly phase out the traditional cravings for a cigarette by slowly reducing the amount of nicotine over time.



Vaping is not only a healthy option, but it is also arguably the cheapest option for smokers who want to quit. Compared to smoking, an average vaper can spend hundreds of dollars less than smokers who burn several sticks daily. While a vape may cost far more than a cigarette stick, the long-term value is not a subject for debate.

If you buy one with a refillable tank or coils, you can use it for several months. Even the ones that are not refillable can serve you for a long time before you exhaust the content. Vaping is far cheaper than other therapy options and will help you save money.

Variety Of Flavors

Variety, they say, is a spice of life. And the good news is that vapes come in different shapes and sizes and, of course, in different flavours. If you are able to alternate between flavors, you will keep your cravings for nicotine in check. Most smokers smoke a particular cigarette brand, but when it comes to vapes, switching from one flavor to another should not be a problem.

We have chocolate, strawberry, coffee and Pine Colada, to mention a few. There are also tobacco- flavored ones that taste and smell like cigarettes. With so many different options entering the market daily, you have more than enough options to pick from.

Let us also add that some of these flavors are strong flavors that repress cravings, especially strawberry. Weaning yourself off tobacco is much easier today with these options than ever before. Just check out some of the many available options on this site.



Let us conclude by also pointing out that vaping is similar to smoking. The only difference is that the nicotine volume entering your body is a tiny fraction compared to real cigarettes. Moreover, vaping is similar to smoking because you undertake the same act. If you have little children at home, you already know that tobacco fumes are injurious to their health – especially to their cognitive development. But vapes are safe around children.

So if you are a parent and you wish to keep your children safe by weaning yourself off smoking, we have shown you five reasons why you should choose vaping over smoking