Many of us are eager to try cannabis since it’s become the grist-to-the-mill for individuals dealing with stress and looking for something to mellow them.

When we think of cannabis, the first idea that comes to mind is lighting a joint. The following approach for getting a nice high is to use a water pipe, often known as a bong.

Many cannabis lovers believe that nothing equals the euphoria obtained by a massive bong drag. Smoking pot from a bong has several conveniences: it can provide colder and lighter smoke, and you don’t have to fuss with papers like you would when rolling a joint.

In contrast, not everyone knows how to operate a bong correctly. But not to worry, cause help is on the way!

So, if you want to buy a bong as a beginner, this post will show you how to prep, smoke, and clean your bong.

So, What’s a Bong?

A bong is a water pipe that filters the smoke from burning marijuana buds. The most straightforward setup comprises a plate where the user places the cannabis buds and a downstem that reaches the water at the bottom.

When you inhale, the smoke from the cannabis flows through the water, where it is purified. Then, it goes into your mouth via the neck of the bong and mouthpiece.

Bongs are simple to use and preserve. You can choose from many quality bongs online at Olofly for a pleasurable experience.

Why Bongs?


Choosing between various methods of cannabis consumption is entirely subjective. Cannabis fans frequently believe that the high from a bong is superior to most other forms of intake. One of the main reasons for this choice is that, when inhaling cannabis smoke, the sensation is less potent than smoking.

The smoke is also colder when compared to a joint. Plus, there’s no loss of product, as you can smoke the contents inside the bong fully.

The high that comes from a bong promotes a slow buildup, meaning you won’t get highly as quickly as you would when using another form of smoking.

One thing to remember about bongs is that how you prepare and utilize them may make or break your session. If you smoke your bong correctly, there is no better way to taste the fragrant aromas and high of plants cultivated from top-quality cannabis seeds.

One thing that might concern you about bongs, though, is that utilizing water as a filter causes excessive resin buildup. When dealing with a sophisticated filtering process, cleaning becomes quite challenging. However, keeping your bong clean is critical to ensuring a consistent and faultless high.

How to Prepare the Bong

First, fill your bong with water. The basic principle is to pour enough liquid to cover the downstem slits completely. If, by any chance, there are no slits on the bong’s downstem – pour enough water to cover it by about half an inch.

The appropriate water quantity depends on your bong’s size and characteristics. If you own a large bong with several percolators and chambers, fill it with a sufficient amount of water to cover the openings. This guarantees you use the filtering system to its full potential.

Some users fill their bowls with marijuana before inserting the stem into the bowl. Others load it with the stem remaining in the bong the entire time. Don’t be afraid to experiment to discover what works best for you.


Push the bud down into little bits to pack your bowl using your fingers or a grinder. If necessary, insert a screen inside the bowl. Fill the basin with ground material.

Pro tip: Bring enough for all to savor some green if you smoke with anyone else!

How to Properly Smoke From a Bong

Once you’ve prepped your bong, it’s time to enjoy the enchantment of your marijuana buds! Inspect your bong for a carb hole – a tiny hole located on the side or rear of the bong. If your bong has a carb hole, place your finger on it before drawing.

Ignite your buds gradually, and place your mouth onto the bong’s mouthpiece to begin drawing smoke. Begin with modest, leisurely draws. This process guarantees the buds light up very slowly rather than instantly. Inhale slowly to top up the chamber with smoke.

Prepare to take a hit and fill the chamber by removing your finger from the hole. Or, if your model lacks a carb hole, remove the stem. Slowly exhale the smoke from the chamber.

If you can’t fit all the smoke in one drag, don’t be afraid to take a second one right after. Before passing to your pals, empty the chamber to allow them to take a fresh draw as well.

How to Properly Clean Your Bong

Having your bong clean and well-maintained isn’t only important for getting the finest flavor, largest rips, and smoothest highs – it’s also good for your health. It takes around 24 hours for germs to develop in the stagnant water in your bong, and sticky resin can encourage mold and bacteria development. As a result, you must clean your piece after every usage.

Basic bong cleaning is simple and quick.

First and foremost, you should always empty the water from the bowl after you finish using it, as it cannot turn foul when there is no bong water left. After that, wash your bong with warm water. Scrub your bong squeaky clean with a towel and set it aside to air dry.

Alcohol wipes will work wonders whenever sticky resin doesn’t simply rub off in some areas, such as the stem or the bowl. Similarly, if your bowl requires screens, replace them regularly.


We hope that the information we’ve provided in this guide enriches your experience when you decide to hit the bong! Even if you’ve never smoked from a bong, by following our recommendations, you will definitely have a pleasant high.

And most importantly – make sure to appreciate the process and enjoy cannabis responsibly!