When comparing various marihuana consumption methods, there is much debate about which one is the best and why. Although there are many arguments as to why bongs, bubblers, joints, e-pens, or vaping are the “best” for you, there are other smoking accessories that can produce a smooth and strong high that give these products a run for their money.

Let’s check out one of the most popular smoking methods on the market today!

How to use a dab rig


Before you can begin to know why this is the best option for you to produce the best high, we first need to know the steps of how to use this apparatus! Although it can seem confusing at first, it really is not – all you need is to learn more and practice to feel confident and learn the best way to get the most effective and smoothest high.

So – what is a dab rig?


It is designed to consume oils. Although it looks like a glass water pipe, it is made explicitly for oil consumption, which differs from pipes, bongs, or bubblers. The main parts of this set-up are the dab rig, swab, dabber, dab nail, hand torch or e nail, a bowl of water, oil concentrate, and tongs. Make sure you find a kit with all of these pieces if you don’t have to buy each accessory separately, which can be much more expensive and time-consuming. Make sure you find high-quality kits with good reviews and ratings to ensure you are using a safe and popular product during first-time use.

If you are new to using it, you may want to find someone to smoke with you. If you have a friend who is experienced with using it, smoke with this person during your first experience to make sure you feel confident and set up the apparatus correctly.

1. Season the dab nail

The absolute first step is to add water to the holding section of the dab rig, so you have vapor to use while smoking the concentrate. Make sure you can bubble the water in the chamber by adding breadth to the rig. Once this set-up step is complete, season the dab nail, making sure there is no unpleasant taste on the nail that can be transferred to your lungs while inhaling vapors. Seasoning a nail helps prevent a bad taste in your mouth.

To season this part, put the nail on the rig. The next step is to heat the rig with the dab torch – you can know that it is hot enough when the e-nail turns red. At this point, apply essential oil over the dab nail’s head. Repeat this process multiple times before prepping dabbing for the next step.

2. Prep your dab

The second step of using this device is to prepare the dab in it. During this step, you will use the dabber or wand. With this apparatus, pick up the concentrate. Ensure that you don’t take much, especially as a first-time user, as the concentrate is highly potent.

3. Heat the dab rig nail multiple times

The last step of preparing your rig is to heat the nail. Take the hand torch and start the process of heating the nail until it is hot enough. Once it stops being a red color, wait for a little less than a minute and repeat the process. Continue doing this for many minutes until you place the concentrate on the nail.

The last component of the set-up and the smoking procedure is smoking – easy as that! The first time smoking with this tool can be confusing, so find a friend to help you out and watch you for safety.

Three benefits of using a dab rig


If you are eager to dab for your first time, you may be wondering – why should I use a dab rig over other smoking methods? There are many reasons why deciding whether or not you should use this device is easy! As we know, it is a type of water pipe used for dabbing – hence the name. Dabbing involves putting a small amount of wax onto the nail to create smoke to inhale the vapor. Combining the right rig with the accessories will give the user an intense and smooth high.

Let’s see the main benefits of using it over other smoking methods.

Powerful and strong

Even if you just have a small amount of concentrate left, that is often plenty! No matter what type you choose, regardless of the size or brand, you can smoke with confidence that your dab rig will provide you with an intense, powerful, flavorful, and strong hit and taste. No matter what size you choose, you can have a user-friendly and intense hit that is great for people with various experience levels.

The flavor is strong and tasty

The second benefit of using a dab rig is the strong and powerful taste. You want your hit to taste like something strong and good, not like smoke – right? Well, you’re in luck! It will provide a stronger taste than that of almost all smoking methods due to the concentrated consumption method.


Nobody likes waste – and the same goes for smoking. The carb caps on some dab rigs ensure you don’t lose any concentration or smoke, ensuring you can use it at lower temperatures and get the same beneficial after-effects. This tool essentially acts as a small oven to help vaporize the concentrate at the perfect temperature.



You may be wondering why you should dab rigs over other smoking methods, but there are many benefits to using this smoking accessory. Not only will you get a strong and powerful hit, but the tasty flavor and efficiency ensure you enjoy the smoking experience and don’t waste any concentration in the process! Although these are confusing for beginners, practice makes perfect – and you will enjoy practicing with this smoking accessory!