Apart from price, the quality of ingredients, production method, PG/VG ratio, and seller’s reputation are the key factors to consider when buying e-liquid. But there’s one more thing that either makes or breaks your vaping experience- the flavor.

Premium vape juices from come with the perfect blend of ingredients to give delicious taste and flavor. But with a wide range of flavor options in the market, which one should you go for as a beginner?

If you don’t have enough time for research, we make things a bit easier for you. This guide presents fifteen best tasting e-juice flavors ideal for beginners.

1. Banana Cream

Banana Cream flavor is an excellent choice if you’re after the yummy banana taste. Most vapers like this flavor because it doesn’t just taste great, it perfectly blends with other berry and creamy flavors as well.

2. Raspberry

Raspberry flavor gives the authentic a delicious taste of raspberry fruits that is sweet, juicy, and with a strong smell. You can customize the flavor by adding chocolate flavor or any other flavor of your choice.

3. Strawberry


This flavor is among the most popular beginner-friendly flavors in the market for good reasons. They are known for their sweet fruity flavor and district aroma that brings out the best from everything. When it comes to strawberry, TFA Strawberry (Ripe) stands out in terms of taste and blending capability with other flavors. You can use it to make strawberry infused flavor to your liking.

4. Vanilla

The vanilla flavor is a must-try. In its pure form, this flavor is a favorite among many vapers because of its creamy and sweet taste. It also goes well with other flavors, delivering an exotically spicy aroma that makes your vaping experience more satisfying.

5. Watermelon

If you’re after a truly refreshing vape, it can’t get better than with a watermelon-flavored e-juice. The watermelon flavor is one of the best for beginners. The iconic-summer fruit delivers the taste of freshly sliced red watermelon enriching the vapor with a juicy sensation. It also blends well with other flavors like strawberry to give strawberry watermelon flavor.

6. Lemon Meringue Pie


Lemon Meringue Pie e-juice is a buttered lemon pie flavor mixed with tangy custard and garnished with toasted fluffy meringue cream. The e-liquid is creamy and smooth with a sweet taste that wraps the tart lemon flavor giving it an incredible taste.

7. Choco Peppermint

A chocolate mint is what to go for if you need a hit with a distinct flavor and taste explosion. It’s the perfect way to deliver the sweet, creamy chocolate taste with a touch of freshened from the peppermint that leaves a cooling feel on your tongue.

8. Sweet Cream

If you are a fan of milkshakes, you can’t miss the sweet cream in your vaping toolkit. This ejuice delivers an excellent creamy feel and perfectly pairs with other fruit flavors.

9. Mixed Fruit


The mixed fruit flavor is made from a mixture of various fruit flavors. The vape juice delivers the taste you get with fruit cocktails but with a more juicy and sense-pleasing taste.

10. Meringue

Meringue is the perfect dessert vape ideal for anyone who likes keylime pie. The vape juice offers a nice sweet lemon with creamy meringue and buttery graham cracker finish.

11. Menthol Tobacco

Menthol Tobacco flavor features in our list of the best tasting e-juice being one of the most popular and classic vape juice flavors available in wide varieties. The e-liquids deliver a strong blast of menthol flavor and leave you with an icy-cool sensation upon drawing the vapor.

12. Berry Cereal


This vape juice is the perfect way to achieve the sensation of delicious home-cooked fruit cereals. Plus, it mixes well with other cereals to make various combinations.

13. Bavarian Cream

If you need something rich and creamy but more complex than vanilla, the Bavarian Cream flavor is a nice choice that also blends with almost all flavors.

14. Marshmallow

Any beginner will love the delicious fluffy and light marshmallow full of flavor. It has a dusted sugar coating and creamy texture on the inside, making it go well with other flavors like cereals and chocolate.

15. Peach


When you want to keep it simple and enjoy a great flavor, peach flavor delivers precisely. The flavor perfectly mixes with aromatic and floral flavors.

Which Flavour E-liquid Is For You?

While these are some of the best e-liquids, you might still find it hard to make a choice. Remember, the first thing you want to get right is the vape juice flavor. You can choose the right combination of nicotine strength, VG or PG, vapor productions, but you won’t be able to enjoy it with poor flavor.

Basically, there’s no definite procedure for picking the most ideal flavor. The goal is to settle for one that appeals to your palate and preferences. In fact, you may find the e-liquid you picked is not perfect after some time, and need to choose a new one.

If you’re a smoker, starting with a flavor that closely matches your favorite tobacco flavor is the best approach. Fortunately, there are many flavors in the market to meet the taste of famous brands.

Alternatively, be adventurous and start trying the different food and fruit blends. You’ll need to try different ones before deciding which one is the best. Once you are through with individual favors you like, you can try mixing the flavors.


Vape juice flavors form a critical part of vaping. But with many flavors in the market, finding your favorite one is a never-ending process. Recommendations may only be helpful to some extent, but you need to try them yourself.

To make picking one a bit easier, begin your search from the basic flavor profiles; tobacco, menthol, fruit, food, drinks, desserts, and candy. That means deciding if you want an e-juice flavor that is sour or sweet or choosing between menthol or tobacco flavor. For information on lawsuits regarding e-cigarettes, check out

Once you master the flavors, targeting a specific flavor becomes much easier. Now, you can go straight and try the different flavors, and you won’t go wrong picking from these top 15 vape juices suitable for beginners.