If we recall the history of the vape industry, it has experienced many ups and downs. The inventor of the first modern e-cigarette dreamed that his invention would become a great benefit for all people. The purpose of this development was to protect people from possible diseases caused by smoking, in particular from lung cancer, from which the father of the creator of the first modern e-cigarette died. News of such noble intentions quickly spread around the world and e-cigarettes became the discovery of a new century for the world.

Of course, some were quite skeptical about the new invention, but most people were satisfied with this device. Smokers were happily quitting smoking to try dry herb vape pen from vapingdaily, dreaming of avoiding the plight of those who faced numerous health complications due to the smoker’s experience. The higher school and college students were burning with curiosity because they wanted to try a new device. They successfully persuaded parents to allow them to use a fashionable and safe device. However, this idyll did not last long.

Later, as public interest in the device grew around the world, scientific interest in the present invention began to grow. Scientists and doctors from America, Europe, and Asia studied the substances used in vaping, created experimental groups, conducted surveys among various categories of the population. They studied all the technical and biological aspects of vaping in detail and scrupulously, but the conclusions of their work were disappointing. Vape devices have been identified as hazardous to human health.

Moreover, further development of the industry made nothing better. Instead of trying to implement new technologies to make the devices safe, corporations invest in the development of new models, which would become more powerful, entertaining, or appealing to publicity. However, a weed vape pen might be thought of as belonging to both categories. On the one hand, a person can use it to alleviate the symptoms of severe diseases (cancer, epilepsy, diabetes). On the other hand, one can put marijuana or another drug into their dry herb vape pen.

Teens Incentives to Vape


Getting back to people of a young age, who are eager to vape, it might be difficult for one to understand the whole range of reasons for such an intention. The thing is that we, adults, usually face some obstacles when trying to understand the younger generation. This is the reason why we cannot fully comprehend the motives of our younger siblings, children, nephews, and nieces. Such misunderstandings usually become breeding grounds for conflicts, including the ones around vaping. Therefore, to hold a close dialogue about this activity, one needs to discover the consciousness of a modern teenager instead of usual direct prohibitions and claims that a dry herb vaporizer pen might be dangerous. Here is the main point that makes adolescents want to become a vaper.

1. Intense Curiosity about Trends and Fashion


The majority of teens are looking for themselves in this contemporary pluralistic technological society. Only very few teens can say what they want to do and be in the future. Scientific studies show that there is a tendency of aging in those who have decided on their future. Moreover, the ideas of a career switch and life-long learning are gaining more and more popularity.

Vaping, as something new in this world, engaged their attention since it first appeared on the market. It was a great advance in hundred-years smoking history. The thing is that this trend could have passed away in a couple of years, but the main point is that vaping provides the users with a constant opportunity to experiment, change, and try something brand new.

One can change vape juices on a daily basis. The great variety of forms, flavors, and manufacturers make the client feel like a kid in a candy store. While they still are kids, the emotional effect is tremendous, and they aspire to try something new, and new. The developer’s fuel speculation by creating new best vape pen for weed, waxes, tinctures, salts, and more.

In addition, as teens need attention, recognition, and freedom, getting involved in vaping activity seems to them as a chance to look rebellious, independent, and notable in their circles. Unfortunately, not all parents can provide their children with the satisfaction of these feelings and, therefore, teens are looking for extra sources of getting appreciated among their peers.

Vape pens are top fashion, and this makes teens even more interested in these devices. They might seem like simple accessories for an adolescent. Having some problems with getting attention, a teen might simply think that vape pen use is something like throwing down the glove in front of their parents, teachers, and society in general. That is why psychologists insist on listening to children’s needs.

2. Getting Hooked on Marketing


The sheer abundance in advertising produced by both vape pens distributors, e-liquid, sellers, large company owners, and small vape cafes keeps making all of us familiar with vaping advertising discourse to some extent. No one can turn down the claim that the names of e liquids are fascinating to the majority of human beings, including teens.

Just have a look! Espresso, Cucumber Ice, Doozy Tropics, Almond, Ciderhouse, Odin, Cyber Rabbit, Cheesecake, Hazelnut, Raspberry, Coconut, Fizzy Pop, Bubble gum Unicorn, Vanilla, Spearmint, and the list of e-liquid flavors can be continued the entire article long. Being eager to taste this food in real life, they are even more eager to try an e-liquid with such a flavor.

Obviously, advertising tells nothing about possible heavy metals (lead, iron, etc.), cancerogenesis, or other toxic chemical elements that get into one’s airways, and then into the bloodstream, when one is using a vape pen him- or herself, or participates inactivity as a second-hand smoker. That is a pity, but scientific research on e liquids are few and far between.

Moreover, the opportunity to consume illicit substances by means of vaping devices is being silenced. You can hardly find an add telling about the ways to consume drugs by means of a vape pen, though there is an abundance of media coverage of terrific outcomes of such consumption. It is important to remember that ‘the best weed vape pen’ from the ad not only helps to stop the side effects of cancer but can also help you to get addicted.

3. Like father, like son


Teens are all looking for role models to follow. Even if you disagree, the truth is that you are the first person that they look up to their parents and try to behave as they do. Only when they get some negative reinforcements, they go for other behavior models, which are usually even less accepted by parents.

The point is to watch what you do in front of your kid. If you do not want to have a teenager smoking or vaping, do not be a smoker or vaper yourself. Even if you see your teenager doing this, do not blame him or her, try to have a friendly talk, show your interest, and find out more information together.

All these are the basic reasons why teenagers are so much interested in vaping. For sure, each case is special, because each teen is an individual, so be attentive to your child if you want to understand his or her incentives.