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Nowadays, it is difficult to find a house in which there would be no TV – sometimes even more than one. It is so comfortable to watch the news in the kitchen in the morning or turn on the children’s channel for a kid’s breakfast, and in the evenings you can get together with friends in a cozy living room and watch a movie or a football match together.

Often, TVs and LCD panels are hung on the wall – this is quite convenient and significantly saves space in a small apartment. But there is also another way- special furniture for Tv and home theaters. It will be comfortable to keep their speakers or your favorite discs, and the stylish design will make them a wonderful addition to the interior.

Floor entertainment centers

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Perhaps this is the most common and practical option – such entertainment centers can be of various shapes and colors, look spectacular, and are equipped with convenient shelves for different items and additional equipment.

The main characteristics that will help in choosing:

  • it provides comfortable viewing
  • harmonious design, suitable for the general idea of ​​the interior
  • reliability and safety
  • functionality and roominess

Types of floor entertainment centers

Classic entertainment center

It is part of the furniture set, most often for the living room, where the TV or home theater occupies the main position – this is one of the most successful solutions because such entertainment center harmoniously fits into the overall interior and gives the room sophistication, helping to realize a design idea. You can find some gorgeous models of this type of entertainment center here.

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Pedestal entertainment center

Here the name speaks for itself, such a pedestal is located along the wall and is usually very capacious. Are possible more practical options that combine the functions of a TV stand and a cabinet with a large number of drawers, and are possible more catchy design solutions – for example, wide and long countertops that occupy a large part of the room and create the optical illusion of space enlargening. These entertainment centers are ideal for a luxurious home theater with many columns and additional equipment.

Corner entertaiment center

One of the functional options for small apartments or those rooms where the TV does not play a dominant role, for example, bedrooms. Due to the corner configuration, such an entertainment center takes up little space, but at the same time, its shelves or drawers have sufficient storage space and can be used, for example, instead of a dresser for linen or a bookcase. And the appearance of the corner entertainment center always gives room additional comfort.

TV stands with a bracket

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This is a special type of entertainment center, very convenient for frequent rearrangements, since you can do without drilling a wall to hang the screen, and all wires are neatly hidden in a special groove. Also, the bracket provides the ability to tilt the screen at any convenient angle or rotate in the necessary direction. Such entertainment centers look good in interiors in the style of minimalism, and a table with shelves will perfectly replace a coffee table.

Along with the floor entertainment centers, people very often choose hinged stands and shelves for TV – this option certainly saves space on the floor and allows you to effectively use the space of the walls. Shelves and consoles are securely attached to special brackets and are equipped with clamps that fix the equipment and protect it from falling. Below you can see the options for TV stands in a modern style.

Types of Hangers Entertainment centers

Entertainment center on the wall

The wall entertainment center is a very practical solution, essentially moving a conventional center from floor to wall, with full preservation of all convenient and useful functions. This kind of is ideal for installing all the necessary equipment and will give originality to the interior of the apartment.

Entertainment center with the elevator

An elevator entertainment center is an option with a built-in special mechanism that allows you to raise and lower the screen or LCD panel to a height convenient for the eyes, as well as rotate and tilt, or hide under special protection – this is extremely convenient if you have a huge LCD display, as well as young children who love active games.

Hanging shelves

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Hanging shelves – most often open and capacious, they can take on the functions of a bookshelf or a coffee table. Beautiful hinged TV shelves with security doors can become an analog of a bookcase or storage for video discs.

Pendant console for TV – differs from shelves only in less functionality and greater elegance. Usually, the main role of this elegant design is to decorate the interior, but the console will also be convenient for installing speakers and a player, and accessories will look good on it.

Entertainment centers are furniture items, and the choice of materials, in this case, it is just as wide and varied, limited only to the budget of buyers.

Wood, plastic, metal, glass – choosing the right material will help both increases the functionality of the item and give additional elegance to the interior:

Glass – this material is now one of the most fashionable, as it fits perfectly into modern interiors, looks great, and fits small rooms – thanks to its transparency, the glass entertainment center seems light and does not visually take up much space. But a piece of glass furniture is potentially unsafe and is not recommended for use in homes with children. To increase security, tables and stands are made of tempered glass – it has a greater thickness and strength.

Plastic and plexiglass are excellent analogs to glass, a safe, lightweight, and durable material that can withstand wet cleaning and provides perhaps the widest range of shapes, textures and colors to choose from that can create an exterior design that suits your home.

Solid wood is a classic that will never die. This material also gives wide freedom to choose a design – from light minimalism to heavy entertainment centers from solid wood of a  valuable breed or unfinished wood in a fashionable Scandinavian style. Wooden entertainment centers fit equally well in a classic interior as well as a modern one. This material is expensive and demanding in care, but in our time it is possible to replace wood with more affordable analogs and imitations – the market offers a wide selection of different particleboards, as well as popular lamination and veneer techniques.

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Metal – such entertainment centers are well suited for a spectacular and cool hi-tech design but will look good in more familiar interiors. The metal can be chrome-plated, matte, and smooth, painted in various colors – it is also very durable, resistant, and combines wonderfully with other materials.

Mixed variations of materials look very fresh and give the interior harmony – for example, a solid wood entertainment center with heavy drawers will perfectly complement an elegant element in the form of a glass tabletop, and the metal shelf will be protected from the dust by the doors from transparent plastic.