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Buying a TV today can be both a form of entertainment and a difficult decision to make when making your choice. Televisions once used to be almost the same size and type – so such a selection did not constitute a long search, inquiry, or selection. However, today, televisions differ in many performances, appearance and options.

Therefore, their prices have a wide range, but they also offer the opportunity to fit everyone’s budget. In this guide to 2024, we will show you what to look for when buying a TV.

The Evolution Of TVs

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Although we use TV less – the fact is that this popular device is found in almost every home in the developed world. But TVs have evolved over the years – so today we can use them in a much different way than we did 10 years ago.

Today, TV is a small multimedia station where we can watch video content, listen to music, chat with friends, or explore the Internet. Many users are having trouble when buying a TV. Namely, the offer is getting richer from year to year – and TVs are gaining more and more features.

All this leads to confusion in the market – that is, users are not sure what they want to buy and what features they get by buying a particular TV. To make it at least a little easier for you to choose the ideal TV – we’ve decided to give you a quick guide to some of the most important steps to buying it.

Define Your Budget

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Before purchasing – it is important to define the indicative budget you are willing to spend on buying a TV. Specifically, the supply on the market is extremely large, and prices can vary significantly.

According to the statistics available online – the prices of TVs have fallen significantly over the last few years, so today you can get more for significantly less money. It is important to emphasize that the quality of your TV depends directly on the amount of money you will spend on it. With a larger budget, you’ll get bigger TVs, better contrast, more expressive black, richer colours, etc.

Keep in mind that your TV will last for about 5 years. Therefore, think carefully about how much money you are willing to spend on buying the right TV in the long run. Try to keep your budget within your reach, since TV is not a mere necessity, but a device for leisure and relaxation.

Connecting Is Important

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No matter what kind of TV you buy, you will also need to get a proper satellite system and cables – for everything to work well. If you are already investing money in buying a quality TV – then we recommend you spend some of your money to install a high-quality satellite dish and enjoy the highest level of TV pleasure.

Good service must certainly be upheld, which means you need to hire a trusted company. Such a company should provide you with installation, maintenance and some additional services – about which you can find out here.

Also, we presume you have purchased quality cables that will ensure everything is working at the top level. Higher quality cables provide more bandwidth and thus do not limit the operation of the TV.

Modern TVs also can connect via wireless signals – among which we will single out Bluetooth. This kind of connectivity can be utilized in a variety of creative ways – and having Bluetooth is certainly an advantage. Therefore, ‘the more is the better’ rule applies in this case.

Smart Selection

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As we said at the beginning – today’s TVs are very different from the TVs we used 10 or more years ago. Modern TVs come with a variety of systems that allow you to use your TV in so many creative ways.

For example, you can surf the Internet or follow the schedule you have during the day. You can also play games, track of live broadcasts, but also consume on-demand content – whenever and however you want. A lot has changed, and the key fact is that TVs have become smart.

Although you will find a great choice in the market today, it is important to pay attention to the systems and capabilities a particular TV has. Your TV should support popular video apps, so you can enjoy the latest series and movies – increasingly made by some of the private video services. If you didn’t understand, we’re talking about Netflix, Hull, YouTube, etc.

So, before buying, think twice about the smart TV system you want to purchase. This will eliminate any doubt as to what the TV options will be when you buy it.

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The Guarantee Pays Off

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Modern TVs may not be as durable as the traditional ones we had 20 years ago – but their lifespan is not too short either. However, since you are going to invest some money into your new TV, it is a good idea to think about how many years of warranty you’ll get – as well as what all the warranty covers. It is worth pointing out that modern TVs are a lot more complex than those old devices because the new ones are built as a kind of computer – which makes them smart.

So it’s much more likely that some expensive part will go away – which will cost you a lot of repairs. If you want to keep away from the extra expensive investment in a TV – it is wise to buy one that has a longer guarantee which covers all problems. Even though you are buying a new device, this is very important – because you never know what lies beneath the exterior of the device.


Buying a new TV is a challenging task because you are buying something you are unlikely to change in the next 5-10 years. Given that technology is changing rapidly – it is important to know what you need and to buy a quality device that will serve you in the future.