Many students think that they are always on their own when it comes to college assignments. But it is not true; there are lots of helpful platforms and resources that can help with essay writing.

They usually help with a particular aspect of writing, editing, or proofreading. Anyway, it can really speed up the process and make sure there are no mistakes. Check these websites if you want to advance your essay writing process.



This platform is on top of the list because it is the company that can do all the work for you. It is a professional academic writing service that can create any type of academic paper at your request.

This service provides high-quality and original papers, written by experienced writers. And they can do your essay in the shortest terms without compromising on the quality. So if you are wondering “Can write my essay in one day?” the answer is yes.

Overall, it is the best helper out there for students that have no time or possibility to do it on their own. It is safe and with a guaranteed excellent result.



This is by far one of the best proofreading tools for any type of writing. Grammarly is software that checks texts for grammar, spelling, style, and other mistakes. Overall, there are two possibilities – to use the free version or the premium subscription.

The choice depends on what you are looking for. For basic proofreading (basic in terms of features, not the quality) the free version is enough. This solution can proofread your essay in a couple of seconds and find all the possible errors.

The premium version is designed for professional and advanced writers. There are features that make style suggestions based on the target audience. In general, this app saves lots of time on editing and makes sure you won’t miss a thing.



Any academic paper has to be original; it is one of the fundamental requirements. Even if you know for sure that you haven’t copied anything, it is still important to check for plagiarism before submission.

First of all, it will help you to be more confident. Secondly, it will make sure that there are no similarities and accidental plagiarism. Quetext is a great website for that – checking texts for plagiarism is its main focus. But there is also a feature that helps with citations. It is very easy to use and fast.

Most importantly, it gives relevant results and a comprehensive conclusion on the text’s performance. If you want to perform better at your studies, make it your regular practice to check all college papers for plagiarism.



This website helps to create a map for future text. The main benefit is that you can organize your thoughts and ideas, brainstorm, and make sure that everything is in place. It is incredibly helpful to improve your writing in general and boost analytical skills.

And it will make completing a paper easier as you have an outline as guidance. It is a pretty simple tool yet it gives excellent results and helps to get better at your skills.

Hemingway Editor


It is a free and online editor that helps to make your text readable. Of course, academic writing is a bit different from other types, like blogging, for example. But it still needs to be comprehensive.

Hemingway Editor helps to rate the overall performance of the text and highlights the sentences that can be altered. The main goal is to get rid of unnecessary adverbs and hard-to-read sentences. The great thing is that you can edit the text online and get instant results. This page helps you to get better at delivering your thoughts and ideas clearly.



Another essential part of completing an essay is in-depth research. Of course, there are lots of sites where one can find information, but it is always better to use peer-reviewed and credible sources.

This website is a dashing database for that purpose. It gives only academic and reliable results according to your search. There are numerous studies and the most recent research on various subjects and industries.

So if you want to power up your ideas with excellent examples and data, check it out. And you can join it for free, which is a great advantage for college students.



This is yet another excellent database when it comes to peer-reviewed articles. It has thousands of sources to offer almost on any type of subject. There are lots of recent and new findings that can help with writing an academic paper.

It is better to start with such platforms rather than just Google search something as you get only trustworthy results. It is completely free to use and browse. One can add it to the bookmarks to always start their work with a great research platform.



It is a simple yet effective website that students can use. Here one can find synonyms and related words for any term. And there are also excellent definitions.

So, for example, if you feel like you use the same term or adjective too much, you can find a perfect alternative to make your writing more interesting. And it can help in case you do not know the exact meaning of the term or word. It is helpful for both native and non-native English speakers.

In Summary

Essay writing doesn’t have to be extremely difficult. Nowadays many online tools, apps, and platforms can help with different parts of this process. You can find relevant sources, create an outline, proofread, and edit the text easily.

It is also incredibly useful to check any kind of academic paper for plagiarism. Overall, these tools will save you a lot of time and effort. And there is also a platform that can do everything for you, in case you need full and high-quality assistance.