Growing our social platforms is a way for us to get more customers and with that, more profits. We put hours of work every day on those platforms, and sometimes, it seems like we are doing it all for nothing. If you have been struggling with your Insta, you should check some of the key reasons why you may not be seeing growth on your Instagram account, and find out what you can do to get more engagements and more followers faster.

1. You are not appealing to the right audience

The biggest reason why you are not seeing any change in your followers’ count is that you don’t appeal to the people who are going to be interested in your brand. No matter how special or unique your business is, there are people who are interested in it, and who want to explore what you have to say. So, you need to find those people and you need to find a way to show up on their page. You should use the right hashtags and when paying for a sponsored post, you need to know who might be interested in seeing it. Follow the analytics to find out more about your engagement and which people are interested in your brand.

2. You are not using the proper hashtags


Insta was based on hashtags, and it still is. They are used by everyone, and there are many users who do their search for quality content by clicking on the link. So, you need to use the right hashtags, and you also need to use the ones that are the most popular. Find out which ones are trending now, and also utilize the ones that are closely connected to your brand. Don’t forget to create a unique one so that everyone who uses your products can use it and help you with the marketing of the goods that you offer.

3. You don’t produce quality content

Unfortunately, everyone thinks that their content is the best, and some people are not ready or willing to learn the truth and do better. No matter which brand is yours, chances are, there is someone bigger and better than you. The rules of social media are changing all the time, and you need to keep up with the demand if you want to stay on top. The way to do this is to learn from others, see what the users are interested in, and find a way to incorporate that into your profile.

4. You are relying on natural growth only


Natural growth is the way that we want to go, but sometimes your users are not going to be interested in putting that first like or the first comment. When we see hundreds or thousands of likes or comments, we are more likely to put our thoughts under the post and we are more likely to tap twice on the post.

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5. You are not consistent

When we follow an account, we want to see as much as we can from them, and if we have to wait for weeks or months for a new post, chances are, we are going to just go look for another similar brand. You have to be consistent in what you place for your users to see, and how you present that material. It is better to stick to a regular schedule of posts and be consistent with what you are doing, saying, and the theme that you have set. If you feel like you don’t have any inspiration to do anything, then try thinking outside of the box, and check out what others are doing. Give yourself that needed push to explore more, and find out what you can do to engage your followers.

6. You are not using the stories


Nowadays people are not interested in just seeing the content that is placed on their newsfeed, and they want to look at some interesting stories or reels. If you want to get noticed, then you need to be active with your stories. Since they last for a day only, you have extreme creative freedom here, and you can do pretty much whatever you want. The stories are great for A-B testing, and for figuring out what can work on your page, and what you need to steer away from.

7. You don’t care about creating a flow

Everyone wants consistency and a good flow, and when we open accounts that are themed, and just look beautiful, we tend to follow them. People are more likely to keep an eye on your account if you stick to the things that work for you, and they will stay on your profile if you give them what they wanted when they first came across your page. If you attracted some audience with your humor or with your tips, keep that theme, and don’t try to explore new options unless you really have to.

8. You are not utilizing other platforms


Finally, you need to engage other platforms as well if you want to grow your Insta account Sometimes our followers will know us and love us on one platform, but they will have no idea that they can also keep up with our brand in other places as well. So, make sure your platforms are linked, and that people are aware of where they can find you. If you have TikTok, Facebook, or even Twitter, redirect users to Instagram, and don’t forget to let them know what they will gain by following you there as well.

These are some of the most common reasons why you are not seeing growth on your Insta, and the good thing is, that all of these things can easily be fixed. Make sure you understand social media marketing and know that if you just created your platform a few days ago, it will need time for it to get noticed. Take your time, and don’t forget to get that needed push by using third-party services that will get other users to interact with your account as well.