When you become a college student, one of the most important skills that you will have to master is how to write well, quite often how to complete things fast while keeping it all unique. The majority of learners, however, will find it hard to write not because they may be lacking writing mechanics but because it’s hard for them to express their thoughts in writing. While it’s possible to train one’s writing skills, far not every person works at it as there are urgent deadlines and stress, which make it hardly possible to change the way how we approach our essay writing skills. Still, it’s essential to follow simple tips and tricks as it only takes the first step to improve what you already can as you write!

5 Reasons Why Essay Writing Skills Matter For College

Research Work Challenges


One of the most important reasons why essay writing skills are paramount for college learners is being able to research things. Even when you have to write a creative essay for your Literature class, you still tend to explore the best structure that fits your grading rubric and come up with unique ideas, a thesis statement, or a hook sentence. There are many important elements that we master automatically as we write, which is why essay writing is a complex mixture of different analytical skills as well. These will help when one faces the necessity to do some research while at college as you will be able to come up with an outline and structure your findings correctly.

Learning to Express Your Thoughts Correctly

It’s one of the reasons why we get so many writing tasks while we are at college. It may easily seem that they are pointless and you have already completed your share of argumentative essays, yet there will be new types of writing and even styles as you make a transition from introductory English class to more complex and subject-oriented tasks. This is where things get complex, which is why it’s necessary to keep your essay writing skills polished all the time. Think about checking TopWritersReview for more information when something sounds unclear or you cannot cope with your task. Things become much easier when you can talk to an expert and voice your concerns regarding your writing challenges.

Avoiding Plagiarism & Keeping Things Unique

The more you write, the better you get with all the writing formats and styles. These APA, MLA, or Chicago manuals are there for a reason to help you follow strict writing standards! Starting with the page layout and understanding specifics of abstracts, introductions, or body sections, college students learn how to provide specific content that fits. It also helps to work out a different attitude towards plagiarism issues and keep your writing unique when adding a bit of personal analysis and research. Even when processing information for a movie review or a critique paper, good essay writing skills help to determine what evidence is valid and what facts must be omitted or verified twice. It’s just like becoming a good journalist or a writer, which only comes with experience. It works the same way for college students as they cope with yet another essay assignment!

Understanding Different Writing Styles & Objectives


As a rule, each writing task that you may encounter at college will have specific rules and objectives that you must meet. For example, when you are dealing with a Rogerian argument, it will require specific essay writing skills and additional analysis. It will not be the same type of writing as one requires for a typical cause-and-effect or comparison essay. This is where your essay writing skills become more structured and polished by brainstorming every rule in the grading rubric. Without a doubt, it’s hard for most college students, yet it helps to become a better analyst and shows how to tell wrong from the right as you write. As you learn how to follow the rules, you also become better at sorting existing ideas, which is achieved with the help of editing and proofreading.

Better Grammar, Accuracy & Discipline Matters

It’s not often mentioned but good essay writing skills represent another important aspect for college students as they are not only showing better grammar skills but follow the same accuracy in other things. The students with good writing skills are more disciplined and avoid procrastination by delivering their tasks on time. It becomes a part of a learner’s culture where spelling and the way how each sentence is formed play a vital role. Since there are ways to make your writing better, you should think about practicing reading or watching movies with subtitles where you become more focused on the text. If you belong to bilingual students, you may think about starting a blog and comparing grammar and the rules that come naturally to you!

Why Do People Find It Hard To Compose College Essays?

There are multiple reasons for that! Even though each case is unique, you will easily notice similarities. For example, when a nursing student has to write a reflective journal, it may be a bit difficult since it’s not the same as writing your thoughts about a theorist who has lived and worked decades ago. It’s a psychological challenge or so-called writer’s block issue that requires writing regarding personal things that may be hard to express. The most efficient solution here would be trying to imagine that you create an assignment for your friend by explaining how it must be done. Once your brain makes a mental switch, things will become easier!


Another writing challenge relates to misunderstanding or failing to follow the instructions that are given in a grading rubric. Since the majority of college tasks will stand for following the rules, essay writing skills become this aspect that you should master step by step as almost no college student comes all equipped! We all have to start somewhere, which is why you should never ignore trying to improve your essay writing skills by reading more, starting with a blog, paying attention to how you form sentences, and finally allocating more time for editing and proofreading as you complete your next essay! It may be hard at first, yet it will always pay off as you feel more confident and become a better writer.