Over the years, web design has changed enormously from the days of HTML and simple browsers to frameworks like CSS3, HTML 5, super-fast navigation speeds, and modern browser capabilities. Web designing now offers a compelling canvas to deliver brand engagements in a whole new light. Since the beginning, when web design was a technical practice in today’s all-inclusive craft. The internet has turned into a highly flexible medium for sharing information with the entire world. Restrictions are slowly drifting away.

Abstract illustrations offer incredible colors, simple lines, and new shapes, making it the most popular trend on the market to date. Web design provides a modern look that can easily express emotions, capture thoughts, and get visitors on the internet to interact with each other through engaging new approaches. We will take a look at some of the new ideas that have inspired this trendy new web design and how we can apply this theory to web design projects.

We all know everyone wants to make their brand stand out from the crowd by bringing in a unique illustration that captures an audience’s attention. Original illustrations are a critical part of any brand or product. There is no doubt, your competitors can copy your colors, patterns, and typography, but they cannot grasp your illustration style if it’s unique and original.

Over the past few years, we have seen a surge in digital illustrations, and since 2019, big websites owned by corporations have shown incredible growth in images. The larger companies started using graphics for their visual representations.

That said, only lately has it become evident that these solutions don’t seem to have the impact they did before. There are far too many illustrations all over the internet offering different characteristics. Quite honestly, it’s not easy for users to connect to a given style and particular brand.

In this day and age, it’s essential to find the right designer to create your website. Fortunately, there are so many design agencies out there that will be more than happy to take on even the most complicated, complex challenges for their customers.

Because abstract illustration has become so popular, most designers are working in that direction to a certain degree. You need a website that reflects your brand’s message and goals. That is why you need a professional to guide you to that place. Check Medium to know more about professional design agencies.

Let’s take a closer look at how web designers and web design agencies develop abstract illustration aesthetics and how they affect their designs.

Finding the Inspiration


The new trend in abstract illustration in web design will take you back to various design techniques and styles of the past by combining and matching them in new, unexpected ways to develop creative and expressive ideas while creating more interactive websites along the way.

About Cubism

During the early 20th century, the art world saw a drastic change from realistic, lifelike portraits that were so intricate they could double for today’s photography.

Cubism was led by Pablo Picasso and a group of artists in Paris to experiment with breaking down subjects into fundamental parts to show their true nature from an entirely new look.

This was the beginning of the movement we now know as Cubism. This was a completely new approach away from photographic realism. Cubist art was most extremely non-realistic, including color, line, and shape arrangements to express the very essence of today’s modern world of web design. It’s the combination of colors, forms, and shapes representing ideas and moods rather than depicting images as real life.

Memphis Design Ideas


Have a group of Italian designers looking for new ideas while listening to Bob Dylan and what you get is Memphis Design. Memphis design is an energetic, rebellious mix of art deco, pop art, and the bizarre camp of advertising campaigns from the 50s.

Memphis Design started off designing furniture with colors, playful designs, and shapes that were designed for adults based on children’s toys. The style caught on and made its way to the world of art and graphic design. Today, Memphis Aesthetic offers dynamic websites distinguished by whimsical geometric shapes, pastels, and patterns.

Get Inspired By Color Palettes Of The 80s

Pantone was a firm behind the Pantone Matching System that standardized colors across the printing industry. According to them, color emulated the mood of an entire generation. The 80s was an optimistic, thriving era that was mirrored in the decade’s popular palette of drenched and vibrant colors.

These are the same colors that are playing a big role in today’s modern abstract-inspired website design. These colors combined with a variety of geometric shapes, illustration fashions, and patterns created for engaging and related websites with a modern touch.

Take The Illustration Techniques Of The Mid-Century


The bold, colorful illustration techniques and brush strokes used in advertising and commercial art in the 50s and 60s have become the trademark of today’s modern abstract illustration in website design. Mid-century description for web design offers pen and ink shading, retro script fonts, and strong lines along with abstract elements of primary lines and shapes. Mixed with eye-catching color palettes of Memphis Design and dazzling Pantone colors of the past, these vintage techniques have now created visually stunning websites.

Become Inspired From The Past

Today, abstract illustration is the most popular trend in web design. They are borrowing from the past like the turn-of-the-century cubist art world. The mid-century advertising style and the vibrant colors of decades ago offer comprehensive classes to open up minds and eyes for viewing and thinking about what goes far beyond the limitations of figurative art and photographs.

Versatile and flexible abstract illustrations can draw inspiration from the past and create the future of web design. You need to contact your design agency and study these unique designs and techniques to decide the best approach for your given website.

Surprisingly, the past always had something to offer the future and today’s day and age. Art is a fantastic element that reaches across time and gives people a new look at an old design. Nothing is carved in concrete. As long as people can think and draw their ideas from another time, we will stretch and create new avenues and trends for another day.