Finding 'The One': Statistics and Stories from 4 Million

Finding The One is far from an easy task, and with Christmas approaching, the pressure is definitely on! Fortunately, with #Dating, you have all the features you need to match with compatible companions. Furthermore, in this text, you will find a great deal of info from an in-depth survey they have just concluded, to help you woo potential matches!

Prioritize Matches Who Share Your Traits and Preferences

Although finding the perfect match can be challenging, you should always prioritize people who share your values, traits, and preferences. Taking this approach will help you pair with partners who are more likely to be compatible.

Choosing partners who share your values and interests is like starting a journey on a familiar path. It leads to easier understanding and stronger connections, creating a solid foundation for a relationship. This approach increases the likelihood of finding a compatible partner, making the journey of building a relationship smoother and more fulfilling.

Luckily, there are apps like #Dating that genuinely care about your love life and want to help you find The One. So, here’s a breakdown of what online daters in their survey, “Decoding Dating: Analyzing 4 Million” shared about their preferences and values.

  • What matters most to you in finding The One? About 80% of men and women agree that financial stability is critical, and this may be just as critical to you.
  • Are physical factors vital to you? You should be physically attracted to your future life partner. So, consider how much aspects like age, height, and features matter.
  • What kind of personality traits are you looking for? Most females need a reliable partner, while most men prefer spontaneous women.
  • What are your future family plans? Determine if you want to connect with a partner who wants a huge family or no kids at all. Understanding this can help you set realistic expectations for your first date.

Build an Online Connection Before The First Date

Build an Online Connection Before The First Date 

After finding matches who share your hobbies, values, preferences, and traits spend time building and getting to know each other before going out. In fact, 67% of men and 83% of women prefer digital communication before meeting in person.

Chatting online before meeting up has some cool perks. It’s like a low-key way to get to know someone without the pressure of a face-to-face date. You can be yourself more, chatting in your PJs if you want. It’s also super convenient – you can fit it into your busy schedule easily.

Besides, getting to know your partner online first is a good safety measure. This way, you can be sure they are safe and trustworthy before you meet them in person, and spare yourself any unpleasant surprises from the get-go.

Plus, when you finally meet, it’s less awkward because you’ve already broken the ice. It’s like having a head start in getting to know each other, making that first real-life hangout more fun and chill.

What’s great about dating in today’s age is that meeting new people online is rather easy and straightforward. Especially with dating platforms like Hashtag Dating. Digital daters exchange over 230,000 chats on this app every day, getting to know each other’s ideas, opinions, and perspectives. Using platforms like these will get you in touch with people from all over the world, and help you ease into conversations smoothly and safely.

Set The Perfect First Date


Thanks to another survey by #Dating ‘How to Plan the Perfect Christmas Date’, we have the best tips to help you set the perfect first date to find The One this festive season.

  1. Men and Women Have Different Opinions On The Perfect First Date. If you’re looking for a lucky lady, 59% of women want to experience festive sights and sounds, like a Christmas market on the first date. On the other hand, men prefer avoiding the crowd and one-on-one time.
  2. Christmas Foods Are The Ultimate Favorite. Both genders love traditional festive foods around this time of year, with turkey being the favorite for Christmas dinner dates!
  3. Handmade Items Are More Sentimental. Thinking of bringing your date a gift? When dating around the Christmas season, singles prefer handmade goodies over store-bought items. 60% of women would love to be surprised with a gift, while most men choose to be the gift-giver.

Find Your Soul Mate and Enjoy The Festive Season

Finding the perfect partner is a challenging adventure, but it can be simplified by connecting with singles who share your passions and expectations. Platforms like #Dating offer a way to meet people in your area, emphasizing shared interests and compatibility. This approach makes the search more focused and fulfilling, increasing the chances of meaningful connections.

Prioritizing matches who align with your values, preferences, and personality traits is crucial in online dating. It fosters a deeper, more meaningful connection. Building rapport online first helps in easing initial awkwardness, paving the way for a more comfortable and promising first meeting in person.

Plus, with our three ultimate tips to set the perfect Christmas date, you won’t spend the festive season alone!