As usual with any investment venture, you embark on, profits and losses play a big part. This is especially the case with investments that are riskier and markets that are more volatile. When it comes to the world of cryptocurrency, crypto trading has recently made many traders quite rich. Even millionaires and even billionaires. On the other hand, many have lost huge amounts of money simply because they do not have the know-how of trading. Or they couldn’t remember the keys to their digital wallets. But that’s another topic!

Having this in mind, it is always a very important thing to remember that trading is not for everybody. But who is it for? In the middle of the biggest demand ever when it comes to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you might be curious to find out who the very investors are, although this is not information that’s widely available. It has been shown that the biggest investors are the world’s richest companies such as Tesla or Grayscale or celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher or Mike Tyson.

But they are not the only ones. Thanks to the countless opportunities, exchange platforms, and apps, every individual can indulge in the world of crypto, even use automated trading systems and other platforms that use artificial intelligence to trade BTC. That being said, many newbies have also managed to make a killing on the stock markets and cryptocurrency platforms. This was not, however, without having enlisted the expertise of a reputable broker. Another aspect of this process that needs to be addressed is the validity of the broker, as well as the brokerage firm allowed to take on clients from your country, along with the important aspects such as – do they follow the rules and regulations of your jurisdiction, etc. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration, in order to make the trading, safe, profitable, and finally – stress-free.

How much Work goes into Trading?


Thanks to the rise of modern technologies, many of our problems have already been solved, or the solutions are in the making. One of the most common problems people deal with is the lack of time.

It seems like there’s never enough time, and 24 hours seem five times shorter than they really are — due to all the tasks that one needs to finish during the day. When it comes to trading BTC, time goes by even quicker. Trading demands fantastic concentration, a lot of analyses, comparison, updates checking, etc. Simply put, it just requires a lot of your time. In this setting, many investors and traders decide to take advantage of the available tools that can make their lives significantly easier.

Some of them are the automated algorithms offered by Bitcoin era 1-S, which allow the members of the trading group to enjoy most of their time relaxing. They only really are on their laptops for a very short amount of time, on a daily basis. But how is this possible? The reason for this is because the trading app, this platform helps save your time by doing most of the work for you. It compares and analyzes the data, therefore making smart decisions when it comes to trading. This is being done by connecting multiple brokers and sending the right info to a specific, partnered broker, which then executes the task.

You do, however, have the option of activating the manual trade button, if that’s what you prefer, and it allows you to trade by yourself, although it would increase the number of hours you have to work for. What can you expect? Some traders have been known to generate a profit in the region of $1300 per day; this comes after having worked for just about 20 minutes. With that kind of profit margin, it comes as no surprise that many of the members can become millionaires in just over 3 months, after trading on this platform and using the technology that the software and programming provided. With a simple process of creating an account and a user-friendly interface, it is a great way to get started, even for people who don’t have the needed skills in this field and who, therefore, need a bit of help.

More Perks


With the impressive profits as mentioned above, you would be hard-pressed to find any more perks, but believe it or not, there are more. Before you decide to choose an automated trading platform, you need to do your research and take all the aspects into consideration, such as fees, requirements, and legal aspects. Luckily, this software you will be able to access once you have registered and signed up — is free for any member of the group. This means there are no fees or commissions that are required from your side. Added to this, if you keep in mind what we have spoken about brokers earlier, it is important to note that some of the brokers such as Immediate Bitcoin review 2024, are not financial services businesses. It is, therefore, usually used as a marketing tool by brokers to advertise and try and attract more clients. This means you are not liable to pay any broker’s fees either. Finally, this means that all your money is really yours, every last cent and that you can withdraw money whenever you feel like it, without any restrictions or delays. Another undisputed advantage of this investment is that the accuracy offered by the software is 99.4%. This means that your hard-earned money will continue to grow for as long as you want it to. That’s why many people opt for trusting platforms like this, and are being successful on their journey.

Information on Bitcoin era 1-S


Among some things you should know, is the fact that since the firm does not operate as a financial entity, the losses and gains of the investors have no bearing on the platform. Furthermore, they do not guarantee that every trade or investment will yield profits, because as with everything undertaking an investor decides on, the losses they experience cannot be incurred or blamed on anything. This being said, this is where the need to take responsibility falls on the investors to make sure that all the boxes regarding the broker assigned to them are ticked. In some instances, the brokers are not allowed to work in your country and are not even licensed to take on customers from your region.


Should you find that the broker is not compatible with all the requirements, then you can contact Bitcoin era 1-S and get them informed about all of this, and they will in turn cancel and close your account.