Losing your access to Instagram can be not only a temporary inconvenience but a significant financial loss if you are using this social media for your business.

You need to maintain a constant connection with your target audience and continue building your accounts with specific content consistently. Even a short interruption can be harmful, not to mention a longer period ban. Additionally, a ban by itself might arouse suspicion from your audience.

If you are engaging in social scraping using automation tools and you are wasting all the time you are blocked, then your tools are unemployed while you still pay for them. The same can be said about using Instagram in countries that block its access. You can’t do anything on the site if you happen to be residing in one of those countries.

These reasons make reversing the Instagram ban a necessity. Check for more details on this one. We are assuming, however, that the social media website doesn’t delete your account, just blocks access to it. How can it be done?

IP address barrier

Every single device that is used to connect to the internet has an IP address. It is used to identify the device, discern it from the others, and communicate between different devices.

Your IP address is also used to identify you as the same user over time. If you do certain things on the internet, the IP address can be used to block you.

In other words, your IP address is what gives you in when you violate Instagram’s Terms of Service. Or when administrators or the algorithms of the site end up blocking you for an apparent violation even if it is misguided.


When your IP address is the one that has all these misconducts counted under it that lead to block, you lose your access to the site. These misconducts usually consist of too extensive activity on the site, for instance, repeating comments, too many follows, or other actions in a limited period that result in sending too many requests that are allowed on Instagram for a user.

It all indicates that you might be using bots even if you don’t. That will make your IP address a flag of your activity, and everywhere that it is seen, it will be banned.

Do you need to change an IP address?

If your IP address is blocked, the solution seems simple – you need to change an IP address.

You could just wait until the ban is removed. But it will cost you time, which might be the most valuable resource to lose. Besides, if you are using automation tools for marketing or other purposes, your ban will not be removed until you give up using them. Or if you get unbanned without doing that, soon you will go back to being banned once again.

If you would create another account, it couldn’t change a thing since it would be accessed through the same IP address that is already blocked. The only efficient way to get unbanned is to change your IP address.

Ways of changing an IP address to access Instagram

Numerous ways of changing your IP address can be invoked here.

Using a different device


If you think that your block is temporary and will not reoccur, you can try using a different device to connect to the internet. It will help maintain your activity without having to wait until the IP ban is removed. However, if it’s not the first time you got banned, and you want to work without inconvenient interruptions, you need a permanent solution that will not make you dependable on a single IP address of a particular device.

Asking your ISP to change your IP address

It’s a similar way to change your IP address to the previous one. You can ask your Internet Service Provider to change it for you. But you can’t do that often, so it’s only a one-time solution.

Using a VPN

A virtual private network can be used to change your IP address. Normally, you use your IP address to connect to the network provided by your ISP, and all your traffic is routed through it. A VPN works instead of your ISP and gives you a new IP address. But you will share your IP address with other users of the same VPN. If someone else will get banned on Instagram, so will you, and vice versa. That’s not so much of a long-term solution either.

The best way to unblock Instagram

Currently, the best way to change your IP address and regain access to Instagram after you have been banned is by using a proxy.

A proxy is an intermediary server, pretty similar to VPN, but it’s more advanced because it allows you to use multiple IP addresses in quick succession and also change them whenever you want.


With proxies, you can not only get unbanned from Instagram once, but you can do that each time you get blocked. It provides you with a big pool of IP addresses that differ from your original one. Your real IP address is hidden, and you work with a new one each time you need to. If that one gets blocked, you can immediately change to another one and continue working without having to deal with the aftermath of the block.

That’s a long-term solution if you are using automation tools that will constantly get unwanted attention. You will unblock Instagram and be able to use it without seeming so suspicious as before because your different actions will be scattered through different IP addresses that will not be linked together.

By using proxies, you can get unbanned from Instagram and stay that way for a long while, after which you can easily get unbanned again if that becomes necessary.


The only sustainable way to get unbanned from Instagram for continuous work is by changing your IP address and using multiple different substitutes instead of it. Only proxies can grant you this opportunity. Other alternatives will allow you to get unblocked once or a few times, but this will not last if similar circumstances happen again.