Seems like exercise is the only best way to lose body fat. However, not everyone has the time to do so or has the will. So what they do is look for ways where they do not have to do exercise but can still remain fit. One of these ways is having a proper diet, you should avoid eating certain foods. Similarly, you should also eat healthy foods.

So here is a list of things that you can do to lose some extra fat from your body.

1 – Getting a proper diet plan

Instead of randomly eating and doing elective dieting, you should follow a certain diet plan. And of course, dieticians can be quite expensive. Moreover, they will ask you to do some exercises. Another thing about them is not everyone is comfortable talking to them.

So when it comes to introverts, you guys can go to this website. This is the best place for you, where you do not have to talk to anyone. All you have to do is to click on the plan that you want.

For example, if you want to get a personalized nutrition plan, you can get that. This will make sure that you fulfill the daily national value that your body needs. However, this will come in handy later on. Firstly, you will need to get your weight loss plan. You can get a personal diet plan that will keep in mind your current weight and fat. Thus, you will have your personalized diet plan.

In addition to this, you will get your personalized plan in as early as 30 minutes. They also have different options to follow. For example, if you are underweight, you can still choose to lose some extra weight. And if you are losing weight and lost all that extra mass that you wanted, you should not stop here. After losing your weight, you need to maintain that too. So all these plans are available there.

2 – Learn about the nutritional value of foods


If you cannot afford to get a personalized weight loss plan, you can do it yourself. The best way is to learn about foods. For example, white and all-purpose flour and rice are rich sources of carbohydrates. However, we are habitual in eating more bread. This results in an oversupply of the body. Thus, results in a fatty body.

Thus, you will often hear people saying that you should eat more protein. Yes, increasing the protein ratio of your food is a good thing. However, you should not only eat proteins. Mainly protein-rich meals take some time to digest and over-eating them results in constipation. Thus, you will end up with a bloated belly.

So what can you do then?

The answer is having a balanced meal. You can add a handful of veggies to your diet. They will provide nutritional value and fiber. Afterward, instead of white bread, you can choose barley bread or multi-grain flour and replace white flour with it. Multi-grain flour is also rich in fibers and provides enough carbohydrates. Thus, your body will have the energy to do its functions.

And the third portion would be protein. You can make an egg or two or you can prepare some chicken meat or a steak. The choice is yours but you have to make sure that instead of deep-frying it, you should go for a BBQ or steamed cooked meat. Protein makes you full quickly, therefore, you will eat less.

And now you have your perfectly balanced meal of the day. You got protein, carbs and enough fibers. So your body will have more energy, more muscles and less fat. Furthermore, because of the high fiber content, you won’t even feel bloated.

3 – Making your meals


Apart from the three full meals of your day, you need to have in-between meals too.

But wait,

You might think that this is going towards over-eating. Actually, it’s not. The three full meals should not be too much. You need to maintain the quantity. So while making your three meals, you need a handful of vegetables and a single slice of bread with half chicken breast. This will be your one meal. You can eat eggs in the morning and meat for dinner. Similarly, instead of veggies, you can have tomato, avocado, and similar veg-fruits in the morning meal.

As for the afternoon meal, you should only eat salads with 200 grams of meat in it. Your salad won’t have any bread but despite that, you will feel full. Similarly, you can add yogurt to the salad instead of meat. Thus, there will be a change and you won’t be eating that same boring food daily.

So it will be;

Carbs – twice a day

Protein – thrice a day

Veggies – thrice a day

This will be your routine for the whole day.

3 – Add some probiotics and drink more water

As for the in-between meals, you should try eating healthy things. So if you have been an over-eater, it would be difficult to control your diet. You will feel hungry even before mealtime. So here are some tricks for that:


You should try eating probiotic-rich foods. These include yogurt, kefir, kombucha, miso and all fermented foods. Probiotics are good for your stomach and also for the liver. In addition to this, they have anti-cancer values and also regulate body weight. So you will be working on your fat loss and also on your health.

If you love sweet foods, you should know that they make you fat. Furthermore, they also reduce the good bacteria in our stomach. However, probiotics have a high percentage of good bacteria.

Apart from this, you should try drinking more water. It will make you feel full but do not drink it during meals. Whenever you feel hungry, you should drink a full glass of water. It will buy some time. And if you can’t suppress the cravings, drink another glass. You can also try intermittent fasting which brings many benefits to your well-being including autophagy; learn more about it here:

Drinking more water will lose the water weight in the body and is also good for your skin.