Why are so many scrambling to discover realistic, legitimate ways to save money online? Maybe it’s because the economy continues to slither toward a full-blown recession, or perhaps it’s just the human desire to find good bargains and save a few bucks. Whatever is behind the surge in the number of consumers searching for legitimate tactics for saving money, it’s apparent that there are several excellent ways of doing so. Don’t expect to get rich by leveraging the power of digital cost cutting.

Instead, view the effort as a way to strengthen your personal budget and learn to shop more wisely. In fact, there are now dozens of corporations that offer gift cards and free samples to anyone who’s willing to post authentic reviews after sampling various products. On the other end of the savings spectrum, many adults are discovering that they can reduce monthly expenses by refinancing their student loans.

Other powerful approaches to cultivating a smart money lifestyle and enhancing your financial bottom line include using tactics like the abandoned shopping cart ploy, ordering discounted grocery items in bulk, using coupon sites for regular savings on things you already buy, joining loyalty shoppers’ clubs, researching life insurance products for significant savings, selling your own items on e-sale platforms, enrolling in barter organizations, and learning how to win with low bids on auction sites. Review the following details about several internet-based techniques for saving cash, scoring discounts, getting free stuff, and cutting monthly expenses.

Review Products to Earn Gift Cards & Free Samples


Marketers of cleaning, cosmetic, and snack products are hungry for authentic reviewers, and they’re more than willing to pay for your efforts. Don’t expect cash. Instead, the industry leaders have set up a streamlined system in which they use third-party platforms to solicit vetted reviewers. Sign up on one of the popular free items for writing reviews websites, and you can receive one or more free products per month in the mail. Post reviews, positive or negative, and you automatically become eligible for the next round of reviewable products. Some companies send gift cards at regular intervals as well as more items to review. Check out which sites offer things you want, like snacks or cosmetics, and become a loyal reviewer to get a steady stream of freebies.

Cut Monthly Expenses by Refinancing Your Student Loans

Refinancing old education loans is a 100% online process, and it takes just a few minutes to find out how much you stand to save by opting for a refi. Those who choose to refinance their student loan debt are usually surprised at how simple the process is and how much they can reduce their monthly student loan payment. The basis of the concept is to exchange old loans or just one loan for a brand-new one that comes with a single monthly payment.

What’s the incentive? A refi gives borrowers access to an entirely new set of terms, including more tailored repayment periods and more beneficial rates. Lower payments are the icing on the cake for the millions of working adults who want to use the technique. If you currently own money on education loans, review your options here and give serious thought to leveraging the power of refinancing.

Use the Abandoned Item Hack When Shopping


Here’s an easy one. Shop for your favorite products, preferably tech items, on major retail websites. Place the product into the shopping cart as if you intend to buy it, but don’t. Close the site and forget about it. Within a few days, expect an email from the company, assuming you have an account with them, saying something like they noticed you abandoned your shopping cart a few days ago without completing a purchase and that you can click to finish, along with a discount.

Order Non-Perishable Grocery Items in Bulk

With prices on the rise, you should try to get some of the most expensive grocery items in bulk, when possible. Major e-retailers that offer members free shipping for a monthly fee are an excellent place to snag bulk purchase discounts on products you already buy. One of the world’s largest e-merchants offers weekly price reductions on vegetable juice and similar beverages. If you order a case, they’ll deliver it to your home for free, and you net a savings of about 15% off retail. Wait for seasonal sales, pay for the membership, and regularly score significant savings on standard grocery goods.

Use Coupon Sites Carefully


Coupon sites are a great way to quickly scan for codes that you can use at numerous e-stores. Be careful, though, because there are scammers in the coupon business. Stick with large, well-known, reputable companies for maximum safety.

Join E-Wholesale Clubs

All the biggest wholesale sellers of groceries and household goods charge annual membership fees. It’s easy to save much more than the fee within a few weeks of net-based shopping. Even if you pay an additional amount for home delivery, it’s still possible to cut food bills by about $1,000 per year. The deal is even better if you order from home and then drive to the retailers for curbside pickup.

Comparison Shop for Life Insurance

Get bids for term or whole life insurance policies from multiple carriers via their websites. Companies use different formulas to set rates, so it’s possible to get huge discounts on coverage just by doing a half-hour of comparison shopping. Narrow your choices to A+ rated insurers for maximum financial security.

Explore the Bartering Sub-Culture


Bartering, in its purest form, is trading one thing for another. Some of the massive barter-based organizations can help you find someone who is willing to trade what you want in exchange for what you have. Another system is to trade your goods to the barter site in exchange for points or credits, which is just another form of money you can use to purchase things listed on the platforms. The subculture for this activity is huge, so don’t be surprised if you can turn some unneeded household appliances, decorations, and tech gadgets into virtual money for purchasing worthwhile replacements. Explore both internet-based and local barter clubs for maximum benefits.