People are often quite excited while buying a new human hair wig. However, without the right amount of maintenance and hair care, your wig will soon become dull, faded and the hair present in it might get tangled with time. Now that is not something you will want after spending so much money on it.

No matter whether your wig is made out of human hair or synthetic material, with time, you will slowly notice the formation of frizz and tangles if you do not take proper care of it. If you are facing a similar problem, do not worry! We have shared a few simple steps with which you can easily revive a tangled or frizzy human hair wig.

The best news is that you do not need to throw away your wig only because it has become frizzy. Simply follow the steps mentioned below, and your wig will go back to its original condition. Also, it would help if you were careful while buying new wigs. Always make sure to buy them only from trusted brands. If you wish to buy high-quality wigs, read more here. 

Untangle The Knots


We understand that this is quite a common problem for you in case you own curly hair wigs. You can, at first, try to comb through the hair with your fingers and gently separate the knots. Now, place it on top of a mannequin or any stand and secure it with some clips. To make this process easier, you can try spraying a little amount of detangling spray on the wig. Next, slowly comb through the hair with the help of a detangling hairbrush or a wide-tooth comb. Make sure to start from the forehead and go till the end.

Note that you should brush the hair as softly as possible to avoid any breakage or excessive shedding. Also, avoid brushing it too forcefully, or else the condition of the wig might become worse than what it actually was.

Once you are done detangling it, let us move on to the next step. You can now style your hair as per your wish. However, make sure to use a lightweight hairspray to ensure that the hair doesn’t get tangled anytime soon.

Wash It And Apply A Detangling Conditioner


If you use your wig regularly, it is quite natural for it to start looking dry and frizzy. In such a situation, you can try washing it with a good shampoo and conditioner. Once done, apply a detangling conditioner and leave it on for an hour or two. It will make it easy for you to brush your hair.

To wash the wig, fill your sink with lukewarm water, add a small amount of shampoo into it and give it a swirl. The shampoo will soon start to foam up. Now soak it in this water and massage the strands with your fingers. Make sure to focus more on the tangled parts. Let the wig soak in the water for at least five minutes, then rinse it with fresh water.

Next, apply the conditioner, leave it on for at least ten minutes, and rinse it off. Lastly, comb the hair with a brush and apply the detangling conditioner.

Restore The Moisture Content


The wigs are designed in such a way that they look like natural human hair. However, they are quite different from the natural ones. Wigs do not get any sebum or natural oil from the scalp, and as a result, they become dry. So, the best way to avoid any tangling and formation of frizzy hair is to restore the moisture of the hair.

The best solution to this problem is to apply detangling conditioners or certain hair oils to these wigs. These products will not only help to restore its moisture but will also act as a heat protectant and protect the hair from any heat damage. Also, make sure not to sleep with your wig on, especially if it is wet. It could lead to the hair getting frizzy and tangled.

Get The Affected Areas Trimmed


If none of the above-mentioned methods works, you can try getting it trimmed by any hairstylist to remove the affected regions. As a last resort, this method is worth a try. Do not just throw away your wig before you have tried this step. Please take it to a trusted hairstylist and ask him to trim it to your desired length.

Do Not Use Heat Products


Make sure to cut down the use of hairdryers, flat irons, etc., to the extent possible. They tend to dry out the wig, which leads to tangling and breakage. If it is quite important, make sure to apply a heat protectant at first. Also, after washing it, allow it to air dry on its own and do not blow dry it.

Take Care Of Your Wig


If you take care of your wig and do proper maintenance, it will stay in a healthy condition for a long time. Also, you will be less likely to experience any tangling or frizz. Doing proper maintenance of your wig is much easier as compared to restoring it back. When you are not using it, make sure to store it properly in a dust-free and dirt-free place. Also, keep it out of children’s reach.

Final Word

It is quite common for the wigs to get tangled and lose their charm. However, please do not throw it away only because it has become dry, frizzy, and tangled. Follow the steps mentioned above, and you will definitely find a solution to your problem. All you need to do is wash the hair and condition them properly. It would help if you also used a detangling conditioner once you have washed the wig.

If nothing else works, take it to your local hairdresser and get it trimmed as per your requirements. Also, make sure to take care of it properly so that you do not face any similar issues in the future.