Security is a significant concern at all places, especially when organizing events. The overall process is essential yet challenging, from hiring the right security guard to opting for the correct number and their placement.

However, it becomes crucial as their presence will ensure the minimum risk of any security issue or mishap.

Now, what would be the correct number while talking about the importance of security guards? And is there an actual number that would be the perfect pick for events?

Let’s take an example to understand this. Suppose a party at a farmhouse can accommodate approximately 250-300 guests at once, along with a bar table and a music system. If you have only 2-3 guards, it won’t solve the purpose.

So, if we talk about numbers, the following security guard to guest ratio is generally used.

If a party includes alcohol, there should be one guard for every 75 guests, followed by the basic requirements at the doors and gates.

However, if there is no alcohol at the event, you can assign one guard for every 150 guests, followed by the essential presence of others at the protective sites like the doors and gates.


But, before digging deep into the ideal number of security guards on the floor, let’s understand the role.

Security guards are essential for all kinds of events. Hence, it is vital to hire the best one. They offer the best security and keep the guests and surroundings safe. That’s how important the role of security guards is in all events.

Security for events is a must whether the event is happening on a small scale, a private ceremony or others like any business launch or any social gathering or party. Also, security guards should be present at all places if there is a more significant event, like any concert or gathering related to a festival.

Many governments worldwide are rendering guidelines that stipulate that all event organizers should shoulder the responsibility for the health and safety of the people who are a part of the event.

Hence, after analyzing the overall place, hiring security guards should be a decision, followed by other factors like risk assessment and event security. They have a significant role when deciding the kind of security guards you want on board.

However, suppose you have an elaborate event with a guest list involving VIPs, apart from ensuring visible security guards at all places. In that case, you should also opt for behind-the-scenes security professionals like CCTV cameras, backend teams, and operations. You can choose any of them, and in special events, you can even go for a combination of professional services on-site and digital. Also, you can seek the help of armed security from

Apart from that, the security guards help maintain true peace and harmony while ensuring the minor risks at different events.

Now, moving on to the following question: how many security guards are needed for an event?

10-15 People Gathering


If you have an essential gathering or event involving only 10-15 people in close proximity, the security can only be in place with a single guard. But, if you want to not take any chances with it, you can employ two people for the purpose but nothing more.

50 People Gathering

Many events like birthdays and bridal showers have this kind of gathering. However, you have more significant issues to address if outside people try to enter this place and cause issues. However, you have internal issues to manage if you are sorted on the outskirts.

Also, the place is an essential factor. If you have one open spot, but it is concise, and in a limited space, you will need only 2-4 guards. However, if the place is elaborated and spread in a large area, you can set up entry gates and barricades.

Gathering Of Up to 250 People


Having a gathering of 250 people means that the event is significant, and apart from people, there shall be more vehicles and concerns to be addressed. Hence, it would help if you had better and tighter security to cater to them.

Also, while hiring security professionals for such a gathering, you need to keep an eye on the potential threats like the event area, the probability of people bumping into each other, and others like alcoholic and non-alcoholic guests. Hence, it is advised not to skimp onsuch concerns. 4-12 security people is an ideal number for such events.

Gathering Touching 1000 People


Such footfall is quite huge. Hence, safety should be tight and efficient. If the event footfall touches 1,000, you should not settle for less than 25-30 security guards. It is an ideal number, and anything more or less than that won’t serve the proper purpose.

Security Planning And Preparation For An Event

Security at events is more than just an essential aspect for you, the event, and the people attending it. Leaving home to attend an event and coming back home without any issues is an underrated blessing that people tend to ignore. However, it needs to be maintained at all costs.

The best way to maintain safety at an event is by discussing the same with the service provider that you have chosen. Also, don’t forget to ignore the safety hazards and have a plan B that can come into action if anything goes wrong.

It will help keep the potential issues away as your discussions with the professionals will help bring alternative situations and ways of avoiding them. Also, once you do the health and safety assessment of the area and the people at the event, followed by other factors, you will be able to control the challenging situations efficiently.


An event is incomplete without having the right kind of safety professionals to secure the safety at events and reduce the risk to the minimum level. However, you should check that you have the right and experienced people offering the kind of services you are looking for.