Smartphones have long been our reliable travel companions. They help us find information about sights, book a ticket and a hotel room, and even rent a car.

Looking for a luxury apartment in Los Angeles? Or maybe you want to pick up a big van rental New Orleans? No problem! Your smartphone makes this possible. The main thing is to install the required mobile application on it. Today we will share some tips and tricks with you of how to make your trip more pleasant and well organized.

However, this is only a small part of what our phones can do. Check out the most useful and practical apps to discover all the possibilities of your smartphone while traveling! To rent a car in New Orleans you can visit



Today many applications help you make lists of things to take on a trip. Unfortunately, they are all in some sense useless. After all, if you forget to put a thing in your suitcase, you may just as well forget to add it to the list. In this sense, the creators of PackPoint went much further – this application doesn’t help you with making lists, but actually makes them for you.

To start with, you will have to fill out a small questionnaire: gender, dates, and travel direction, whether it’s a vacation or a business trip. Next, you need to choose from a list of activities that you plan to do – from relaxing on the beach to having lunch at a restaurant.

After analyzing your answers and checking the weather at your destination, the app will give you a detailed list of things you might need. Admittedly, the list is pretty well. Of course, it’s not perfect, but if necessary, you can remove the extra positions, and add the missing ones. The premium status allows you to create your own activity categories and add lists of related things there. With the help of this app your travel will become more productive.


Now everyone can find dozens of map apps on the Internet, but is a real godsend, especially if you are driving a rental car. First, these maps are completely offline. This means you can finally be independent of using Wi-Fi hotspots and spending money on the Internet.

Secondly, they are as detailed as possible. You will find every store, cafe, hotel, or road on the maps, whether you are in Los Angeles or Lost Springs.

Thirdly, application maps are extremely handy. They are fast and understandable and provide convenient offline search. What’s more, you have the ability to create walking routes and put tags in interesting places.

The application is suitable for most mobile devices, includes maps of all countries of the world, and is available for completely free. What else does a traveler need?

Like A Local


When you visit a certain city for the first time, you always want to find its most iconic places. And who can tell more about the city than a local? Well, Like A Local is a great guide to the major destinations where locals share tips on favorite restaurants, bars, museums, parks, and courtyards.

The guide is conveniently structured into sections – ‘see & do’, ‘eat’, ‘party’, and ‘shop’. What’s more, in the ‘tour’ tab, you can even find free guided tours. Either way, it’s a worthwhile app to show you the desired destination from a local point of view.



This is a handy guide to major airports in the world. The application database contains information about the facilities available at the airport. These include cafes, retailers, shops, ATMs, car rental counters, lounges, etc.

For your convenience, objects are sorted into Eateries, Shops, and Services sections. Here you can also check the location of the required check-in counter or boarding gate. In small terminals, the application may not be useful. However, in huge airports such as San Francisco or New York airport, it will greatly help you quickly find what you need.

WiFi Map


This is a very useful application for those who can’t imagine their journey without the Internet. Offline programs can do a lot but it’s hard to imagine modernity without Internet access.

So, register in the application, turn it on at the right time, and select the nearest access point. The GPS program detects where you are and provides passwords for closed Wi-Fi networks in the area.



Have you heard of Foursquare? If so, why is this app still not on your smartphone? It will help you find the right cafe, hotel, cultural monument, or shop anywhere in the world! Of course, the base of the program is not endless, but its creators speak of over 70,000,000 reviews from travelers and locals.

The highlight of the application is the reviews of real users, which make it possible to choose the best option in an unfamiliar city. Another peculiarity of Foursquare is that it remembers the points you visited, and then you can share them through the Swarm check-in app.

You check in, leave a review, or other useful information so that other visitors can also use it. When registering in the application, indicate your area of interest. Then the application will suggest visiting exactly those places that are interesting to you. It will help you to structure your travel plans and manage it in a best way for you.



If you are going to rent a car for your trip, you need to think in advance about where to refuel it. Of course, you will surely find many gas stations along the way but they can be quite expensive.

So GasBuddy will come in handy when it comes to refueling your vehicle. This application will help you find the nearest gas station and select the best price offer. GasBuddy will also tell you if you can refuel cheaper by driving a few extra miles ahead.